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Don’t Eat Me!


Imagine you are a turkey and you just found out that you are on the Thanksgiving menu.  Write a letter to the people who are looking to eat you persuading them to serve something other than turkey for the Thanksgiving feast. (Be creative with your reasons–and be convincing–so you don’t end up in the oven!!)

World Peace Day


World Peace Day is November 17.  What could you and a friend do to make your school a more peaceful place to be?

Great American Smokeout


The Great American Smokeout is the third Thursday of November.  Write a commercial to encourage people to stop smoking–or to never start at all.

Election Day


Election Day is the first Tuesday of November.  Write a list of at least 5 qualities that a leader should have.  Number them in order of importance with number one being the most valuable trait.  Explain why each trait is important.

Pursuit of Happiness Week


Pursuit of Happiness Week is the second week of November.  Make a list of things that make you happy.  Explain why those things make you feel happy.

Crow vs. Scarecrow


A scarecrow’s job is to protect crows from eating the crops in the field.  Pretend that you are a hungry crow.  Try to persuade a scarecrow to let you eat from his garden.

5 Important People


Name five people you look forward to spending time with each day.  Tell why you enjoy each person’s company.

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