Acting Skit

One of my hobbies is acting. I love to act. I am in a play called the shoemaker and the eleve’s. I got the lead role of being the shoemaker! It is a lot of pressure to memorize my lines. Our show is at Pequea Valley High School on December 15th. When I am done with all of my independent work and we get to free read I like to go on to This is where you can read skits for plays and I really enjoy reading skits instead of regular books because I love seeing what each character says. I went on this site and actually found my play! So now I get to go through and read the play. It also helps because every time I read it I learn more and more of my lines. Also it is a really fun skit to read. Also this site has other skits that you can read depending on what kind of plays you like. I would encourage you that during your free time instead of reading regular books all the time once in awhile you should read some skits.

Maine trip coming soon!

I am so excited for Maine in 6 days. My family and I are heading up to Portland Maine. I can’t wait to go see all my cousins that I don’t get to see very often. It is a 9 hour drive. But it is so worth it. Up there we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and just have fun.


Hi my name is Jada! One of my best friends is Kyleigh Ellsworth. One of the main things I want to do is be is  a famous actor Kyleigh and I both have the same interests . If that doesn’t work then I would like to be a type of therapist either physical or occupational. And if I do not do that I want to be interior designer. I want to be a actor because I love being someone else. Also I want to be a Therapist because I love helping people and it pays well. Interior designer peeks my interest because it helps me explore my creativity. So yes I have a lot of jobs to choose from but I know that I am going to either go to Gettysburg college or Penn State.  I have visit both of these because  I have a older sister named Taylor. I have visit both of these with her.

Harry Potter

Recently I read the book Harry Potter 1. It is a very good book. I like all the creativity that it has and how much the author explains about the characters and the places they’ve been. I like how it has mystery and magic , but also you can relate to the characters and awkward situations. I would suggest everyone reads all the Harry Potter Books!

Halloween Night!

I am really excited for tonight even though it is not Halloween Kayligh and I are going to her town and we are going to dress up in awesome costumes. I am going in a very comfy costume as a geek I am going to have bright green overalls, pink high socks,huge glasses with white duck tape. We are happy to get yummy treats. I do not know what she’s going as and She does not know what I am going as. I love to dress up for Halloween with Kayligh. I can’t wait!

The Colorado Ranch

I love to go to the Colorado Ranch the last time i was their I was 4 or 6 years old. My aunt worked their as a personal chef. She made amazing french toast. When I was their I entered a rodeo. My horses name was Chili. He was brown with a black main. Chili was very lazy, but I won the rodeo with him! I was so happy because their where 20 that entered. I loved the ranch. I was a little sad last yea because their was a fores fire and it was coming over the mountain near the ranch they had to let the animals free and evacuate the area nobody was hurt. The ranch was not burnt. The horses still had the mark that said the 4UR Ranch so owners could return them. My Aunt called me and told me they got all of them. But later Chili got sick and died. I was a little sad but I still love the ranch.

All About Jada!

Hi! My name is Jada I am 10 years old my birthday is in august on the 10th. My favorite colors are blue,green and red. My favorite sport to watch is football. My favorite teams are eagles and  I love the Seattle Sea hawks. My favorite sport to play is softball i am in 10u and I’m a pitcher and first base player. I also love to swim in my in ground pool. My favorite Place to go to vacation is Colorado because i love to ski and my aunt lives up their. I have 2 older sisters Sabrina is 14 Taylor is turning 16 in march so teenagers. I am the youngest. I have a yellow lab her name is Daisy. She is 12 years old. I am in the parade for my signature dance. I take Jazz and acting their  love to act. So that is a little bit about myself.