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The Missing Sword: Who Did It?

Back then it was a idle. Today, just history. The sword had been stolen to most. But just a few believed that it may still be out there and just a replica was stolen. Wait, you don’t know the story.

A long time ago the sword was the thing that saved us all. We were being raided by unfriendly tribes and that sword was thrown 3 miles by a catapult that a guard had set off when resting the sword down on a table and it slipped off and the guard knocked over the table trying to reach the sword and BOOM! The sword was gone. The sword sliced through the air and cut the rope that held the tribe from the other side of the monument of a dragon and it fell. The tribe from the other side was known as the Redbors tribe and they were fierce as the mightiest dragon, Locktool, who roamed the Himalayan mountains looking for adventurous climbers to devour. The Redbor tribe was an enemy to everyone. The people of Corus were happy, even if the sword of Instapol was gone because to conquer a land you must strap your monument to a great big plank and place in enemy territory. And destroy the enemy’s monument which they would place on your land. But if your monument was struck down the whole army would retreat and never return. If you did, a most unpleasant thing would be unleashed on your tribe. Unspeakable. But since Redbor’s monument was struck down they couldn’t continue onto battle. They knew the consequences and backed off.

A few days later the sword of Instapol was discovered and placed into a museum under top security vault. The sword was stolen 2 weeks later and the only thing that was left behind was old rag pouch with pure gold tucked inside. As my shift ended I emerged from the museum and saw a man with a similar pouch, strapped to his belt buckle. I knew I couldn’t jump to conclusions but I snapped a picture of him anyway and made sure that the pouch and his face were visible.

Tommorow I’d search for a smaller clue, not easily visible to the human eye such as fingerprints. The next day I went to the museum and showed the guard my I.D. He let me pass. I got out my fingerprint finding kit and off I went with a magnifying glass, exploring the case where the sword was held and areas around that. I found a few so I got a copy of them and sent them to the lab for analyzing. I searched for more clues but found nothing. The next day, results came back from the lab. The fingerprints were owned by someone named Eduardo Rivera the name of the person who put the sword in the case! This was going to need some investigating. Did Eduardo get fingerprints on the case by putting the sword in it and the culprit didn’t leave any marks? Or did he steal the sword? It occurred to me that Eduardo had the key to the case. This was going to be tough. Time to talk to Eduardo Rivera.

“Where were you the night of the breakage into the museum.” I asked Eduardo. “I was walking around town after going shopping.” he replied. “Where did you go?” I quizzed. “Why are you asking, Charles.” Eduardo said. “Just wondering.” I replied. “I’m not so sure.” said Eduardo. “If you don’t answer my questions then I have to believe you as a liar.” I said. “I’m no liar!” he replied angrily. “Then answer my questions.” I said, “If you are truly innocent of crime then you have nothing to hide.” “Fine, fine.” Eduardo said, giving up, “I’ll tell you the truth. (Or was it?) I went to an appliance store but I forget what it was called.” “Where was it located?” I asked. “Right next to the museum.” Eduardo replied. “What time did you get home that night?” I asked. “10:00.” replied Eduardo. “Eduardo, you are free to go.” I said. I was going to ask Eduardo’s wife, Donna, what time Eduardo got home that night. I found Eduardo’s address which was 324 Holter Rd. and drove there wondering if Eduardo’s story would confirmed or denied.

“Hello, Mrs. Rivera.” I said as she let me in, m“I would like to ask a few questions.” “About what?” said Donna shakily. “Just a time.” I said, “On the 13th of March, what time did your husband get home at?” “That was the night that he stole the sword.” said Donna, staring into space and saying whatever popped into her head. “Where’s the sword Mrs. Rivera?” I asked forcefully. “I swear I don’t know. The night he came home with the sword he told be to keep my lips zipped or he would post a really inappropriate picture in FaceBook and say that I was using his phone and put it up.” “So it sounds like you were forced to do something to keep something ‘safe’.” I said. “Yes.” she replied. “Ok. Now we know the real story. Sadly Donna you’ll have to go to prison due to never telling anyone BUT you only have to serve 1 day due to the fact that you were forced not to tell and technically is you told someone that couldn’t help you at the moment and you’re husband found out and posted the picture you would probably go to jail and you were innocent.

