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The Leader of Our Country


George Washington, our country’s first president, was born on February 22, 1732.  Do you think it would have been hard to be the first president of the United States? Why? How do you think being the first president of the U.S. would compare to being president now?  Would it be easier?  More difficult?  Compare/Contrast being […]

A New Invention


Write about an invention you’d like to create. How would it help people?

Character for a Day


If you could be your favorite character for a day–cartoon, movie, book, T.V., etc–whom would you choose and why?  Describe what your day would be like as that character.

A New Superhero


Invent a superhero for a new comic strip that’s about to be released.  Describe his or her role in the community, and determine what his or her super powers will be.

You Get To Choose!


Today is your day to invent blog topics.  Write three blog prompts you would enjoy assigning to your classmates.  Get creative and I just may pick one to use one day!

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