November 20

Compare and Contrast– Fall and Spring

Fall and spring have many similarities and many differences. Spring and fall are both seasons with moderate temperatures, and a lot of rain. However these seasons differ in many ways. In spring the flowers blossom, while in fall the flowers die. In spring the leaves are green and healthy, compared to fall when the leaves change colors and fall off the tree. Spring and fall are very similar seasons, but they both have very unique differences of their own.

November 20

Dream Job: Professional Football Player– Summary

In the article, “Dream Job, Professional Football Player,” Ronnie Lott was interviewed by NEWSELA. Ronnie was asked questions like, what was an ordinary day on the job, and what were some of your dislikes about the job? Ronnie said, “I love the game, and I learned from my Dwight Clark to love your teammates. I also learned over my years of playing, that you need to work hard for your spot on the field.

November 15

The Fight Against Deforestation

The Fight Against Deforestation

By: Jackson Custer

Steve is a 12 year old activist, the youngest to ever walk the Earth. One day when Steve was strolling down Milton Avenue on his way to the park he fell flat on his face. Steve was, at times, very clumsy.  When he arrived he started with his normal five minute jog. While he was jogging, he noticed a logger cutting down the trees in the park. He took out his glasses from his pocket and put them on to see what was actually happening. When he took out his earbuds his hearing increased, to him it sounded like helicopters had just landed all around him. He thought there was just one logger at first, but then he realized there was a whole swarm of them.


Steve walked up to one of the men and asked “Why are you cutting down all these trees?”

“Kid,” said the logger.

“Wait, I prefere Steve,” he snapped.

“So Steve, us loggers don’t want to cut down all these trees. We get paid to do this, so if we don’t keep doing our job our families will become poor,” replied the logger.

“Why don’t you get a different job then?” Steve inquired.

The logger replied, “ Steve you don’t get how hard it is to find a job, if you care so much about Deforestation then maybe you should do something about it.”

Steve started to run while he raged in fury as he yelled, “Maybe I will!”  


Steve was still furious as he ran past the stream next to his house. When he got to the house he stomped into the front door as he blared to his Mom about what happened. He said,“How do I make a change about this situation? If I don’t do something we might run out of trees in the world.”

“Well Steve, you should form a protest like you did about the problem you had about global warming. But first, you need to get ready for bed, it’s getting late,” stated his Mom.

“Ok,” replied Steve. Steve got up the next morning and set off to make a protest.


When Steve stepped out of the door he saw the beautiful sun rise. The Wisteria Tree was basking in the sun’s rays and the sweet chirping of the rock sparrow filled the air with gleeful noises. The air blew through the Wisteria’s leaves gorgeously creating a painter’s dream. The dandelions on the edge of the stream were gleefully dancing in the wind, they looked so smooth that he could lay there and drift to sleep. As they went on forever he felt like they had no limit. He knew that if he didn’t stop Deforestation then all these animals might no longer have a home. That sparked his enthusiasm to stop Deforestation.


He couldn’t get get distracted by the appealing landscape or he would never get to his final goal of stopping Deforestation. He knew he wanted to stop Deforestation but he didn’t have enough information to back up his protest. So Steve went door to door to try to get people to protest with him. Some of them disagreed with him and said that Deforestation wasn’t a problem, but what surprised him was how many people agreed with him that Deforestation was a problem worth acting on. Many of them said that they wanted to make a protest but they never had the guts to actually do it.


Steve thought he had enough people to make a protest so him and his neighbors went to town to start their protest. They yelled things like, “If you cut a tree you pay a fee!”

They also shouted things like, “Loggers are doing nothing but taking our air!”

The mayor stepped out of his limousine and hollered, “What is all this commotion about?”

“Sir we are making a protest to stop Deforestation,” Steve said proudly as he high-fived the neighbors that helped him protest.

The Mayor replied, “I will ring the head Logger and tell him that there are some people protesting about your work.”

As the Mayor dialed the Loggers he said word for word what he told us he was going to say. He also added something at the end of the phone call, this was report to the Park on Milton Avenue or you will suspended without pay.


After the loggers, the Mayor, Steve and his neighbors got to the park, the Mayor stated “I’ve heard enough from Steve and his crew now it’s time to hear the loggers side of the story,”

The head logger answered, “Well we only cut down trees so we can make money and feed our families.”

Steve countered ,“Why don’t you just get a different job?”

The Logger replied “It isn’t that easy to get a job, and to make things worse we don’t have that good of grades so that limits our variety of jobs that we can pick from. Wait, why are we listening to a kid about jobs anyway? Kids are clumsy, immature and irresponsible.”


Steve was very offended, “Steve said “I’m not clumsy!”

But as soon as he finished talking he tripped over a tree root and spilled his glass of grape juice all over the head loggers white T-shirt.

The logger replied, “ See, I told you that this kid wasn’t worth listening to!”

Steve replied, “I may be young and clumsy but that doesn’t mean that the whole town should suffer because of me. I know the effects of deforestation and they can be very harmful to the environment, so stop cutting down trees! What would you do if I wasn’t a kid?”