“Ok, I’ll go.” said Donna,“But we need to find the sword A.S.A.P because Eduardo is coming home soon and any day now he said that he was gonna flee to China where there are 1,385,566,567 inhabitants.” she said, “Now where is that sword?” She thought about it for a minute. “He probably put it in the safe!” she said finally. “Where is the safe?” I asked. “Behind the picture.” she replied. “Can I take the picture off or do you want to?” I asked. “You can.” she said, “The code is 2609.” I took the picture off the wall and put in 2609. Nothing happened. “Do you think that Eduardo changed the number?” I asked Donna. “Probably. If he did he most likely wrote it down in his notebook because when it comes to pins and passwords he’ll forget them so he writes them down. We’re going to be trying a lot of numbers though because he doesn’t label any of the numbers he puts in the book.” she told me.

We went through the book and found the pins 1046, 3374, 8582, 1949, 1707, 3358 and 3658 on the first 20 pages of the book. None of the numbers worked. Then on the last page we found the pin 3905. “I hope this is it.” I said. I then put in 3905 and it worked! The safe opened and inside there was the sword of Instapol! The mystery was solved, the sword was returned to the museum and Donna and Eduardo Rivera were put in jail, Donna for a day and Eduardo for 5 years.

Case Closed

Picture above from Pixabay

Martin Luther King Jr: Why Did He Give His Speech At The Lincoln Memorial

Have you heard of Martin Luther King Jr? He was a person of a different race and was treated differently than others. People like Martin Luther King Jr, who had a different skin color than the white, had to drink from different water fountains, go to different schools and enter through back doors of restaurants. Martin Luther King Jr gave the great “I Have A Dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Do you wonder why? Read on to find out.


The Lincoln Memorial is to honor Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves. The slaves were people of different race who were treated differently than white people. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves because he thought that it wasn’t fair that other people were treated differently just because of the way they looked. Martin Luther King Jr did and thought nearly the same as Abraham Lincoln about treating people who were different.


         This is why I think that Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.


Brazil! Read All About Brazil! Brazil, Brazil, Brazil, Brazil!



The Rock Family: Happy Birthday, Amy!

Today, on 2064 Merrington Lane it was January 3rd, 16 days before Amy’s 4th birthday! That morning while Amy, Drew and John were sleeping Mama asked Papa if they should have a birthday party for Amy.


       Papa replied, “Yes, we should. But who would we invite?” “ How about those little girls, Matilda, Victoria, Jillian, Paige, Lillian, Hermione, Nancy, Bess, Cynthia, Ally, Ginny and Megan from Amy’s preschool?” said Mama. “Oh good idea!” said Papa, “You”ll have to call the teacher and ask for the parent’s phone number.” “Ok.” said Mama, “ I’ll call Ms. Mandy later.” “Should this be a surprise party?” asked Papa. “ Why not?” replied Mama, “I’ll tell Drew and John when they wake up for school.” “Hi Mama. Hi Papa.” Drew and John chorused. “Did…” Mama started. “Yes, we heard.” said Drew. “You won’t……” Mama started again. “Why would you think we would tell Amy?” said John. “Just checking.” said Mama. “Go get ready for school.” said Papa. Drew and John go to Potter school on Gridley Lane and are in 6th grade and Amy goes to Playful Preschool on Sader Road.


      A few hours later when Mama thought it was an appropriate time to call Ms. Mandy and Amy was playing with her toys, she called the number 149-456-2637 and Ms. Mandy answered. “What can I do for you, Matilda?” she said. “Well, I’d like the phone numbers of Rebecca S, Victoria A, Jillian A, Paige R, Lillian K, Hermione G, Nancy D, Bess M, Cynthia Z, Ally A, Ginny W and Megan F. “Ok. That”s a lot of people. Why exactly do you need the phone numbers though?” said Ms. Mandy. “I’m having a surprise birthday party for Amy.” replied Mama. “Ok, I hope you have a long piece of paper with you.” said Ms. Mandy. “I’m ready.” said Mama.


