Leapfrog Anyone?

When the children came in, they found Ruby the Reindeer playing leapfrog over the finger puppets and Gumdrop hanging from a ribbon rope and ribbons in Rainbow Falls.


The children read his letter.  He is very sad about leaving.  We answered all their written questions.  We found out he is 550 years old which is why he now has magic, even though he is still very young for an elf.  He doesn’t have a last name.  Rudy eats oats, sugar, honey, syrup, and corn all put together in a ball.  Finally, that he can tolerate living at the North Pole because he has ice in his blood.  He loved all the pictures the children colored for him!


After special, we found Rudy “On top of the world” and we found gumdrop stuffed in one of the students backpacks.  Maybe he wanted an adventure this week end.  Later, my math group entertained him at our table and let him draw.


Once again, a very busy day in room 105.  He keeps hinting that he will be leaving soon.

Math Time Water Play

The learners are learning about measurement.  So, on Friday, they were experimenting with water and measurement.  How many cups in a gallon?  How many cups in a Liter?  and so much more.  While half of the class was doing that, the other half was researching the average weight of a baby elephant, the average distance in one hop of a kangaroo, the distance from Blue Ball to California.  It was a really good time!


A Very Gassy Experiment

Today, we took a solid, baking soda, and added it to vinegar in a bottle with a balloon attached to it.  See the students apprehension as they lift the balloons up to release its contents.


A month or more ago, we read a story about a volcano and made volcanoes in our room.  That was an open experiment with these same ingredients.  However, this was a closed experiment due to the balloon being used. One of my learners put the two experiments together and pointed out how in the first one the gas went all over the area we did it on.  But in this one, the gas was contained in the balloon, which is why it blew up.  Now, they understand how gas will only fill an area as big as a space will permit. LIGHT BULBS EVERYWHERE as far as far I could see!


As a Matter of Fact

The learners checked on the water and OOblek…

First, the water experiment…

The covered one remained the same.  The one without a plastic cover went a teeny tiny bit lower.  The melted ice one is about 1/4 the original size.  The packed snow one really went down.  The learners attributed all of the decreasing levels due to evaporation. 

The Oobleck experiment… Evaporation dried up all of their Oobleck.  They said it was like chalk now.  So what did we do?…we put a little water in to it and what happened you may ask?…it turned back in to Oobleck.  So we are going to continue this process to see what happens.

Evaporated versions:


Now, with just a smidge of water…


Rub a Dub Dub

Oh my, today we came into Gumdrop giving Rudy the Reindeer a good old fashioned bath in our sink.  I almost poured my coffee into the sink-OOOOOPS!.  AND HE WAS USING MY TOOTHBRUSH TO SCRUB HIM WITH-WAAAAA!  He left coloring pages for the children to work on and he left a a paper where they could ask him any question and he would try to answer them within the next 24 hours.  I wonder what they will ask him? He wrote us a teeny tiny red and green letter reminding us that his stay is almost done, tear….   


Later, Rudy hid in one of the umbrellas, and Gumdrop was hanging from one of our paper lanterns.  Silly silly.  


The children, again, were experimenting with matter, the three stages of, and how they can change from one stage to another.  So they made OOBLECK.  Fun times.  We started with a solid (starch) and a liquid (water and food coloring).  However, as you read this gas is occurring (evaporation).  This ongoing observation will be happened over the next week as the students see it go from a liquid to a solid to a liquid to a gas, over and over.


Day 1

solid + liquid = liquid on top, solid on bottom


Day 2

solid + touch and movement = gooey liquid…over time what will happen?

Science Matters

My learners have been learning about matter, the 3 stages of, and how one stage can change into another.

Originally, we filled 2 containers with water, one covered, and one not.  Then, we filled a 3rd container with ice.  We have been observing these containers over the course of this week.  The covered one has not changed.  The ice one melt and really went down in the container.  The plain uncovered water one just went down.  The children put together that the ice one melted and went down because ice takes up more room than water.  The plain uncovered water one went down because of evaporation.  Lastly, the covered one hasn’t changed at all because it can’t evaporate past the plastic covering it.  Then, because of the snow, we were able to add a 4th container full of snow packed to the top.  Well, in 4 hours, the snowy one went down to half the height of the container.  The students think that it will shrink more as it turns into water completely and then eventually will evaporate altogether.

Geniuses…all of them!


The one covered in plastic, that hasn’t moved.                      The one that was just water, which has evaporated a little.



The one packed with snow, that is 1/2 its size.                          The one that had ice to the top to start and has now

really gone down.

Fun in the Snow for Gumdrop


So, Gumdrop must have been a little excited about our snow, since you know where he is from there is a lot of it.  Well, he and Rudy brought snow in to our room and made snowballs and invited a monkey, a polar bear, and a rat (he likes to be referred to as a mouse, don’t ask.) to join in on a snowball fight. Guess what happened?!  Yeppers, the snow melted too fast.  So, they came up with an alternate plan, a cotton ball snowball fight.  We had wet spots all over our carpet, floor, and table.


Beware the wet spots!

Also, S.C.  AKA  K.K.  needs elves for next year.  So, he sent job application forms for the children to fill out for all those interested.  It may be a small 4th grade if he hires them all. The children are so excited and hopeful!  The application asked; Do you like milk and cookies?  Do you  like flying?  Do you like playing with toys?  Are you naughty or nice?


Finally, Gumdrop left us a question…

The children are starting to answer this question with all kinds of different adjectives.

Of course, Gumdrop and Rudy left us a teeny tiny letter explaining all this in red and green.  Plus, they hid all over the room.  Busy little elf.


At first, Gumdrop was flying his plane the normal way.  However, I think he must have hit some turbulence because he ended up hanging out the end of his plane.


Gumdrop Zipped His Way Through His Day!

I think that Gumdrop got rid of all the sugar in him.  My learners kept finding him in different spots on his zip line.  A couple of them found him peaking at him.  They swore they saw him watch them doing their work.