The Census Bureau is a group of people that counts people in their state. The people that are counted are people done with school or adults. The Census is also something they do for free and are mostly done online. If you do it online it most likely will not take a while because you only have to give your info and say how many people you have in your house besides kids still in school but you could also do it the other way which is, someone comes to the front of your house like a person from your post office or somewhere else.


How to Help The Earth

Did you know a few days ago it was earth day? Well it was and for earth day we planted a few beets and a little tree in the backyard but sadly we had to postpone it because of how damp and windy it was outside. After we ended up planting them we felt as if we need something that will happen faster because the beets would come up in a few weeks and the small tree would come up in a few months. So we looked up a food recipe that we could make from our home garden and ended up making some corn with apple slices even though the apples were from the store. While this food was being made we decided to plant one more thing and it was a few flowers to put in the front lawn with the rest of the flowers.


How to help others in these horrible times

Before any of this starts I’m going to talk a bit about the coronavirus or covid-19. The first fact would be that, the US has the most cases for covid-19. The second fact is most likely to happen but it is that, barbers and hairdressers can open but they must have a licence. The last fact is just saying theres 2.1 million people with covid-19.

Know that I’ve said some facts on the coronavirus I’ll be talking about how I or you could help people in the neighborhood. First you would always want to bring a mask because governor wolf pretty much made it illegal to not go in stores without one but walks are fine but do be careful. Second of all make sure the people you’re working for aren’t sick because if they are the germs could spread to you even if you had a mask on! last of all make sure you are aloud to be doing whatever yard work your doing. Even though this may sound like an order you can do it however you would want to organize them.

In conclusion you should always be mindful when being helpful to others.


Supply and Demand (eggs)

Everyone’s heard of covid-19 or the coronavirus outbreak and besides everyone buying toilet paper and towels they are also buying hundreds on hundreds of eggs, so much in fact that farmers can’t produce enough to sell! This is why the farmers or people that produce and sell eggs are raising the price of eggs to 10 or more dollars. Even though this might be a steep price, it makes sense because the less of a product the more people would want it, so they would have to raise the price so not as many people would buy it and the stores could restock the eggs and if all the eggs are taken the price will keep going up and most people will waste lots of money on the eggs.

This is why we shouldn’t buy to many of one item because the price will just rise and rise until nobody buys that product but in this case nobody will buy the eggs.


Should schools close because of coronavirus?

I believe that schools should be closed so they can clean the school. If they do end up closing the school they should take 1 to 5 days so there is the option to continue school for the rest of the week or
take an entire school week to clean then dry and keep the school clean because it probably will take a while to clean each chair, floor, desk/table, ecs. The coronavirus is no joke so I definitely clean my room if it ends up spreading to lancaster. Nonetheless you should always try and clean were you stay the most because you wouldn’t want to get infected by a disease with a large chance to kill you and many others! This also qualifies for the flu or a really bad or contagious disease.

If we were to close school for some reason, we wouldn’t have to redo those days because it’s technically a state of emergency. If people started a petition I and lots others would most likely sign it!

This is what we should do if we have to shut/close school for a bit.


How I feel on online learning and what i’m doing in my free time.

I feel that online learning is a lot less useful because we aren’t getting the same amount of time as we normally would but this does let you do many other things like play board games or a fun activity with your family but I do enjoy online learning because I can finally sleep in a lot longer! In my free time though, I would say I’ve been playings lots of games, helped around the house, and played with our new foster kittens and of course the 1 kitten or winnie that’s been living in my room for probably 3 months now, might be let out of my room and aloud to play in the rest of our house with the other cats but the new foster or the 3 kittens and their mom will be with us for a while because I believe the kittens are only 4 weeks old when we got them and they couldn’t even walk so they’d wadle or “swim” around and their eyes weren’t even open but in 1 week they could run, play, see, eat wet food, drink water, and use the litter box! Overall I’ve been having a very good time even though I found out school completely out for the rest of the year.

Either way hope everyone has a fun online learning experience for the rest of the school year!


Pez Factory

When I was 11 years old I went to New Haven, Connecticut with my parents to see the PEZ factory and I’m going to give a review for this great place!


The Factory is located in New Haven, Connecticut as you probably heard earlier but you didn’t hear that it’s located at 35 Prindle Hill Rd. The Factory is open Monday through Friday which means you can go on weekdays but spend the weekends at home or do something else. The admission for the factory is normally $5 but for people from 3 to 12, 60 and up, or groups of 10 or more get to go for $4 but the group of 10 or more is $4 for everyone.


The factory allows cameras and phones so you can take pictures of the place but because you’ll probably be there for 1 to 2 hours you might want to bring some food or drinks but be careful because some places you can’t eat or drink even take pictures in some areas of the factory!


In the factory you can see many things like videos on who made pez first or what it exactly is, you can also see people make the pez and they normally wear masks so they don’t inhale the dust from the pez and wear all white. Even though you can see all of the videos and see the people make the pez my favorite thing to do is to look at the massive collection they most likely have 100’s of pez dispensers on display and I saw that pez dispensers used to be iron or were just plastic tubes.


Now onto the tour, the tour has a lot of similar things besides a tour guide that talks all about it so you don’t have to read the signs. The tour also gives more information on the factory than you could read. These are the reasons why I loved the PEZ Factory!

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