November 14

About Me

I am currently 11 year old i love sports and video games. My top 3 favorite sports are Football, Laccrosse and Basketball. I like football because it involves hitting, thrownig, catching and running. I like laccrosse because it’s fun and i’m really good at it. I like basketball because it’s fun, i’m really good at shooting baskets and i love breaking ankles! My favorite video games are, Fortnite Battle Royale, Madden, NHL, Pub-G and Call Of Duty. My favorite foods are pizza, fried chicken, cheeseburgers and french fries. I was born in February. I have 2 brothers, 1 sister and my mom and dad.

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November 14

All about Zombs Royale

    Zombs Royale

 By: Max and Matthew

Zombs Royale is very similar game to fortnite but is in 2D. You start out on the main menu. There are special limited time modes. The permanent modes are solo, duo and squads. When you get in the match you start out on a plane and you can choose where you land. When you land try and find a box and press e, when you press e you should get a gun or drinking poison or bandages and medkit. There are multiple different rarity’s for all guns. There’s gray,  purple, blue,green, legendary and mythic . There are Ar’s, Snipers, pistols, scars, duel pistols, R.P.G’s machine gun and much more. All the places on the map. Bobbers base, lucky lake, and so on. You need to try to stay alive and try to shoot as many people you can and go to the circle and watch out for the storm. If you are in duo or sqauds make sure your team stays with you and make sure there ok. You always try and aim for the win. You know you win when you are the last person alive or the last team alive.

November 14

All about Fortnite Battle Royale

All about Fortnite Battle royale

By: Maxwell Davis and Matthew Tlumach

Fortnite is a lot like are last post” All about Zombs Royale. But Fortnite is  3D and a lot more fun! There are also 2 different game modes, Battle Royale and Save the world. Let’s start with the basics, If you play on console it’s pretty much the same controls. If you play on P.C/ computer or mobile or maybe even nintendo switch. Starting with the gun skin, glider, backbling, pickaxe, emotes and contrails. Starting with gray, green, blue, purple, gold.  There are many different explosives including, grenades, stink bombs, boogie bombs, impulse grenades, Clingers, c-4. On to guns, there are many guns including, Ar’s, r.p.g’s, grenade launchers, different kind of burt’s, snipers, SMG’s. There are many Ar’s, there is the Assault rifle, Scar, Suppressed scar. On to different kinds of burst’s, Just the regular burt and the Famaz. Onto the different snipers, the semi- auto, the bolt and the heavy sniper. The different kind of pistols are, the standard pistol, dual pistols and the suppressed pistol. There are many, many gliders, backblings, contrails, skins and pickaxe. There are also many different emotes. But there are way to many for me to name all of them.   


November 14

Mr. Jimson’s protest

One day Mr. Jimson opend his door to his lovely little town called, Watermellon Grove. He picked up his news paper and steped back inside. He opened his news paper to the first page. He read aloud” Watermellon Grove, moveing location. Why nobody knows”! He thought to himself, i love my house and i love this town. And at that moment someone rang the doorbell. He turned slowly and walked toward the door. He opend the door and someone tall was standing there. He asked” How do you do Mr. Jimson? He replied” Very good how about you? Very, very woderful, he replied. He stepped inside and said” i ask permision to bulldose your house to build my new city right here in good old Watermallon Grove, just like every other person, they all signed it. Mr. Jimson said” No! I will not sign that paper, now leave this house leave this town a go away forever”! He wispered to himself” ok”. The next day he went around his town knocking on doors asking them if they really wanted to move location. About 95% of them said no. So Mr. Jimson and his fellow friends marched up to the mayors office and decided to protest moveing there location. When they got to the door, he asked everyone why they signed the paper then, they all replied” He said he was going to bulldose are houses anyway. He said” then we better get to work and turn this around by next thursday, so let’s go. They reached the mayors office and knocked on the door. The mayor told them to come in. But Mr. Jimson was the only one to step in the room. The first thing he said was” why, why are we moveing location this town is were i grew up where all of us grew up, exept for Billy he was from New Jersey. Billy waved at them through the window and Mr. Jimson waved back. The mayor said i know, but hes offering million of dollars to are town just to move two miles away. Mr. Jimson looked at him and smiled a little bit and said” i don’t care”! He turned around and walked out the door. He said” let’s go every body, were wasteing time. They had a meeting that night and Mr. Jimson suggested that they all put there money together and pay the guy thousands of dollars to relocate somewere else. So that’s what they did, they all put 1,000 dollars in and got to 1 million dollars and payed it forward to the tall man. he said” you want me to to relocate, they all said” YES!!! And so he took that money and payed it to a different town to relocate his city. Mr. Jimson went down in history and will always be rememberedin Watermellon Grove.

