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Kids Watch Too Much TV

Kids Watch Too Much TV


I think it is true. Kids should not be able to watch all the TV they want. They should not be able to because kids need to go outside and hang-out, play and get some exercise. If you don’t you will become lazy and you won’t feel like doing anything. If you don’t feel like doing anything what happens when the remote is to far away. Will you just sit there and try to use the force. Or will just put your hand out and say “ It’s so far.” To everybody that is about 21 years old, what happens when your parents kick you out of the house and they say “ Go get a job stay in a hotel because we’re tired of paying your bills for you.” Then how far will it be?


TV is not something to joke around with. Watching too much TV can do a lot of damage to you. If you watch way too much it could even kill you. Researchers have discovered that if you spend too many hours watching TV it could give you a fatal pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism is when there is a blockage in the artery that carries blood from the heart to the lungs. If I were you I wouldn’t want that disease. Unfortunately over 86,000 people have got this disease in the last 18 years. So everybody that wants to sit around all day and watch TV after reading this essay I will not feel bad for you if you get one of these diseases. The thing that I want to do through this essay is to help people notice that sitting around all day doing nothing might sound fun until you get one of these diseases. I want people to change from a sack of potatoes that only moves out of their seat to get more calories into a full out body building machine. Ok maybe I’m pushing it a little too far, but what I’m saying is that you need to get off of your couch and get some exercise.  


I think watching TV is stopping a lot of people from getting exercise. That is very bad because if you don’t get enough exercise you could get high blood pressure or heart disease. Lucky for me I exercise a lot. All those people who just sit around all day eating potato chips and watching TV are basically just welcoming high blood pressure or a heart disease into their lives. I don’t want my life cut short because of some heart disease that nobody warned me about. Well I am warning you right now. So when you are lying in a hospital bed don’t give the surgeon the excuse nobody every told me that TV could do this to me. So I hope you learned your lesson about TV.  


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5 thoughts on “Kids Watch Too Much TV

  1. Bernie Online

    I highly agree, watching television is bad.Thank you for the warning about the high blood pressure and the heart diseases. Personally, I like to play on my Xbox but now that I read your post I will definitely be cutting down on it.
    Bernie online

    1. Jackson

      Thanks for the nice comment. I am glad to give you that warning. It is fine to play on your Xbox but don’t sit there all day or you know what will happen. I will come visit your blog. Please read more of my stories.

      P.S I love to play on the Xbox too.

  2. April Online

    My name is April online and I totally agree with you about people watching too much TV. I have an older brother that has a game console that he spends hours on. Right after school he goes in to his room and goes on his Xbox. On the other hand I spend my day outside and I play soccer, baseball, gymnastics, swimming and my brother loves street hockey so that is when I get him of his Xbox. Anyways that was a really good text and I have a blog too you could visit it at Have a wonderful day bye!!!!


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