Monarchs! Butterflies! Read All About It! Week-5


               These are a lot of interesting, exciting and true facts about monarch butterflies.

                There are lots of facts about monarch butterflies. A fact about this kind of butterfly is that they go through a 4 stage life cycle. They go from eggs to a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a butterfly. The mother butterfly usually lays her eggs where there is lots of milkweed because that is what the baby caterpillar will eat. They eat milkweed because when predators want to attack the caterpillars they taste horrible because of the milkweed. The adult butterflies suck nectar with their proboscis.

                The eggs of a butterflies and the caterpillars are endangered of ants and spiders. Adult butterflies are endangered of birds and wasps. In the spring and the summer you will find butterflies where there is lots of milkweed. In the winter you will find them at the bottom of California and in the high altitudes of Mexico because that is where they hibernate to.  Monarch butterflies hibernate in the winter because they do not like the cold.  

                 These are some fun facts about monarch butterflies. There wingspan is 3.7 inches to 4.1 inches wide. They are .72 to .25 ounces. Their lifespan is 6 to 8 months. The butterflies cannot fly if there body temperature is below 86 degrees. If it was they would warm up by sitting in the sun.   

                 These are some facts about monarch butterflies. Below are the places that I used to find this information and also where you can find more information about monarch butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly  USFWSmidwest via Compfight



  1. Well done Margaret.
    Why not try to include the URL of where you found information as a link to a word rather than the actual URL visible in your post.

  2. I wish that you had butterflies all year long in your backyard. In the spring let’s plant a butterfly garden!! I love your story; you are becoming quite an accomplished writer!

  3. Karah (The person who visited your site)

    Flowers are so beautiful, especially when butterflies are around! I will be careful!
    Visit me too, and comment, and please tell me your Blog URL!!! So I know how Unique you are!!!

  4. 1-I love your blog you are so creative and smart!!!
    2-What does morn arches mean?
    3-Maybe next time you can put better adjectives and add adverbs…

    By: Salma Elmasry, Qatar International School (QIS)

    AMAZING BLOG!!!!!!

    • Dear Salma,
      Thanks for the nice comment. Morn arches is supposed to be monaraches. I will try to fix that. Next time I will try to use more adverbs and adjectives. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Dear Margaret,
    Wow, today this taught me lots about monarchs and butterflies. I never knew that they only lived from 6 to 8 months! And, I didn’t know that they can only weigh up to .72 ounces! That’s remarkable! Do have any other favorite butterflies other than the monarch? Comment back on my blog.
    From, EthanW

    • Dear Ethan,
      I do have other favorite butterflies including the glass winged butterfly and the blue morpho butterfly. I am glad that you learned something about monarches.

  6. I learned a lot from this passage. To me I think it is cool that butterflies have a body temperature. I thought they were just insects that fly around. If you ask me they seem like birds. Do they seem like birds to you. here is my website you can check it out

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    • Dear Anisha,
      I agree with you about if there were no butterflies some of the world’s beauty would be gone. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Dear Margaret,
    Thanks for telling us about monarchs. I learned a lot. I absolutely love your other posts on your blog. Keep blogging! Please come and visit my blog at

  9. Hey Margret,
    First of all, I love the photo of the monarch that you used; it’s so pretty! Additionally, you taught me so much things about monarchs that I never knew before.
    Thanks for all of the knew knowledge,
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