      “Ok. Rebecca’s number is 149-353-7585. Victoria’s is 149-574-3646. Jillian’s is 149-857-4646. Paige’s is 149-253-7634. Lillian’s is 149-758-4978. Hermione’s is 149-454-9605. Nancy’s is 149-419-0798. Bess’s is 149-364-8656. Cynthia’s is 149-474-0784. Ally’s is 149-090-3758. Ginny’s is 149-849-7367. Megan’s is 149-218-8619. Is that everyone you need?” said Ms. Mandy. “Yes.” said Mama, “Thank you Ms. Mandy. I’ll be calling a lot of people tomorrow.” “See you tomorrow at preschool.” said Ms. Mandy. “Bye.” said Mama. “Bye.” Ms. Mandy replied. Mama told herself before she got on the phone that she would call everyone tomorrow while Amy was preschool.


      When Amy went to preschool, Mama called the parents of all the girls to see if they could come to the birthday party. They could! When Amy was picked up from preschool by Mama, after she got strapped into her carseat she asked, “What are we doing for my birthday, Mama?” “We can’t go anywhere this year because everyone is so busy. I have to go to the Preschool Council Meeting, Papa has to write a report for his work and Drew and John have the GTOK’s to study for.” Mama said. Doing what the family had to do for Amy’s birthday wouldn’t take a long time except for the meeting that Mama had to go to. She decided that she would bring Amy with her to the meeting while Drew, John and Papa get the house ready for the surprise party. The family was having the guests arrive at 11:30 and then Mama would bring Amy home at 12:00. Then everyone would have enough time to arrive and hide. When they were hidden Papa, Drew and John would start doing something unsuspicious in the Dining Room where the front door is and then when Mama and Amy got home, Papa would put Amy on his shoulders and then everyone would jump out and yell, “SURPRISE!” and Amy would be thrilled. “OK” said Amy sadly, “Will we still have cake?” “Yes, Amy.” said Mama, “What kind do you want?” “Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles, Candy Canes, Hershey Kisses, Twizzlers, Butterfingers, Kit Kats, Baby Ruth, Dots, M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls, Oreos, Milky Ways, Crunches, Almond Joys, Skittles, Air Heads, Starburst, Twix and Candy Corn!!” said Amy, definitely overexcited. “Too much sugar. Way too much sugar. Sorry Amy. You can choose 1 candy for your cake.” said Mama. “2?” asked Amy. “1.” said Mama. “1 and Rainbow Sprinkles?” asked Amy again. “Ok. 1 and Rainbow Sprinkles.” Mama replied, “Which candy do you want?” “Candy Corn, Candy Corn, CANDY CORN!” Amy replied. “We’ll get some Candy Corns at Rebecker’s Store on 2nd Street. They headed to Rebecker’s and bought some candy corn. The trip home was uneventful.


   Finally, the big day. January 19th! Mama took Amy to the Preschool Council Meeting at 9:00, while Drew, John and Papa put up decorations for the surprise birthday party. At around 11:30

Rebecca, Victoria, Jillian, Paige, Lillian, Hermione, Nancy, Bess, Cynthia, Ally, Ginny and Megan started to arrive at 2064 Merrington Lane . Then when they came all the kids hid and the parents left so they didn’t make it known that there were other people in the house beside Drew, John and Papa. At 12:02 Amy and Mama pulled into the driveway. When they came in and they got the cue of Amy being lifted onto Papa’s shoulder everybody yelled “SURPRISE!” The look on Amy’s face was to surprised that you wouldn’t be able to even imagine it. Then they brought over the present and the cake and started singing in a chorus, “Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday dear Amy. Happy Birthday to YOU!” Then Amy blew out the candles and started tearing away at the wrapping paper on the first present that she could reach. This is what Amy got for her birthday:


Colorful Pen

From: Lillian



From: Cynthia


A New Series of Books (Zip & Zap)

From: Victoria


From: Bess


Crayons & Sketchbook

From: Ally


Humongous Ball

From: Nancy


Stuffed Dolphin

From: Paige


Plastic Bracelets

From: Rebecca


Hair Ribbons & Nail Polish

From: Hermione


A 24-piece Puzzle

From: Cynthia


D.I.Y Jewelry

From: Ginny



From: Megan


Stuffed Starfish

From: Mama


Stuffed Whale

From: Papa


Homemade Board Game

From: Drew and John


    Amy said, “This is the best birthday ever!” She ran around playing with her friends until it was time for them to go. Amy said thank you to everyone for coming and for the presents.

