Week 8 Games #STUBC17

On the first time that I did this activity I first visited Jayden’s Artisticly Amazing Blog. Then I visited Rebecca’s Blog titled, “What’s Up Rebecca?”. Last I went to Linnea’s Awesome Blog and read “Apple Tree Poem Written by: Linnea!” because I like reading poems.

On the second time I did this activity I started by visiting Molly’s Magical Blog. Then I visited Summer’s Amazing Blog. Last, I visited Charlizea’s Blog called, “Dazzle With Char“. On her blog I did a quiz about school. I did this survey called, “How Is School Going?” because I like doing surveys.

On the third time I did this activity I started with Jayden’s Artisticly Amazing Blog again. Then I went to Jacob’s Blog called, “JacobN“. Last I visited Alyson’s Blog and read Sixth Grade to Seventh Grade. I chose to read this because I wanted to read about 6th graders going to 7th grade.

      Picture from Pixabay








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