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See, Think, Wonder: Peru and Machu Picchu!

See, Think, Wonder in EGYPT!!!

Traveling to a new place is so amazing. Have you ever been to Egypt? Technically, I have! Without leaving my seat!! I went to Egypt and saw majestic pyramids full of ancient hieroglyphs, the language used in Egypt. Egypt was awesome and I hope you get to see Egypt too. This is an example of the Egyptian hieroglyphs:




V.R During WW II! Pearl Harbor And Other Places….



See, Think, Wonder With V.R… The Amazon!

I used virtual reality glasses and went to the Amazon. I saw many exciting things such as what looked like never-ending rivers, gigantic trees and many other amazing things. I also saw some people canoeing along the Amazon for fun. I also saw the inside of a huge rainforest.

I saw a small village with a rowhouse where the kids in the Amazon go to school. There was a church with a small cross on top of it’s roof and also with an extensive field for playing on.

I love doing V.R and I think that if you can you should try it too. Going to a new place without leaving your seat is funner than you may think. V.R can teach you many, many, many things about different places and their way of life. This is my experience going to the Amazon using V.R.


P.S: Doing what the person above is doing is NOT recommend!