March 26

What Should the World Uninvent

What Should the World Uninvent

                                   By:Sarah Elizabeth Davis

Without inventions the world would be no fun at all for example clothes is an invention without clothes the earth would not be the same,but an invention that the world can do without is cigarettes. They do nothing but harm to the human body. There is second hand smoke,lung complications,and even death. I don’t think there is any good with smoking at all.

 Second hand smoke is when someone smoke in front of you,so your breathing in the smoke. A major complication of second hand smoke is asthma. My parents both smoke,so I do breath in the smoke when it happens it does not smell good and the smell stays, it sticks onto clothes and is almost impossible to get out. Like I said It also causes asthma,so I have asthma.

In addition to second hand smoke, lung complications can also occur for example you might get cancer. You might also need oxygen. When my dad smokes he always coughs afterward. In some cases you will need a tube in you trachea to breath for you.

Also,you could die from a number of things like lung cancer,breathing problems,and smoke getting into your lungs. Finally,  a cigarette left burning could start a fire. My grandfather got emphysema from smoking,and that is what he died from.

It is evident that smoking hurts your body,so if we “uninvent” them then we would help the earth. The earth would obviously be a better place without them.  

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  1. Leah P

    Hi Sarah! I totally agree with you the word would be much better without ciggerates. I get were your coming from my Papy got cancer really bad and still has it a little from smoking. Come visit me!


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