Parent Career Day

Thank you to all the parents that came to our Parent Career Day.  The students and teachers really appreciated it.  Many great conversations and questions circulated our four rooms that morning. 













Because of Winn-Dixie, Book vs. Movie

I really like both the book and the movie of Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo.  I normally don’t like the movie as much, but I really enjoyed this one, equally.  Every time I read the book, I go through all of my emotions, happy, sad, mad, relief, and more.  Any book that makes me laugh out loud, cry, and hold my breath rank pretty high with me.  I thought Kate really captured the spirit of Opal with her words and her actions in the book.  Her characters were so believable.  The ending wasn’t a happily ever after, but it was still a strong good ending, leaving the reader with hope for Opal’s future.  I loved the book because a lot was left to the reader’s imagination.

I really liked the movie, too.  Some details were explained further in the movie than the book.  Some funny parts were added so that the story wasn’t too serious.  You need those laughter beaks every now and then when serious topics are being told. My students really were engrossed in both the book and the movie.  They too, went through their emotions as the story unveiled itself.  I also liked having faces to the names in the books.  It was a stellar cast, too.  A lot of strong acting went on.

Overall, I liked them both.  I am a hard sell when it comes to books turned into movie.  However, this one won my heart!

Measuring Our Mustaches

Would someone please measure my mustache to the nearest quarter inch!!!

Also, please measure my friends’s mustaches…


Mustache Club January 2020

Finally, someone measured my mustache!

Thank you very mustachey!

Our Winter Festival was a BLAST!



The party-goers had to draw with out seeing what they were drawing…


They played the Dreydl game….

They tried to drop reindeer clothespins into a container…

They colored…



They ate and ate and some crafted as they ate…


Some read and some played Build a Snowman.

All in all, I would give this festival a 3 thumbs up!

Let There Be Light

My learners were experimenting with open and closed circuits and made LIGHT!  They figured it out so so so quick.  We discussed open and closed circuits.  I showed them their materials such as; clothespins, wire, batteries,washers, foil, rubber band, fasteners, paperclips, and of course a light bulb.  They weren’t shown what to do or how to do it.  They were just trying to problem solve as to how to create a closed circuit so that they could produce light.  Success was found within ten minutes with the learners making a simple circuit, like the one above.  Then, they were challenged to make a more complex circuit using more that the wires, the bulb, and the batteries.  Within the next five to seven minutes, the learners experienced even more success.  Light bulbs illuminating our little Blue Ball world, literally and figuratively.



Gumdrop Has Left Our Building

Twas a week before Christmas, two days before break.

Gumdrop had to leave, he had a lot at stake.


He had things to make and elves to assist.

He hoped that he could accomplish this list.


SC aka KK was a calling, both the Mr. and Mrs.

He couldn’t wait to give them hugs and kisses.


When out on the school’s roof, he heard such a clatter,

He sprang from the classroom to see what was the matter.


He looked out the window, down the hall of room 105

And saw something wonderful with his little elf eyes.


He saw a jolly old man in red that he knew right away.

He packed his things quick and went to the sleigh.


As he packed his things up, tears ran down his cheeks,

For he had such wonderful memories from these past couple weeks.


He drug his sack with Rudy on top,

looked back one more time and came to a stop.


Good bye, my third grade friends at Blue Ball,

I can’t wait to tell many glorious stories of all.


I will do this with hope, and I will do this with love,

Because you all touched my heart, while wearing a red or green glove.


I will miss you all,




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What?! Another Elf in the Building?


During an orchestra concert Buddy the Elf came to join Santa because he knows him.  The children were in awe of Buddy and his antics.  He had just a little bit of energy.  I think he and Gumdrop would really get along.  Gumdrop is a little quieter, I think.  He read to the children, lead the orchestra, and sang with the children.  His hat kept falling off his curly top of hair as he exclaimed, Son of a nutcracker!  It was great fun, he left giving high fives to as many as he could on his way out as he told several of them I know you!  Our day was very full!

Magical Peppermints- WHAAAAAT?!

Well, we got a special delivery around 9:05 this morning.  Mrs. Boley brought in a cloth bag full of stuff.


There was a letter signed, Mrs. SC aka KK and a recipe…


According to the letter, the recipe was at least 805 years old.  We were to take broken peppermint candies and stick them down in to sugar.  She provided everything, including the containers.  She said the recipe is full of hope and love, and in 2 days something magical would happen.  She also reminded the children not to be sad when Gumdrops leaves, because he is leaving to make so many others so happy. She sent 3 containers…we guessed one for homeroom, ELA, and Math.  OOOOOh, what could it be?  My learners predicted a magical candy cane tree might grow, gifts, a beautiful flower, and other wonderful predictions.  So exciting!  Friday can’t come soon enough.


Throughout the day, Gumdrop pulled his silly stunts…


He hid in Bryn’s backpack AGAIN!  That was his 3rd time.  He really wanted to go home with her, I guess.

At one point, he got my chicken finger puppet to play cards.  Mackenzie said he had a good hand.  Clever little elf!