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The Cloud Man

   By: Maggie and Connor                                              


On November 28th 1772

Pixabay                                                                                                                     What kind of cloud is this??                              

The sky was a shiny blue

That day Luke Howard was born

He might have eaten pureed corn

He would stare and stare into the vast sky  

And he always thought about clouds “Why”  

Because there was something to be found out

And Luke Howard wanted to learn about them no doubt    

He named the clouds  

Which impressed the crowds     

He made his mark in history

Because the clouds were quite a mystery

Luke was part of a club

To study clouds, not in a pub

Luke thought there were three main cloud types of clouds

Cumulus, Stratus and Cirrus were loud.  

He named the clouds in Latin

He wasn’t born in Manhattan

He was really born in London

Which is on the same continent as Dublin

To name the clouds Cumulus, Stratus and Cirrus

 Must mean that Luke was fearless    

There were many other different clouds

Like Cumulonimbus the one that was loud


In Latin, Cirrus meant curl of the hair

In Latin, Stratus means layer.    

In Latin, Cumulus means heap or pile

Naming the clouds must make Luke smile

Luke had a very nice wife

She was part of his life

I wonder if they had a good first date

I also wonder if her last name was Slate

This is the story of Luke Howard

I’m sure you’ll agree that Luke wasn’t a coward

This is the end of the doings of a man

Who is famous forever because of his plan