Why Do Women Athletes Get Paid Less Than Men Response

The Story

So it all started this year in July, the U.S. women’s soccer team won their second World Cup. Most fans would cheer “USA!, USA!” but instead, they chanted “Equal pay!, Equal pay!” And that raised a question, why do women athletes get paid less than men athletes? Some might say the pay gap “78 cents to a dollar.” But we all know that’s just not true. I say there’s a fair and equal reason for this.

My Thoughts

So what do I think? What’s my magical answer? Simple! So when I did research on this matter, I found out that 1 billion people watched the women’s World Cup. Now you’re wondering “How does this have to do with them getting paid less?” Like I said before, Simple! So I research how many people watched the men’s World Cup. And guess what? 3.3 billion people watched it. Meaning it would make more money than the women’s World Cup. And if they have more money, they pay more! See, I told you it was a simple answer! 

What Others Think

Some think I’m full of baloney. But trust me, I’m right! There’s no special little pay gap. Now that’s baloney! They want women in girls to buy into this “Not Equal” thing. “Earlier this semester, I spoke to a group of 70 undergraduate women at Harvard, where I am spending the semester. I asked this group of college women if they believed they would get paid 78 cents on the dollar compared to men just because they were women. A majority of the women raised their hands.” says Karin Agness Lips, a writer on Forbes and college student. It’s just a myth! It’s all been debunked, even by a women’s only college! It’s just a myth by the media like CNN!

Closing Slide

So, what have we learned here? Don’t trust everything the media says, women athletes are paid less for a reason, and global warming is pretty sketchy. Wait, that last one is for later. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

I do recommend this article. It makes you think!

  1. I agree, sometimes men do more overtime then girls, or maybe they just don’t have as hard jobs because sometimes harder jobs may pay more or if you’re an assistant manager or manager, makes total sense you wrote this.

  2. I see what you were saying about the number of viewers of the women’s world cup versus the mens. However, Do you think the number of viewers should determine their pay? They are doing the same job.

    I wish you would have a few more facts and stats to back up your opinion. You are saying “its a myth” and “They want women to buy into this ‘Not Equal’ thing.” My questions for you are, Who are they? Plus, what do ‘they’ have to gain by having women believe they are making less money? I can’t wait for your reply, plus more statistics and research. 🙂

    • The reason men get paid more is that the company makes more money so they can pay them more. They make money from ads, tv channels, and people who show up to the game. And the views do affect their pay. So if women want more, they should make their game more interesting so more people watch them. The people who make up these “myths” are feminists. Feminists are the face of women’s rights. I don’t really agree with anything they say though. Even after things have been debunked over and over, even by women, they still use the same points that make no sense. And they don’t try to twist women’s minds, they’re just wrong and can’t accept the fact that they are. I will probably make part 2 explains some of this.

  3. Interesting…..
    How do women make their games more interesting if they are playing the same game with the same intensity as men?

    “Feminists are the face of women’s rights. I don’t really agree with anything they say though…” What else are they saying? What are feminists to you?
    I challenge you to do some research and include evidence in your answer:)
    Thank you for your responses!

    • They could make it more interesting by being more aggressive. People like to watch men because it’s more aggressive than women and is more fun to watch. And people will start watching because it will be more fun to watch and they’re making more money. Feminists are saying things like “Women don’t get equal pay.” Well…even some women debunk this! The reason this isn’t true is that lots of women don’t ask for raises. Some people did a survey and more men asked for a raise than women. Also, lots of women have kids and they take off for their children. So that might be another reason. And finally, it really depends on how good you do in college. There’s so much proof that it’s funny. Feminists are people, to me, are people who don’t understand. They don’t understand their rights.

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