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My Dream Job


In preparation for Module 2 in ELA, please tell us your dream job and why.  Describe your job using as many details as you can.  It will be interesting to see if your career choice changes as we study careers.

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Choices: My First Blog Post!


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Below are 2 writing prompts.  Please read both writing prompts carefully and choose which one you would like to write a post about.  Make sure that you answer each writing prompt with complete sentences.  Remember to use capital letters and correct punctuation.  When picking a title for your post make sure it is a catchy title.  A catchy title is a title that will grab the readers attention.  Good look and happy blogging!

  1. Who is your hero? Why is he/she your hero and how can you be more like that person?

  2. Describe your perfect day. What would you do? Where would you be?


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