Sprinkle Goes Zip-lining

When the students came in the room, they looked up and saw Sprinkles literally hanging out.

Sprinkles wrote them another letter.  It was really hard to read.  He needs some writing lessons.  The note read; The chip was yummy.  But I don’t eat paper food.  I eat real food especially sugar.  So I am returning the paper treat.  Love Sprinkles, PS WEEEEEEE Zip-lining is fun!


Then, while we were at our concert, Sprinkles did some more zip-lining.  When we came in he was just hanging around our cubby area.  I think he is part Spider-man.  Then when we went to lunch and special, he made it to the end of his zip-line by our door.   He was exhausted.  My math students took him down and let him rest in his little room while they did their work.  Very busy day for Sprinkles.


The students are leaving him pictures and letters.  Arianna colored this picture for him.  What a full day.  I hope he is having some r & r time.

Another Day Another Day of Sprinkling Fun

Well, today he did not hide from us at first.  Instead, he got caught reading holiday books.  Just sitting back and chillaxing.  Glitter everywhere.  Earlier he must have been practicing writing his name.  He must have overheard the students talking about how he writes some of his letters backwards.  unfortunately, as you can see by the photo below, he still is writing some of his letter backwards.  He also drew a self-portrait under a Christmas tree.  He is a very talented artist.  However, we also discovered he struggles with putting the correct colored caps on markers.  So much for him to learn.

Later, while I was at a meeting and the students were at special, he hid himself again.  My math students found him behind the globe.  One of the students said he was trying to fly over our world.

Who knows what tricks he will play on us tomorrow.  HEHE!

Sprinkles Is His Name-O

The students have voted and our little friend’s name is Sprinkles.  Apparently, he is thrilled with his name.  The students are concerned with how he writes some of his letters like L, e, r, and k.  Today, my homeroom found him attempting to sweep up the room.  Later, he hid in a very high plant.  If you look really close you can see his little legs dangling.  Throughout the day, the students found glitter throughout the room.  I guess when elves fly, they sprinkle our world with glitter?!  FYI-It turns out that we have a student who can be a Sprinkle stand in.

   Thank you Dante for getting Sprinkles.  Caden found him.  YEAH!                                                Can you see his elf feet dangling?  Micaela-good job!

Which one is Gavin?  Which one is Sprinkles? 

Our Package Arrived!


Look who came to visit us for the month of December.  Very explicit instructions came with him.  We are voting on his name today.  Already, he has played a trick on us.  We found him in the puppets.  Luckily, Owen had gloves on to place him back in his little home.  However, then another student touched him with his BARE hands and he lost his magic for the rest of the day.  Fortunately, I had cinnamon at home and brought it to school so I could sprinkle his area so he could get his magic back.  But then, when I left our room to make copies, our trickster hid again.  Oye Vay!  This is going to be exhausting.


Welcome to my blog!

December 2, 2018

This is what came at 3:20 on Friday.   Mrs. Schrantz herself delivered it to us.  The students are so excited.  They think it is Elf on the Shelf.  I am still not very sure.  The students were jumping up and down and hugging each other when the package came.  Monday, we are to open the package at 9:05 AM.  Oh, what could it be what could it be???  Do you know how hard it was not opening the package before I left for home on Friday?  It was excruciatingly hard.

LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY…the envelop was address to Mrs. Mergenthaler and Her Students and it was marked TOP SECRET.  You can’t tell but the letter was typed in rows of alternating green and red.

November 27th, 2018

Dear Mrs. Mergenthaler and Her Students,

You will be receiving a very special package Friday afternoon about 3:20 PM.  You and your students must be present for this package to be delivered, otherwise it will need to be returned to its sender.  This package is extremely fragile.  Please handle it with great care.  It must stay sealed until Monday morning 9:05 AM.  I trust you will follow these specific instructions to the best of your abilities.


Respectfully yours,

SC’s, aka KK’s, Advisor

Kids Say the Darndest Things about Landis Valley Museum

Noelle:  It was fun,  It was different stuff,  When we went to the school you had to raise your hand and stand”

Amanda:  I liked it.  I got to learn about history.”

Autumn:  It was fun, because the school house was the funnest, because we got to write words on the chalkboard.”

Madysen:  I liked to see the gun shop, because it was kind of cool he showed us how they made the guns back in the old days.”

Bryson:  “It was super fun seeing the pigs fight.”

Caden:  “Good, Cuz I liked when we got the wool and I liked the school thing.”

Landon:  “I liked the pigs.  They were cute.”

Carter:  “The animals were cool, because they were big.  And I like big animals.”

Ashlyn:  I liked it, the school, because it is really different from our school because you have to stand to talk.  And you could not talk at all and you have to wear a “D” helmet around the class.”

Jasmine:  “I thought it was fun because we got to do chores and ride a wagon.  We got to clean wool.”

James:  Landis valley was fun because I got to ride a horse ride and play with checkers made out of corn and pretending to be a bar register, like behind the counter.”

Jeremiah:  “I liked it because it was fun to learn new stuff.  We got to see horses and go on the ride and see fluffy sheep wool, and we got to brush it.”

Cowen: I liked the sheep that we saw and the sheep wool, the swans, the ducks.  Did you see the turtle out there?  The horses, we got to ride on the wagon.”

Ava:  “You got to like learn about the gun shop, and you got to like do the sheep part, it was fun.”


We Rocked Landis Valley and Ag Awareness Day!

What amazing times we had this week.  The students got to meet all kinds of farm animals including two bazillian pound pigs.  They learned about farming.  They learned about days of yore.  They learned about what it was like to be in school over 200 years ago.  They learned how to make yarn for clothing, how to do chores from long ago.  They even learned how children their age played way back when.  Parents, you would have been so proud of them.  They were such good listeners.  They asked several thought provoking questions and made connections to what they had been learning in school about for the last several weeks in ELA.

Howdy families,

Welcome to my blog.  In this blog you will find photos of our year, newsletters, links, and so much more.  I hope you enjoy.  The students are so thrilled and proud of this!

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