     When the mess was cleaned up, Amy had played with all her toys and she was ready for bed she said, “Thank You Mama. Thank You Papa. That was the best birthday party ever!” “You’re welcome Amy.” said Mama, “Happy Birthday.” “Happy Birthday.” said Papa. “Good night.” said Amy. “Good night.” said Mama and Papa together, “See you in the morning.” “Ok.” said Amy, “Night.” “Night.” said Papa. Then Mama turned off the light and went downstairs. That day was a good day for everyone. A little while later everyone was in bed, snoring.

   The End


My Favorite Activity


My favorite activity to do is Irish Dancing. Irish Dancing can be done indoors or outdoors but it usually has to be done on a hard surface. Irish Dancing has two unsimilar kinds of shoes that you have to wear for two different kinds of Irish Dancing. The names of the shoes are hardshoe and softshoe.


Softshoe dancing is usually the first dance that you do. In softshoe class you learn things like hop one, two, threes, sevens and three kinds of jigs. Hop one, two, threes are basically what they are called. First, you hop up on one foot and with the other you kick your backside. Then with the foot that you kicked your backside with you put that foot in front and then, keeping yourself in one place, you make 2 more steps and it keeps repeating. Sevens are when you walk sideways seven steps. The jigs that we do are called leg jigs, slip jigs and I cannot remember the other one. When you ace all of these steps you start doing an advanced jig to get you ready for hardshoe class, the next kind of dance that you would learn and also to get ready for the advanced version of softshoe class. After you master that jig then you go to the advanced class.


The softshoes that you wear have really lengthy laces and they cross over like the laces of a sneaker at the top and then at the bottom you have about a yard of lace left and you have to tie the shoe a certain way. In the beginning it is makes you flustered when you’re trying to tie them but then you get the hang of it and start doing it much faster. The softshoes make no noise when you are dancing in them.


In hardshoe dancing you use some of the things that you learned in softshoe class like sevens and you learn new things such as trebles. To do a treble you pull back one of your feet a little bit and take it forward so it just lifts off the ground. Make sure you hit your whole foot on the ground when you are pulling your foot forward. Then you use the foot that you lifted off the ground and bring it to the opposite side of the foot that you lifted. Last you jump onto that you had by your side and repeat with the other foot. You also learn two more jigs. One is called hornpipes. I forget what the other one is called. Once you master the hornpipes and the other jig you move on to advanced hardshoe class.


The hardshoes that you wear have a lessened amount of lace than the softshoes so you only have to tie them and not have to do the kinds of things that you do for the softshoes. You also have to buckle something on the shoes as tight as you can so you don’t fall. The shoes have heels on them and it makes it harder to stand and easier to fall. The hardshoes make noise when you dance in them.


Once you think you are ready you can go to an Irish Dance competition also known as a feis. (Fu-esh) They take place in many different places. You compete against other Irish Dancers in a certain dance or another thing like doing sevens and hop one, two, threes or something like that. Then if you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place you would get a medal or a trophy. You have to do the dance well and have good posture to get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.


This is why Irish Dancing is my favorite activity.  


Trout Day’s in 2nd Grade

My Team: Paris (Left), Briana (Middle), Me (Right)

The trout are getting much, much bigger! 180 trout are still alive to this day. Some of the trout are beginning to bump into the edges and front of the glass on the fish tank. The trout are still in the stage in their life of fry. Now the trout have endured stripes calls clamarks. The trout are very sensitive to touch. The trout are eating Fishy Flakes. This is a small update on the trout.


What’s Your Favorite Thing In Nature?

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See, Think, Wonder With V.R… The Amazon!

I used virtual reality glasses and went to the Amazon. I saw many exciting things such as what looked like never-ending rivers, gigantic trees and many other amazing things. I also saw some people canoeing along the Amazon for fun. I also saw the inside of a huge rainforest.

I saw a small village with a rowhouse where the kids in the Amazon go to school. There was a church with a small cross on top of it’s roof and also with an extensive field for playing on.

I love doing V.R and I think that if you can you should try it too. Going to a new place without leaving your seat is funner than you may think. V.R can teach you many, many, many things about different places and their way of life. This is my experience going to the Amazon using V.R.


P.S: Doing what the person above is doing is NOT recommend!


The Rock Family- Part 1… ChRiStMaS!!

