Fire Safety

Man-o-man, did the students remember a lot of from last year! Our fire fighter of a father got all geared up before our very own eyes.

Good Job Chance!




One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Recycled Project!

Each of the ELA groups were given a bag of garbage, clean- I promise, tape, and scissors.  They were given 30 minutes to discuss and create something new out of the garbage that served a purpose.  Here is what they coma up with…

This group designed a hamster carrier.  It had a play room and a viewing room.  William added a cat toy to go with it!

This group made a trash robot that sucks up trash and can even detect trash to pick it up off the ground.

This group made a Trash Car.  It has a couple of places where the trash gets sucked up and stored.



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Multiplication Fun!


Noah was working so hard on this problem and when he checked his answer, he was RIGHT!

Miss Pinkerton and my class joined forces during Release Time to do multiplication math centers together.

The students worked on word problems…

They worked on count-bys with the numbers 2, 3, 5, and 10 forwards and backwards verbally and physically.

They played multiplication games.


Lastly, they stacked cups using multiplication.



So much fun!

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Ag day

Ag day was a lot of fun thank you. I liked  the cows and buneys, gineypigs and lerning about bees and bugs. Thank you so much.


We saw goats, a one day old baby cow, bunnies galore, stream creatures, and more.  We drank milk, compared crackers, and learned about the care of farm animals.  We took a hayride and learned about the tractor that pulled it.  The students had a good time.  Here are some photos from our day..