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                                   A day in the life of a ocean explorer


                                                                    By: Mya

        Hi my name is Mya and I am a ocean explore. A ocean explorer is a job that you have to train for. A ocean explorer has a big job because they can find something new like a animal or plant. They can have a dangerous job because it is deep in the ocean.

                    A ocean explorer is interesting to me because I like to explore  and discover . A ocean explorer has to learn what they are looking for so they don’t get hurt or wross .   They have to take swimming lessons and you can take classes for what you are studying.

                    A problem is to protect  coral reefs. Something you can do is never throw anything in the ocean. One time when I went in to the   the water and I found a reef I found diseases on the coral and it was damaged . So to protect the coral reefs they made new laws and rules. Some  people like to take coral to sell it for the color and it is beauty .

We also have to be safe of animals and bad plants. Also it is me and the  people that work with me have to clean the coral reef with me.

Also a bunch of fish and a  lot of plant. A problem is that all the plants and animals can get sick for the coral.

     A couple of reason why I think this is a good career is I am a very   good at addventures.

            We also do things inside like study or search up what we found. We have many buildings and we are part of the NOAA. The NOAA is a program that has many different jobs like   a ocean explore. So that what I do in a day.

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