book club book reading otis spofford

Otis spofford is a boy that causes trubble and bullieing people he gets into alot of trubble.My favorite chariter is otis beacuse to me he is a little funny and fun to be my favorite chariter of this book.He dresses into a bull suit and the star of the show george was going to challenge the star of the show. Then he throws spit balls in class and he got into trubble for that to so Mrs gitler said that he can spit ball in the back of the room where she was not teaching the classroom of students.Otis spofford is a  bullie and does not follow the rules in the classroom and in the holl school.

I like the book beacuse i like funny and fun books some times but i do not like it at the exact same time i do not like is beacuse it has spit balls and just things that are mean that i do not like at all.I like the book beacuse when ever otis is bullieing sombody others stand up for that person thats getting bullied.I do not like the book beacuse its just a little to mean for me.

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The 2018 stanley cup finals

here it is the stanley cup finals in vegas i am your host eddie and its the stanley cup finals in vegas its a mach up of the washington capitals and the vegas golden knights game seven the series is tied 3-3 in vegas who will win the stanley cup the washington caps or the knights we will see in a moment when puck drops 1st period its 0.55 remaing in the period the caps score 4-3 its a close game here in vegas 3rd period in vegas 5-4 in the 3rd period 1:oo to go the washington capitals might win the stanley cup 0.0 the waington capitals has done it there the 2018 stanley cup champions the first to hold it high for the caps is alex gets to hold it high for the washington capitals this is there dream.

Washington capitals By:Noah

Its the stanley cup finals again in veagas  2019 its the capitals and the vegas golden knights its 1-4 int the third but looks like the capitals are going to win the stanley cup in 2019 with 1:00 to go in the third period its so close of being the end of regulasion time washington caps are in the veagas knights zone pass to oshie number 77 save 10.00 9.00 8.00 7.00 6.00 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 00:oo the capitals have done it there 2019 stanley cup champions there the true stanley cup champs of 2019.

about west virgina

Hello i am going to tell you all about west virgina.

West virgina is a wonderful place and it has so much stuff to do.

west virgina is so beuteyful and the moutins are perfect

My ant lives there we vistit her evey year round june or july

I hope you liked about west virgina bye!.