Multiplication Fun


My math students are hard at work in these pictures.  They were making a tool out of paper plates to help them with their multiplication facts.  One plate is cut around the outside about 2 inches deep.  You will get about 14 sections per paper plate.  Then, two plates are glued together, one with the cut edges and one with out the edges cut.  Then, the students choose with multiplication fact they are struggling with and write that number in the center of the plate.  The students write their multiplication facts regarding that number around the end of the plate and write the product (answer) on the plate beneath the cut plate.  Last, the plate is decorated.

After that, the students did a little cup stacking with multiplication facts. Their facts were written on plastic cups.  The products were written inside for self-correction.  The goal was to continue stacking cups as long as your answers were correct.  You were supposed to say 3 X 7 = 21, 4 X 8 = 32, and so on.  For some the temptation to just stack the cups existed…it’s a work in progress…     

It’s a Bust

During our ELA module on recycling, the students designed a Spartan bust using recycled objects. The children then voted on their favorite Spartan.  Rodrigo’s Spartan won!   Mrs. Snader made a cardboard bust of its head.  Then, some of my ELA students and a few others paper mache’d the cardboard.  Stay tuned to see how our design progresses…

My Dog, Melody, Graduated!

I have been taking my dog to doggy school for the last 12 weeks, plus.  She had a one-on-one.  My dog has always been very lovable and quiet.  She loves people and all other dogs.  She seldom barks.  She has been totally potty trained forever.  HOWEVER, Melody struggled with walking nicely, jumping on everyone, eating plastic, and hovering all over my personal space.  After about 12 half hour sessions, because her attention span is not the best, she will now STAY, LEAVE IT, DROP IT, OFF (sort of), WAIT, TOUCH/COME, SIT, LAY DOWN, SETTLE.  She can also walk with a gentle lead without pulling my shoulder out of my socket.  My baby girl is actually likable now.  She can also do things like shake, roll over, bow, but I had successfully taught those prior to the lessons.  These lessons were for her so she could just succeed in life and live to be two.  Today was a very proud day for both my dog and myself!

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Dr. Berstecher (Dr. Bob) Comes to Teach 3rd Grade About Dental Health

Dr. Bob came to our 3rd grade and spoke about the different kinds of teeth, the amount, and simply…the lives of teeth.


He spoke of healthy food choices that help strengthen teeth…


He also spoke of foods that don’t help strengthen teeth.


Last, he spoke of items the students need to use to take care of their teeth.


Thanks Dr. Bob!


Ice Cream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream!

My ELA students SUCCESSFULLY made ice cream!  They had to make it the old- fashioned way; milk, vanilla, sugar, ice, and rock salt.  They found it very cold, which is why we used towels to turn the magical ingredients into cold Cold COLD ice cream.  Look at their faces!  Some of them said the ice cream was better than store bought (not sure about that). However, to them, it was!  Some of them needed to take a break.  Some of them tried tossing it in the air instead of squishing it together.  FYI, that did not work.  Overall…SUCCESS!  Everyone’s ingredients turned into ice cream.  The recipe is below.




               Home-Made Ice Cream

In a sandwich baggie, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp. vanilla, 1 cup milk.  Remove excess air and place in another baggie.  In a gallon baggie, fill half with ice and 3/4 cup of rock salt.  Place small bags in gallon bag and seal.  Squish, roll, and shake your ingredients for about 15 minutes.  I would wrap a towel around your bags, because it will get really cold.  You may peek if you like.  Just be sure to reseal if still need to do your magic!  Then, simply enjoy!

*Other things you may like to try with your ice cream; crushed fruit, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and so many possibilities.  Just use your imagination!

This recipe came from a book on EPIC: An Ice Cream Kitchen Experiment by Meg Gaertner

Parent Career Day Made These Students Proud


We had an Business Manager/Accountant from Tri State Trailer Sales, a Bank Manager from Orrstown Bank, a Sales Representative from New Penn, an Early Childhood Teacher from New Holland/Bus Driver for Pequea Valley, a Nurse Practitioner from a Family Practice in Terre Hill, and a Client Service Specialist from Pregnancy Resource Center.  Our morning was loaded with questions.  I was so proud of how the students responded to our guests.  Again, parents who volunteered, thank you.

Sprinkles Has Left the Building

Sprinkles was called to duty on Thursday before Christmas.  Mrs. Schrantz brought in an urgent envelop from SC’s Adviser stating:

December 20, 2018


I hope this letter finds you well.  This is urgent.  S.C.  needs you at the North Pole lickity split.  I am so sorry to cut your vacation short.  But it is of the upmost importance for you to return NOW!  Please tell the children we are so sorry.  However, this can not be avoided.  Please pack your box up quickly and don’t forget Donner, because he is also needed immediately.

I hope to see you so soon,

S.C.’s  Adviser

It was typed in red and green.  He left about 2:30, during math.  He had to take his box, his blanket, and Donner.  And he had been so busy all day playing in the room.  He hung upside down from his trapeze, climbed my symbol, flew his plane one last time.  and more.  He will be missed.

Look What a Student Made for Him

He and Donner are all comfy cozy in a different box that they chose.  Sprinkles is sporting a beautiful blanket made by our talented Kenzie.  He absolutely loves it!

On My!

I think they were playing follow the leader.

Even elves and reindeer must take baths.


Sprinkle Needs to Join the Circus

Look where I found him this morning?  

This is one strong elf.  He made himself a jungle gym.  Donner was far away.  He was no way going to tackle that activity.

I wonder what my students will think.