“I would treat you with respect,” the logger stated.

“Well, why don’t I get the same respect? I probably did more research on Deforestation than all of you, so why don’t I get respect?”  Steve stated with full confidence.


Steve finally got the logger to understand his point of view. There was a moment of silence that made everyone have a sudden sense of discomfort.

“Look,” said Steve, “It’s not that I don’t want you and your family to have a nice life it’s just that I think that there will be some major effects from Deforestation.”

Finally the Mayor spoke up and said, “Why don’t we do this so we stop arguing. How about the loggers don’t cut down as many trees so they don’t lose their jobs, but also so that Deforestation won’t happen so fast.”

Steve shook hands with the head logger to show that the loggers would stop cutting down as many trees. Steve walked home with pride. When he got home, after about an hour he thought to himself what should I act on next?



October 21

The Unlucky Fortune 6

The Unlucky Fortune Part 6

If you haven’t read part 1,2,3,4 or 5 please do so first, or you will be confused


“Because we don’t need them anymore. Let them go NOW.” said Connor trying to sound as much like Izabella as he could. “You sound different, and why are you so intuitive about letting them go? How about this. If I see that you have Jackson than I will let them go.” replied Olivia. “Can’t you trust me?” said Connor. Here I will put him on facetime so you can see him. “Jackson come here.”  So when she saw me she was convinced. We hung-up after that. As we celebrated Izabella got back up. She took the phone right out of Connor’s hand and and dialed up Olivia again.


She yelled at the top of her lungs and said “ DON’T LET THEM GO!!”   Olivia replied and said “ I already let them go. It’s too late. But why did you why did you tell me to let me go just a second earlier.”  “Can’t you tell my british accent from Connor’s accent? That was Connor who called you!”  


Later that day we were on a quest to join Ashton and Owen as they raced down the street and found them running towards us. We knew that they were getting closer to figuring out the number one secret of my fortune. The secret is that I only get my fortune when I get to a certain age. We caught up with Owen and Ashton and as we were running away from Izabella. Owen said “Where should we go?” I replied “Away from Izabella.” As we were running Izabella was catching up with us because she could run faster than us. Then as we were running Connor suggested “Should we split up and meet somewhere?”


Ashton replied “Yea, at the park.” “Ok.” yelled everybody. As we split Izabella stopped. She didn’t know who to follow. Then I looked back and saw Izabella on my tail. I was soon at the park so I picked up a rock and threw it at her. I hit her right in the stomach. She dropped to the ground as I kept running. As we got to the park we decided to go to my house. On the train ride home we fell asleep. As soon as I got home I told my Dad we needed him to help us get away from Izabella. Then he took us to his car and we drove far far away from Izabella. We didn’t have much time because we knew Izabella would find us. So we had to stop for gas on the way their and I was hungry so I went inside to grab a snack but I swear the cashier looked familiar. But Connor and Owen said she didn’t so I just let it go. We were back on the road and a car was following us the whole time. That’s when I started getting suspicious.


I thought for a while and I still could not think who this person would be until Ashton yells “ GUY’S IT’S OLIVIA AND IZABELLA!” “We have to loose them” I replied.  We made a sharp turn as we were flying down the highway. But then all the sudden we hear cop sirens and tells us to pull over. When we did, the police officer looked familiar but I didn’t recognize her at all. Owen whispered something in my ear and he said  “The police officer is Izabella and Olivia, think” I replied “ Yeah it is, Uh oh. Step on it.” “Oh no you don’t.” Yelled Olivia


To Be Continued….       

July 24

Heee’s Baaack

Heee’s Baaack

By:Jackson C

    I’ve had a ton of free time this summer and I’ve watched a lot of goofy videos. But the one that caught my eye was Steve Urkel. His high pitch voice, is goofy suspenders, his old time glasses and just the way he walks makes me crack up.

But I took Steve Urkel to the next level and bought suspenders and glasses that look just like his. So through the hallway, into the classroom look out teachers here it comes. Jackson Custer will not be himself on the first day of school. I hope everyone likes Steve Urkel.

Here are some funny Steve Urkel videos below…

Steve Urkel Funny Moments

Best of Steve Urkel Part

May 17

The Unlucky Fortune PART 5

The Unlucky Fortune Part 5

If you haven’t read part 1,2,3 or 4 please do so before reading this or you will be very confused.

“ Owen and Connor, we totally forgot about school.” said Ashton “Well looks like we’re not going to graduate.” I said. “ Dude we’re in 4th grade. This doesn’t affect our graduation.” Jackson said in reply. “ We do need to get back to school though. We can’t tell my Dad until this nonsense is over. So we’re gonna live in an R.V and if anyone asks where we will be then tell them we were on vacation. Ok?” “Ok.” replied everyone.


