Monthly Archives: March 2018

Short Ekphrastic Poems

  1.   My dull, colorless, eyes display the trail of tears left once upon them.  No matter how vivid the world could be, I see it in 1000 shades of gray.  The wind blows hard against my frigid body, making me feel even darker inside.  It is indubitable that this fall can be overcome.  The only thing that I have is darkness.

2.  The frosty snow was opaque, as I saw it fall against my window pane.  PLICK! PLICK!  I rushed to the window, wondering what was happening.  I saw hail droplets, the size of pennies, scattered in between the frequent snow flurries.  What a great day to spend by the warm, crackling, fireplace, snuggled up in my pajamas, reading “Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul”.