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Kids Say the Darndest Things about Landis Valley Museum

Noelle:  It was fun,  It was different stuff,  When we went to the school you had to raise your hand and stand”

Amanda:  I liked it.  I got to learn about history.”

Autumn:  It was fun, because the school house was the funnest, because we got to write words on the chalkboard.”

Madysen:  I liked to see the gun shop, because it was kind of cool he showed us how they made the guns back in the old days.”

Bryson:  “It was super fun seeing the pigs fight.”

Caden:  “Good, Cuz I liked when we got the wool and I liked the school thing.”

Landon:  “I liked the pigs.  They were cute.”

Carter:  “The animals were cool, because they were big.  And I like big animals.”

Ashlyn:  I liked it, the school, because it is really different from our school because you have to stand to talk.  And you could not talk at all and you have to wear a “D” helmet around the class.”

Jasmine:  “I thought it was fun because we got to do chores and ride a wagon.  We got to clean wool.”

James:  Landis valley was fun because I got to ride a horse ride and play with checkers made out of corn and pretending to be a bar register, like behind the counter.”

Jeremiah:  “I liked it because it was fun to learn new stuff.  We got to see horses and go on the ride and see fluffy sheep wool, and we got to brush it.”

Cowen: I liked the sheep that we saw and the sheep wool, the swans, the ducks.  Did you see the turtle out there?  The horses, we got to ride on the wagon.”

Ava:  “You got to like learn about the gun shop, and you got to like do the sheep part, it was fun.”


We Rocked Landis Valley and Ag Awareness Day!

What amazing times we had this week.  The students got to meet all kinds of farm animals including two bazillian pound pigs.  They learned about farming.  They learned about days of yore.  They learned about what it was like to be in school over 200 years ago.  They learned how to make yarn for clothing, how to do chores from long ago.  They even learned how children their age played way back when.  Parents, you would have been so proud of them.  They were such good listeners.  They asked several thought provoking questions and made connections to what they had been learning in school about for the last several weeks in ELA.

Howdy families,

Welcome to my blog.  In this blog you will find photos of our year, newsletters, links, and so much more.  I hope you enjoy.  The students are so thrilled and proud of this!

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