My Dream Job – Photographer

Hey everyone! So I am back in school and am so ready to start blogging again. I would have posted over the summer, but I was extremely busy. So, we have recently got assigned to write a new post about our dream jobs. I really was happy when we got assigned this, because I have never wrote anything like this before. I’ve wrote about hobbies, DIY’s, etc. but never anything like this!

So here is a post about my dream job, photography.


5 thoughts on “My Dream Job – Photographer

  1. culbertkth says:

    Hi Rayne, thanks for commenting on my blog!!!! I adore your post about photography. I love photography too, it has always been a passion of mine. Thanks for telling me about the links, I didn’t notice that until now! I guess people can just copy and paste the links! I agree with you when you said that you like to take pictures of once-in-a-lifetime shots. Some things in life are worth waiting for. I don’t have a phone, but I have a kindle fire-which has some pretty terrible camera features! Come back to my blog at

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi Rayne, I loved how you said Photography. My mom does that and I love it to. One wish I have is that I wish you have put more detail of it. One wonder I have is way did you pick that job.

  3. mininger2z9 says:

    Hi Rayne!
    Star:I loved that you described what you what to get a picture of.
    Wish:I wish you told me what kind of photography you would be doing. (Wedding, family,babies, etc.)
    Wonder: I wonder if you would advance to film or light meter.
    Great Post Reign! If you don’t know what I’m talking about or you want tips my mom is a photographer! -Karis

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