I know that I need to learn many things to prepare for the ELA PSSA.First I found out that I need to study spelling vocab punctuations.I know to get a good grade I need to study with flashcards game board and a spelling vocab book.Because of these needs I am going to make a plan.First I will study vocab then I will study spelling and then punctuation.

Second of all,I know that I need to write more details when I answer a text question. To help myself do this I will.Study examples.I can practice this on flashcards,study book,game board, and online.

Finally,i will practice my skills by doing this,studying and working hard.

I will do these things at home and during class time.I will practice at least 4 times a week until after the big test.I know that if I study I will get a good grade on the big test.

Blue Ball 4th grade garden

Title: Blue Ball 4th grade garden
Name Shalynn Davis
Date 2/19/18

How would you feel if 4th grade had a garden to learn outside? I think it
would be amazing because all day we are in a very small classroom.I think the students would love to go outside and learn with fresh air.I think it would be really cool with all the stuff we could put outside and use.I think we would go out there about every other 2 days.

Where we put this garden would be safe.It will be put between the 4th and 6th grade doors. The furniture would also be safe. We would also have fences and maybe cameras. The furniture would be a
Lounge chair, bench,chairs,pillows as seats to read on.We will also have a patio with chairs and tables.There also might be a blow up pool that we will use for maybe fish.

What flowers,trees,shrubs do you think we could use in our garden? I will be stating the flowers, trees, shrubs. My first flower is a sassafras and a hackberry tree they would provide shade but not overwhelm the space. In the garden beds.I would put PA shrubs called a New Jersey Tea. And our state flowering plant Mountain Laurel.Both shrubs bloom every several months blooming pink or white flowers.Finally,the flowering plants in the beds are helpful to birds.

My conclusion is that we have a garden outside for the students to learn and have fun.In my story.I stated the safety of the garden, where we would put the garden,and the plans,trees, and shrubs. I think with this garden it will ba a lot better than being in the classroom all day.

The titanic

Dear,Mom and Dad

My experience on the titanic



                              I was a passenger on 2nd class i slept on the second floor. My name was Emily Rose.  I  survived i ate crab and fish. We ate in a lovely dining room it was so good. I was boarded at hampton was horrible that night that it sunk i shared a room with madison george. There were warnings about ice and it but no one listened then one of the big things of ice slit open a hole and no one knew it and the captain  just kept going faster and  the messenger phillips got warnings but did not tell anyone about it. Then a whole bunch of water started coming in and then people knew that something was wrong so everyone started freaking out and people found out that water was coming in there were more than 2,000 people. And the life boats can only fill half of them then there were more water coming in. They let the mom and kids go on the boats first then young men and women went. There were 177 passengers survived the others did not survive but i did and that was the story of my life in the titanic.       

                              After that all happened i went home and when i got home i got horribly sick and i had pneumonia. The next week was when i died i was lucky that i had survived the titanic because i don’t really like water that much my grave was right next to my grandparents and from that day forward i watched over my parents. By Shalynn Davis