France: My Trip to France and More About The Country Itself!

I went to France in 2015-October 5th through to the 15th. I went on an about 10 hour plane ride to get to France from here in Pennsylvania. When I went to France it was my first time riding in a plane. We stayed at a small hotel called “Hotel De La Porte Doree“. We stayed in 2 different rooms. We had to switch once because the bedroom was too small to fit me, my grandma and my grandpa.

The main reason that we came to France was to see the Eiffel Tower. We did! We rode as high as you can go to the top. It was very windy at the top. We saw many other sights. We saw Notre Dame Cathedral and heard the bells in the cathedral ringing grandly. We went to the Louvre and also the Louvre Museum and saw the Mona Lisa and many other paintings and pieces of art. Also we went to… DISNEYLAND! I had a LOT of fun. I got to go on a roller coaster that had a 360 degree loop in it and another on that went upside down completly!

They also had great food. We loved this one restaurant called “Les Cascades“. It is a 2-3 minute walk from the hotel we were staying at. We went their every single day for dinner and sometimes we went there for lunch and dinner! We loved the food in Paris, France. The only bad things on the trip were that:

  1. I REALLY missed my mom, dad and little brother, Grayson. (If you know about my baby brother Finn, he wasn’t in this world then.)

2. We were almost tricked my an old woman. She asked if the ring that she “found on the ground” was ours. I think it was her ring but she wanted us to fall for and then she would get us arrested. ❓❗❓

This is a recount of my glorious trip to Paris, France.

(P.S. Below is a slideshow about some things that I learned about France. Thanks for Reading!)

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