April Fool’s Day = Mrs. M’s Birthday

I though maybe you would like to see how your children got into their homeroom on Friday, the day celebrated my birthday. Here are some before pictures.  Two rolls of saran wrap can go very far.


Here are some of their faces when they first came in…


And here are some more after pictures.


Then, my ELA class got to participate in a competition called “Who Knows Mrs. M the Most?.  The instructions read for them to read through the whole packet before they actually answered the questions.  The last question told them it was a fake competition.  One student, Cowen, figured out my April Fool’s trick in the first 5 minutes.  I could hear him breathing heavy and giggling.  Bryson was next The rest followed a little/lot longer.  Later, I told my math class that I needed for them to take a short assessment for report card reasons.  The questions didn’t have real answers.  One question read something like; 1.2 km = 12 mi   7 mi    10 mi     or     too far to walk to school.  Another one read; 1 800 866 5798 is close to what number and one of the choices was Mrs. M’s phone number.  After about 10 minutes and the kids giggling and fretting, I announced, “April Fools. You are taking a fake assessment!”  There was balling  and tearing up of paper and ‘Mrs. Ms’ whines all over the room.  I love April Fools!  Don’t worry, they all got homemade chocolate chip cookies for putting up with my foolery.



Llummy Has Left the Building, Just Like Sprinkles and Elvis

  Lummy had to go back to Ireland for their St Patrick’s Day celebrations.  He left the students Lucky charms cereal and green milk.  He also left them a little bit of Irish for them to dress up with.  Also, he left them some parting words.  He returned all their gold because he had no more room left in his suitcase. Finally, he left some fun memories.

 I think there is a little bit of Irish in everyone!




My math students are learning about perimeter.  They were to tape yarn polygons on to paper, measure them, and calculate the perimeters of each of them.  Many of their shapes were regular polygons, and some of them were irregular.  SUCCESS!

LLUMMY Is Hysterical!

He kept bringing us teeny tiny notes on Wednesday.  Well, he didn’t.  He had teachers, principals, specials teachers, and our custodian bring us the notes!

 The notes read:

“Ye are not lookin for me pot of gold, are ye now? Ye’ll never find it, just like ye will never fine me!  Hehe” and “Oh, me new friends.  Me time here is almost done.  Did ye have fun?  Me hopes.  Maybe, me will leave me young lads a little treat before me time here is complete.  Ye Friend, Llummy”  and “I am a leprechaun, a teeny tiny leprechaun.  Me love me tricks.  Me love me gold.  Me thinks that none of this trickery ever gets old, Llummy”  and “Oh, me new friends, you can’t catch me because I’m about as tiny as tiny can be, Llummy”  and “Do ye think ye have the luck of the Irish like me?  Me loves to dance, me loves to sing, me loves to do tricks that are full of zing! Ye trickster of a friend, Llummy”

Seriously- they were in size 5 font or something like that.  He must have the teeniest tiniest computer ever!

He also left us a mess of taped up chairs and desks.  He, literally taped the students’ desks closed.  He left gold glitter everywhere.  He left a messed up clover puzzle and another backwards letter.  ME THINKS IT IS TIME FOR OUR WEE LEPRECHAUN TO GO BACK TO IRELAND!      It reads “Tell ye teacher I used all ye tape.  Oops- Me bad.  Llummy”. My wonderful homeroom put the clover back together.  What troupers!