This is the story of the Rock family. 5 rocks consist in the Rock family. There is Amy, John, Drew, Mama and Papa. Amy is 3 and her birthday is January 19th. John is 12 and his birthday is March 21st. Drew and John are twins so Drew is 12 and was born on the same day as John. Mama, who’s real name is Matilda is 34 and her birthday is September 4th. Papa, who’s real name is Julian is 39 and his birthday is July 14th.

It was December 20th on 2064 Merrington Lane. Amy, John and Drew had lots of Christmas shopping to do. They hadn’t found ANYTHING for their parents and Christmas was coming soon! They decided that they were going to ask Mama to take them Christmas shopping for Papa that night and then tomorrow they would ask Papa to take them shopping for Mama. “Let’s go ask Mama is we can go Christmas shopping!” Amy said excitedly.

“Wait a minute Amy.” Drew said, “We need to figure out what we can get Papa first.” “What could we get him?” John said. “Hmmm. What about a teddy bear!” Amy said in her ‘this is the best idea ever’ voice. “Amy, I don’t think Papa would like a teddy bear.” said Drew. “What else then? This is hard! I don’t wanna do this any more.” said Amy with a whine. “But Amy we need to find them something.” said Drew. “I know!” said Drew, “We could get Papa a new hockey stick for when he goes to play!”. “Perfect!’ said John. “Can we go tell Mama now?” said Amy. “Sure” said Drew, “Would you like to do the honors, Amy?”. “Sure!!” said Amy. Then they went and told Mama. “What a GREAT idea. Papa would love that for sure!” she said with a big smile on her face, “We’ll go shopping tonight.” “Thanks Mama.” Drew, John and Amy chorused. “Let’s go play Life since that’s taken care of.” Amy said importantly. “Ok.” said Drew and John. They played Life until it was time to go shopping.

Mama, John, Drew and Amy hopped into the big red minivan with Mama in the front seat, Drew and John on the edges and Amy in the middle on a booster seat. “Let’s go to SportsRus.” said Mama. “John and I love SportsRus!” said Drew. “I don’t.” said Amy grumpily. “It’s ok Amy.” said Mama. “Were here!” said John. “Let’s go to the hockey aisle.” said Mama. They got to the hockey aisle and found a large assortment of hockey sticks. Mama said, “What color stick should we get him?” “Blue!” said John. “Blue!” said Drew. “What about you Amy?” Mama said. “Rainbow colored like my favorite TV characters Millie and Renna from the Wonderful World of Colorful Magic!” she replied. “I don’t think that they have rainbow colored hockey sticks.” said Mama. “Well then what’s the point of buying one in the first place?!?” Amy squealed. “How about this Amy, if we get a blue hockey stick i’ll get you a lollipop up in the checkout line.” Mama said. “Can I choose the flavor?” Amy said with a grin. “Yes you may Amy. Now boys, can you please grab a blue hockey stick and put it in the cart?” Mama said. “Sure.” Drew and John said happily. Mama always had a way with Amy that made everyone happy. “Now let’s go my get my lollipop.” said Amy, “I want the strawberry shortcake kind.”

Later, after Mama had wrapped the hockey stick with Amy to help her tie the string and John and Drew to cut the tape, they found a place to hide it. Can you guess where? Behind their cabinet full of glass. The hockey stick was measured and it was 4 feet and 6 inches. The cabinet was 6 feet exactly. So the hockey stick fit perfectly. My the time they were done it was 6:49, 11 minutes from Amy’s bedtime and 1 hour and 11 minutes from Drew and John’s bedtime.

“Mama, you go tuck Amy in and we’ll stay downstairs.” said John. “Ok. But you have to go tuck her in later, the both of you.” Mama replied. When they were sure Mama was upstairs they went into Papa’s office and asked, “ Papa, can we go Christmas shopping for Mama?” John said. “ Try not to take Amy because she would tell Mama.” Drew added. “Sure. What could we get her?” Papa said “Why don’t you decide Papa!” said John. “Because, we want it to be from you since I have a present for her.” Papa replied. “What, WHAT!” Drew said loudly. “Wait til’ Christmas and you’ll see…..” said Papa. “Ohhh, why didn’t I think of this before!” John exclaimed to himself. “What is it John?” said Drew excitedly. “New knitting needles!” John said. “Perfect, perfects, PERFECT!” said Drew, “Why didn’t I think of that!” “Ok.” Papa said, “We know what we’re getting Mama but where is the question.” “Kolos?” said Drew. “No, they only have yarn…” said Papa, “What about………. Naddles! said John happily. “Perfect!” said Drew, “They have billions of needles!” “Ok. We’ll go tomorrow morning, the first day of Christmas vacation.” said Papa, “Now go brush your teeth and hop in bed. By the time your done and you’ve tucked Amy in it’ll be time for bed. “Night, Papa.” Drew and John chorused.

