My Poor Dog…

The first picture is of my dog after our walk this morning. The 2nd picture is my dog one hour later. the third picture is my read hearts to show my appreciation for all the health care workers and first responders and anyone who is having to brave this COVID storm and continue to work out of the home.  

Make My Mommy Stop!

Melody is protesting long walks with me.  Last night she was so disrespectful on our walk.  She got off her leash at one point, kept biting the leash at another point, and wanted me to carry her. She is 75 pounds!  Oye Vay.  Today, no walk for my baby girl.

Busy Llummy

Apparently, Llummy found my legos.  He made a ginormous 3 leaf clover out of yellow and green legos.  Yikes!


Then, he dumped the legos.  so what did my learners do, play…with legos (and they cleaned up too!).


Llummy, Llummy, Llummy

Mason made a really cool trap, where if Llummy went in the door would lock and he would be able to get out.  Well, he got out!


Then, he made a maze for him to play in all night.  Glitter showed us all the paths he went as he played.


His home sweet home away from home is growing and growing and growing.  It is becoming a mansion for a leprechaun.  We also found out through one of his responses from my learners that he went to or goes to leprechaun college.  His favorite food is Lucky Charms.  His favorite animal is a unicorn.  His favorite color, of course, is green.

Llummy Has a New Home


Llummy took Cody’s chocolates and put a nice soft blanket in the trap instead and wrote Home Sweet Home on the door.  He took Cody’s trap and turned it into a house.  OYE VAY!

Also, he wrote us a letter that he hid 40 shamrocks around the room.  We found the last one about 2:30, not even kidding.  He put clover and rainbow stickers on each of my learner’s desks and wrote on the board:


My learners are not giving up…Two more traps have been made and set.  Tomorrow is another day.