So after our train ride home we went to school the next day and everyone hammered us with questions. We had a sub teacher and I thought she looked familiar but Connor and Owen thought they didn’t look familiar so I just let it go. About 2 hours past when I realized that someone was staring at me. Then Connor came up to me and he said “ I do think that teacher looks familiar, the student teacher looks familiar too.” “I just realized something, Izabella is disguised as the teacher and Olivia is the student teacher.” replied Jackson. “I see now. It makes a lot more sense. But what do we do now? Make a break for it at recess?” Later that day Jackson, Connor, Owen, and Ashton were out at recess.  “I guess it’s now or never” said Connor.


“NO!” I yelled. “We need proof first.” “Why?” said Ashton. “ Because if we just run off people will come for us.” I replied. As the whistle blew we went into lunch.I told Ashton, Connor and Owen to wait outside in the hallway incase anything happens. The sub teacher let everyone into lunch except for me. That’s when I knew the sub was Izabell. “You know who I am Jackson”.  Then she threw a chair at me and I got a cut from the side of my nose to the bottom of my ear. I yelled and told them to come in quick, and to drag me to the nurse. On the way there I told them that I thought I broke my leg. As I got to the nurse’s office we told them that I got a chair thrown at me by the Sub teacher and she gave me an ice pack and said “Here have an ice pack, and next time you are going to get a chair thrown at you make sure to grab an ice pack first. ”“ I will definitely do that next time ma’am.” I replied sarcastically,.


“Is it just me or do the nurses even care about what happened or do they just give you an ice pack?” said Ashton “ Probably the first one” replied Connor “I have a problem” said Owen. “Here’s an ice pack.” replied the nurses.  As a ice pack came down the hallway and hit Owen in the back of the head. He said  “My problem is now solved.” As he picked himself up from the ground. “She didn’t even know my problem.”


That’s when I told them that the sub teacher was definitely Izabella and the student teacher is Olivia So I went down to the recess doors and I gathered everyone there. I said let’s make a run for it. As soon as we opened the doors I fell and said “My leg hurts too much to run. Someone needs to carry me to the Emergency Room across the street.” Was that ice pack not enough for you?”  replied Ashton. “Very funny.” I said snapped back. So when we were halfway there you could hear the recess doors slam again. It was Isabella and Olivia. You could even see the rest of our class peaking around the corner of the wall.


At that very moment I chose to suck up the pain and I yelled to everyone “ Put me down we are all gonna run!” As we bolted across the street to get to the Emergency Room you could hear the stampede like sound of Isabella and Olivia trailing behind us. “Connor and Jackson, you two make a break for it and me and Owen will hold them off.” said Ashton with a whole lot of anxiety. As they stalled Izabella and Olivia we made it to the Emergency Room. My nurse did a great job and she gave me a cast. I limped home and on the way there I ran into Izabella she told me these words “I have your friends, if you ever want to see them again come to my house.”


Connor tackled Izabella and got her phone. He called Olivia and in a low voice he said “ I have Jackson’s fortune so you can let his friends go.” “Why” replied Olivia? “Because…”


To Be Continued…

May 16

The Unlucky Fortune Part 4

The Unlucky Fortune Part 4

If you haven’t read 1,2,or 3 then read them now or else you’ll be very confused.


  “Connor get Owen and come over to my hotel now. No questions asked.” So as Connor and Owen arrived, we started discussing what we were going to do about Isabella and Olivia. We decided that first we had to stick together.“Wait, Jackson can’t we just tell your dad about the situation.” suggested Owen. “Oh yeah, let’s tell my dad that we were paranormal hunters and were being chased by a crazy lady and we almost died. He’s going to believe us 100%.” I said sarcastically. “So what will we do!?!” exclaimed Connor.



As soon as Connor mentioned that nobody knew what to do. A split second later a cop pulled up right in front of us. “Have any of you seen these two girls?” He said in a very deep voice. Sure enough it was a picture of Isabella and Olivia. I answered “We didn’t see them lately but we were the kids that helped you guys arrest Izabell.” I also quoted “She said that Olivia and I will come back for you Owen, Connor, Ben and Ashton.” The cop responded and said “If they actually do come back for you, the first thing you should do is call us. “Got it” Owen replied. “What should we do Jackson.” Connor asked. Jackson replied “Go find Olivia and Isabella.” “How?” Owen said. “We go to where their last sighting was and we go there because they couldn’t have gotten too far, everyone agree.” Jackson replied. Everyone agreed but right after that they heard a scream, so they went to check it out.


They asked what happened and the girl said “I saw two girls and they looked like this.” She pulled a picture of them she took on her phone, it was a picture of Isabella and Olivia. So we asked which way they went and she gave us directions. We went the way she told us to, and we tried to sneak up on her. Sure enough they were standing there and Izabella said “ I told you we would meet again. I still want your fortune Jackson, and I won’t stop chasing you until I get it.” “ I would love to keep this splendid chat going, but I am going to use the restroom.” replied Jackson.


I had my phone on me, so I called the cops and told them where we were. They came immediately. Somehow they managed to escape. During her escape she said “ I still want you and your fortune.”


To Be Continued…