The next day, John and Drew got dressed; John in a blue shirt that said ‘The best part of my day is sleeping’ with blue jeans and Drew in a green shirt that said ‘Give me 100$ and I’ll give you a piece of dirt’ also with blue jeans on. “Let’s go get Papa and tell him we’re ready.” Before Drew or John could leave their room, Papa was at their door. “Let’s go before Mama and Amy wake up.” said Papa quietly. John, Drew and Papa hopped into Papa’s green Tahoe. “Off to Naddles.” said Drew. The shopping trip to Naddles was uneventful. They got Mama silver knitting needles. When they got home Drew and John wrapped the present the best they could and they hid it in the a place under Drew’s bed where the needles wouldn’t get smashed.
Drew, John and Amy had made things for each other and also Drew and John had made something for their parents. Nobody could wait til’ Christmas. Amy could hardly wait for Santa to come. John, Drew and Amy had written their Christmas lists and the top 5 things of each of their lists were this.


Roller Skates (Size: 8 ½)
Basketball/Basketball Hoop


Baseball/Baseball Gear
2000’s Book of Baseball Records
Name 3 Game

Amy (List was Spell-Checked)

Movies (The Wonderful World of Colorful Magic)
Teddy Bear
Rainbow Ball
Books (The Wonderful World of Colorful Magic)
Ice Skates (4 ½)

Drew, John and Amy wanted these thing very badly. Finally it was the night of Christmas Eve. Papa read The Night Before Christmas. Everybody was in bed my 7:30. They left Santa out a Sugar Cookie with a Hershey Kiss on it and a glass of chocolate milk. Santa came to the Rock house on Christmas Day (12:01 a.m) and he loved his cookie and milk.

The rule for Christmas morning was the first person to wake up was allowed to wake up the rest of the family only if it was after 7:00. John was up first so he first woke up Drew, then Mama and Papa and last Amy. Amy exclaimed, “It’s Christmas it’s Christmas!”
Now it was time for the presents. First the presents from Santa…


1,000 piece puzzle
Mittens (Blue)
Roller Skates (Size 9 so you can use them longer)
Green bicycle
Basketball (Foam)
Basketball hoop (for the door)
What Am I Thinking Of? (Game)


Mittens (Green)
Blue bicycle
Name 5 (Game)
Baseball Bat/Baseball (Foam)
Scrabble (Game)
Baseball in Bracon (Movie)
Mario Kart (video game to share with Drew)


Rainbow Ball with Stars
10 of The Wonderful World of Magical Colorful Magic Movies
Where Am I? (Game)
Ice Skates (Size 5 so you can use them longer)
Mittens (Purple)

Now the presents from the family to the family…..

Remote-Controlled Airplane
From: Papa

Book about Michael Jordan
From: Mama

Plastic Basketball (Homemade)
From: John and Amy

Hugs & Kisses
From: Everyone


Remote-Controlled Car
From: Papa

500 piece puzzle
From: Mama

Baseball Picture Book (Homemade)
From: Amy and Drew

Hug & Kiss
From: Everyone


Stuffed Turtle
From: Papa

Red Dress
From: Mama

Board Game (Homemade)
From: Drew and John

Hug & Kiss
From: Drew and John


Knitting Needles
From: Everyone

From: Papa

Pots and Pans
From: Papa

Paper Coupons (Extra Chores, Etc.) (Homemade)
From: Drew, John and Amy

Hug & Kiss
From: Everyone

Hockey Stick
From: Everyone
From: Mama
Pop-up Christmas Tree Card (Homemade)
From: Drew, John and Amy
Hug & Kiss
From: Everyone

To Drew, John, Amy, Mama and Papa this Christmas was an exquisite one. After they all exchanged their thanks, Mama turned on the TV and found some Christmas music channel. For the rest of the day Drew, John and Amy played with their toys and games and the whole family listened to music and they were all happy.


Merry Christmas! ???