November 14

No poverty, By: Maxwell

HYC2 foundation

(hope you care 2 foundation)

Poverty is a big problem across the globe. Over 1.6 billion people across the globe are homeless, in just america there are 1.56 million people left homeless. That’s 0.5% of america, and an upside is 44% of the homeless people were employed in 2008. In the state of Pennsylvania there are 15,000 people homeless and 8,000 of them including children are with friends, family and in shelters. In lancaster P.A there are about 707 people homeless, and that’s just in on county. Poverty is mainly caused by changing trends in a country’s economy, also affected by the change in the ecosystem. The main causes of homelessness is lack of employment and low wages. I feel that poverty is a huge problem because it starves kids and leaves kids without clean water and without home. That just sounds horrible to me. What i’m going to do is stop homelessness across america, but i need people to volunteer there time to come and help build homeless shelters and houses for the homeless. I will also be doing a food and clothing drive for the kids and adults that can’t eat or have clean nice clothes. But i need your help to save poverty.

May 17

Why the turtles are so slow!

Why the turtles are so slow.

By: Maxwell and Carter

Characters: Students, Bobby, Jeffy and Jenny. Teacher Mrs. Turtle

Once upon a time there was a teacher and only three students. It was a turtle school in Turtle Mania land. They went to Turtle elementary school  and they were in 4th grade. Mrs. Turtle was doing paper work  in the class and three of her students/ turtles were there. Their names were Jeffy, Jenny, and Bobby The students sa and they were having indoor recess.

They asked their teacher, “Why are you doing paper work on the last day of  school?”  
Mrs. Turtle said, “Getting ready for next year.”  

, “Ohhh ok. Can you please get us ice cream?”

Because it was the last day of school, Mrs. Turtle caved in and bought them ice cream at the cafeteria.

Within a few minutes, they were all having fun eating ice cream.

“Yum, chocolate ice cream!” said the students. They ice cream all over their faces.

After enjoying ice cream, they went back to their classroom to continue having recess.
“Ok Now let’s play  Simon says,” said the teacher.

“Okay. Can we play NOW?” yelled  the students.

“Be quiet!” yelled the teacher.

“OK!”  the students yelled back.

And so they played Simon says. A few minutes later, he teacher says, “Be slow!”

So they went slow and that is exactly what they did. Two minutes later the teacher had a heart attack and died. Then the turtles always stayed slow and never went fast again.

That is why the turtles are so slow to this day!

The end!

March 31

The stolen dot! By: maxwell and carter!

the stolen dot! By: Maxwell and Carter   


One day the exclamation point went to the movies and then the power went out. Then the he felt something tickle then the power came back and he felt something wrong. He looked down and hid dot was gone it was not there it was missing. So he went to question mark what happened. So i was at the movies and the power went out and then i felt something tickle my dot and when the power came back on and then i looked down where my dot would be, it was not there!                          


Question mark thought The suspects were…. Period. Collen.  And Hyphen. Because they were at the the movies. Question mark said” who do you think it was the most? Exclamation said period question mark said it could not of been hyphen. And then question mark said how about that colon. Well no he would never he is my best friend he is my only friend. But he has 2 dots and use to have one dot. But he would never. Well we have to get to the bottom of this case. But what about period. No! But can we go to him? Fine we’ll go. Period were you at the movie yesterday. No said the period. Now hyphen we go to. Hi hyphen says exclamation point. Hi exclamation point said hyphen. Did you steal my  dot yesterday at the movie? No i was not there said hyphen and i am your friend i would never. Then it was colen he was right next to me at the movie. And when, Whate a minute we still have to ask him said question mark.


Oh ya i forgot about that so let’s go get him. Hey colen can we see you for a minute please said exclamation point. Ya shore i’ll be over in a minute ok said colin. Ok did you steal my dot i have been missing for a day and it is getting annoying! So hand it over now said question mark. Fine said colin it was me just take it  i was too small to go on a ride at punctuation park. So i stole your dot so i would be tall enough to go on it and i was going to keep it but you caught me before so. I’m so sorry i will not do it again ok. ok.!


March 3

The cat and the hat

The cat and the hat By: Maxwell Davis


One day 2 kids were inside on the very rainy day. When this cat walked in the room and said how do you do little friends. They were frightened they never saw something like it. A tall cat replied the fish? The cat said i know some games we can play. The 2 kids said  uh should we play games with the cat with the tall hat? The fish replied fast! NO! You should not play with that cat that cat is not even a cat probably! The cat asked do you guys have any video games? The kids said Yes! We have an a yoohoo 3,000  one of the best video game sets aver invented! Then the fish sat down and said: as long as you don’t wreck anything you can stay and play video games. The cat jumped and said: Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              The cat was excited the kids could tell by his face! Image result for Cat and the hat picturesIt was so weird looking and kind of  looked creepy to us. Well lets play said the cat.
Then the cat said: What games do you guys have? They said we have mincraft we have roblox we have madden and we have wate the cat said i would like to play madden. And say no more child! wait a minute dad is getting home if he sees you we’re dead! go hide! dad walks in the house and said: hi kids did you have fun? yes dad the kids say.






February 27

My weekend!

So my weekend started out like this: we got home from a bud on friday and i went outside and shot lacrosse. then i went inside and ate dinner. then me and my family  watched a movie! then at 9:30 i went to bed. But the next day i woke up at 7:00 and played Xbox one. the rest of the day we played  outside and ate lunch and then ate dinner then went to bed at 9:00. And that was my weekend!

Parade of Hounds - Harriers Mark Robinson via Compfight

 I played with my neighbors dogs like all weekend!!!





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