As of today, we have 2 more days left of school! Technically we have 1 because we have 2 half days (Half+Half=Whole). I have to saw goodbye, to my teachers Mr. Arena (Homeroom), Mr. Geiman (Reading) and Ms. Wachter (Math). Today we got people to sign our yearbooks so we can remember them. I got almost all of the girls to sign my book. I don’t want to leave 4th grade. It was really fun! Today to celebrate the last few days of school, we’re having a “party”. We are having a Mario Kart Tournament and are have Maple Bacon Long Johns from Shady Maple.


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  1. P.S. If anyone wants to know I beat all of the kids in class but them Ashton ( beat me when I was going against him, Mr. Arena and the Guidance Consular, Mr Chernigo.

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