Opinion FootBall vs BasketBall
I like football because you can punt run and tackle but in basketball you can’t punt or tackle.
Basketball is boring for me but it is not boring for everyone.and also in football I like that you can’t dribble in football.
Last Football is is better than basketball I think.


King Cobras

King Cobra

Cobras have sharp fangs.it takes a long time to digest a big animal Cobras are one of the dangerous snake in the world. When the venom gets in a mouse it will parallelize them instantly.Cobras Spread their neck into a bowl shape when threatened. I got the information from World Book online.



1 .Why do they have teeth pointing backwards

Answer So if the animals try to escape their fangs will get

2. Why do they have venom

Answer So they can kill easier.

3. How can they fly

Answer They flatten their ribs into a concave C

4. Why do their skin fall of

Answer They grow out of there skin in a few months.

5. How do they here with their jaw.

Answer snakes don’t have external ears to hear sound waves in the air.

6. How much species are there in all.

Answer There are more than 2,500 species of snakes.

7.are snakes Fast?

The black mamba can slither 7 mph.

8. A snake smells with their tongue.



Southeast Indian, member of any of the Native American peoples of the southeastern United States. The boundaries of this culture area are somewhat difficult to delineate, because the traditional cultures in the Southeast shared many characteristics with those from neighbouring regions. Thus, most scholars define the region’s eastern and southern boundaries as the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, although some assign the southern portion of aboriginal Florida to the circum-Caribbean culture area. To the west the Southeastern peoples merge with those of the southern Plains Indians and the most easterly of the Southwest Indians. To the north the traditions of the Southeast gradually transition to those of the Northeast Indians. When discussed jointly, the Southeast and Northeast culture areas are referred to as the Eastern Woodlands; this term is sometimes confused with that of the Eastern Woodland cultures, a term that describes a group of prehistoric societies rather than a culture area perse.

  • Distribution of Southeast American Indian cultures.
  • Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

The Southeast environment is composed of a series of physiographic and ecological zones. A coastal lowland belt broadly encompasses the subtropical zone of southern Florida. To the north, this gives way to the scrub forest, sandy soil, and savanna grassland of the coastal plains, as well as the alluvial floodplains of the Mississippi River. Moving inland, one finds the piedmont, a landscape of rolling hills and major river systems that is predominantly covered with forests of oak and hickory. A third zone is characterized by the portion of the Appalachian Mountains that lies in present-day eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia, and the western Carolinas, a land of high peaks, deeply etched valleys, hardwood forests, and, at high elevations, flora and fauna typical of more-northerly regions. Useully  Yes but sometimes No

Traditional Culture Patterns

Scholarly knowledge of the Southeastern cultures relies on evidence from diversesources, including artifacts, historical documents, ethnography, linguistics, folklore, and oral history. Many cultural traditions reported by the earliest European explorers, such as the use of ceremonial mounds, the heavy reliance on corn (maize), and the importance of social stratification in some areas, were clearly developed during the Mississippian culture period (c. ad 700–1600). The Mississippians maintained fine craft traditions and also engaged in long-distance trade throughout the Southeast and the surrounding culture areas. The ceremonial centre, Cahokia, was home to many thousands at its climax about ad 1100 (estimates range from 8,000 to 20,000 people). The Natchez are perhaps the best-known members of the Mississippian culture to survive relatively intact into the colonial period.

  • Cahokia as it may have appeared c. ad 1150; painting by Michael Hampshire.
  • Courtesy of Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site; painting by Michael Hampshire



The indigenous peoples of the Southeast represent members of the Muskogean, Siouan, Iroquoian, and Caddoan language families. The region was also home to several linguistic isolates, or languages that have only tenuous connections to a major language family (see also North American Indian languages).

Muskogean-speaking peoples constituted the largest linguistic group in the aboriginal Southeast and minimally included the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Apalachee, Creek, Seminole, Alabama, Koasati, Hitchiti, and Mikasuki branches.

Four tribes of the lower Mississippi valley—the Natchez, Chitimachas, Tunicas, and Atakapas—spoke languages with a distant affinity to Muskogean. However, their languages show sufficient divergence from the main Muskogean languages and from each other to warrant semi-independent status as linguistic isolates.

The Tutelos, Biloxis, Ofos (Mosopeleas), and Catawbas spoke Siouan languages. These tribes were widely scattered and probably represent different prehistoric penetrations of Siouan speakers into the Southeast. The Yuchi language also demonstrates distant affinities to Siouan but is sufficiently distinctive to be classified as an isolate. Many small piedmont groups were probably Siouan-speaking peoples, but surviving data are insufficient to make definite identifications.


Human Geography Quiz

The Cherokees represent the sole speakers of an Iroquoian language in the Southeast, although the Iroquoian-speaking Tuscaroras, Nottaways, and Meherrins, residing on the northerly margin of the region, are included in the Southeast in some culture area maps. The Caddoan speakers on the western boundary of the region belong to a distinctive language family that shows remote relationships to the Siouan and Iroquoian families.


The present status of the language spoken by the Timucuas, once the predominant tribe of northern Florida, is problematic; linguists have suggested that it is related to such diverse groups as the Muskogean, Siouan, Algonquian, and Arawakan families. Mobilian was an important trade language containing many Choctaw components and served as a lingua franca in the Mississippi valley.



How To

How to Wrestle You Squat and go for the legs and you try to take them down and try not to get pin or you lose the match against another person.and you get practice before you start wrestling and you run around in practice and the you line up Tallest To Shortest.

And they put you into groups and whoever you’re next to you have to wrestle them and if you hurt them you out of the tournament and you out of the league.and you will probably get punished from your parents. And probably get sended to bed.


Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was 3 men and they were going to go to pizza hut for dinner and they didn’t have any pizza and so they went to slice of brooklyn and they didn’t have any pizza ether and so they went back to there house and there food was all gone so they had to go to the store and get some things and they thought they would get pizza and they had one pizza left and they got it and went home and ate.
The next morning they got up and took a shower and their stuff was gone and they think somebody’s in there house and there is and they got to fight the clown and they punched it out the window and it never came back until one morning they were getting the trash up from the corner and he was with 3 baseball bats and the clown got enaladed.
They went back outside but it was a friendly it was a circus clown who juggles
And they let him in for a drink and food because he was homeless.
And they played some board games like the game of life sorry candy land.
And the circus clown found a home and got a wife and lived happily ever after.



Panthers are type of wild cats that are so cute. they are in species. Inhabit America Asia And Africa they can be found in rainforests swamps savannas mountains and Deserts. Panther looks like a leopard without dots. It has yellow and dark fur and emerald eyes. They are endangered species panthers because excessive hunting loss of natural habitat environmental pollution and global warming. Panther is known as black jaguar in latin America as black leopard in asia and africa and as black cougar in North America. Adult animal has 7-8 feet in length and weighs 100-250

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