March 11

Week 1 blog Challange-My New Avatar

This is my new avatar

This is my new avatar

My name is Sarah I have glasses like you see in my avatar.I also love wearing headbands.I am reading a book because I love reading.My favorite thing to do is blog.My favorite blogs to visit are Brandon Cool blog and my all time favorite blog is Kaylie’s cute blog.(ps I like it more because it is for cat lovers.I am a cat lover.)  I dislike hamsters,fish,and insects.

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8 thoughts on “Week 1 blog Challange-My New Avatar

  1. Madame Pratt

    Hi Sarah,

    My name is Emmanuelle Pratt and I am your mentor in the 2016 March Student Blogging Challenge. I am a grade 4/5 teacher in Australia. I work in a small rural school in the state of South Australia.

    What a cool avatar! I love the ‘manga’ style of your avatar. I can see that you are quite a skilled blogger from the way you linked to your favourite blogs. I actually visited Kaylie’s blog after reading your post!

    I too enjoy blogging and am looking forward to this round of the Student Blogging Challenge. Here is the link to our class blog in case you would like to visit it:

    All the best
    Madame Pratt

  2. Miss W

    G’day Sarah,
    I agree with Madame Pratt. You are showing great skills with blogging. Linking to other posts often takes a while to learn and we don’t mention it until about week 5 of the challenge.

    You might need to look at your flagcounter – think you have the wrong code in there.

  3. bianca

    Dear Sarah,
    I really like your post. I was very excited to see your post about you. Now I know more about you and am excited to keep on commenting on your blog! And I am glad that you are kind of like me. I really like wearing head bands, I love reading and I love to blog. But back to your post I like how you put every thing in it’s little spot with the rest it’s not like birds have feathers they eat mice their feathers can whatever. I like how you put it in order. Just in case


  4. Kevin Online

    nice avatar is that what you really look like.
    That doesn’t matter but what animal do you prefer dogs or cats I am a dog person.


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