oranges informative article By Izabella

                          History of oranges

In 1909 Florida made orange blossoms their state flower. Spanish explorers planted some orange trees in the mid 1500’s. The oranges became a huge business in the 1800’s.


                   Why oranges grow well in Florida

Florida has the sandy soil that the oranges need. Oranges grow the best in warm places kind of like Florida. The weather in Florida is usually warm and hardly ever drops below freezing.

How can oranges be processed? What product can be made?

You can make orange lemonade, orange juice, orange milkshake, orange soda, orange smoothies, orange popsicles, orange slushies, orange sherbet ice cream, and orange slices.

wheat article By Brooklynn and Izabella


Do you like Bread, Cake, and Doughnuts?  Well if so you’re going to love WHEAT!

History of wheat     

Wheat was first grown on the mountains in the southeastern turkey. Also grew in the middle East Wheat was first introduced to America on the 15th century.Wheat was first grown around 9,000 years ago. In 2013 China produced 96% of our wheat.Long before the beginning of agriculture they gathered wild wheat for food. About by 4,000 B.C.,farming wheat had became a thing and spread through Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa. BY 6000 B.C.,farmers were milling cereal grains by hammering them with stone pestles and were toasting milled grains.People in some areas grew so much grain they feed people in different lands.

Were it grows and why

Wheat grows in all different places but the main place we are talking about is Pennsylvania. The reason it grows well in Pennsylvania is because we grow it in the summer and April. It is warm in the summer and April. Also it needs lots of sunshine and rain. It needs 12-15 inches of rain.


Products you can make with wheat

Wheat products we can make are flour, bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, and other baked goods. You can also make pasta, pizza, breaded and battered foods, cereals and some canned soups. Also you can make crumpets, muffins, noodles, biscuits, cereal bars, and more! Wheat is a very popular crop and is used in lots of things.


 Facts About Wheat


Wheat covers more of earth’s ground than any other food crop.Wheat is one of the worlds most important crop.Young wheat plants have a bright green and look like grass.The main parts of a mature




In conclusion we think that wheat is very helpful.  It’s important to the PA agriculture.  It’s worth 212 million.


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What I did on thanksgiving!

What I did on Thanksgiving


So on Thanksgiving I was at the Ronald Mc Donald house and so when we woke up we took care of Viviana and Traye. They are my little sister and brother. Their so cute I love them to death! Viviana has brown curly hair. She is 2 years old. She loves elmo. She is ¾ hispanic. She loves to go to sleep.


Traye is also ¾ hispanic. He is 1 year old. He has black straight hair. He loves to play with his father’s drums. He also loves elmo. He is going through a mommy phase and if he departs with her he starts screaming and crying.


So I was changing Viviana’s outfit and tasha my big sister was getting Tray ready for breakfast but she kept hopping of the bed leaving the room and running down the hall. So I had to run and get her and Tray would do the same it was so annoying.


My big sister Tasha is 14. She plays the violin. She loves to read. Two of her favorite sierice is Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. She has on wand the time turner little figures of Luna lovegood Harry Potter dumbledore.


So we went down to breakfast and we had pancakes, yogurt and sausages it was so good we fed the kids 2 pancakes each. They loved them to. Viviana made such a funny face when she first ate it. She had like squinty eyes and this huge cheesy smile on her face it was hilarious.


Then we went upstairs to our room and we watched television we watched the Titanic 3 times in a row it got kind of old to be honest. But now I’m reading the book! So the kids took a nap for 4 hours.     


So then we were going to go down stairs to get lunch but vivianna was screaming at the top of her lungs. Tray thought it was funny so vivianna kept screaming. Then mom got a headache and that is always bad for her kids because the starts yelling at us if we talk. If we talk too much we can get grounded for just talking. If you ask me I think it’s kind of dumb.well back to the story!


So then we went downstairs to eat lunch and it smelled so delicious it smelled kind of like chicken noodle soup and it was. But it was too hot for the kids so they had mac and cheese.


After we ate my sister jasmine and I played checkers and  Jasmine won but it was a very close game. It was fun and it took like half an hour but it was worth it because we got to spend time together.


Jasmine has brown curly hair that is down to her shoulders. She loves to read also but i don’t know her favorite book. Her favorite color is blue and her hobby is laying in bed on her phone and reading in her bed.


After all of that we went to a gas station and got pringles, popcorn, candy, soda, more chips, and icecream. Then after that we watched the little mermaid, tinkerbell, and lelo and stitch  because my mom loves those movies and we ate almost all of the stuff that we bought and some more stuff that was in the kitchen.


Then we went to the kitchen again to get dinner and dinner was amazing it was a thanksgiving meal it was so good. I got turkey, stuffing, sweet potato, and a roll. Then after dinner we went to the hershey hospital to see my baby sister and I got to hold her she is so cute!


She has brown hair. She is ¾ hispanic. She was 1 pound and 8 ounces when she was born. She is now 5 pounds and 7 ounces. She can not fit into the smallest diaper size. She also can not fit into preemie clothes.


And that is what I did for Thanksgiving.

Why is global goal number 6 clean water and sanitation important and how can we help?

Global goal number 6 clean water and sanitation is important because if we drank contaminated water every day then we could all get sick and potentially die. Some ways you can help are by donating some water that has been purified and is able to be drank. Also you can donate water bottles like the lifestraw or any other water bottle that purifies water. You could even make an extreme impact by donating money to help build a water desalination center. A water desalination center is a place that all the water from your tolits gets purified. Also one interesting thing is they take water from the ocean and purify it so that people don’t have to get sick over salt water. One other way to help is become a missionary and bring clean water and other supplies to places in need. And if your to young to do missions like that don’t sweat it just if you know a missionary you can help with their supplies like get some life straws or even plastic water bottles. Also if you don’t know any missionaries thats okay you can just go to a local donation place or even help at a food bank.

Why The Global Goals Are Important…

Why the global goals are important…

The global goals are important because they help set a goal for a world that will be in check if we complete them. If we don’t complete them the world will be kayotic and out of order. If the world is kayotic and out of order people could get hurt or even die.

The importance of recycling…

The global goals are important because if we get them done by 2030 the earth will be in check. Right now the air is polluted and the life under water is dying. If we don’t stop polluting the earth and water the many plants and animals will go extinct. If plants and animals go extinct then we will have less food and we could all starve.


The kids in africa or any other foreign country are starving to death but we have all the food in the world to eat but we choose to waist it. So when they get food they have to share it with so many people that when they get their portion of food all they get is about 1\4 of our plates. So we should be grateful for the food we have, and we need to eat all we get instead of wasting.


Some ways you can help…

You can start putting your food in the donation bin if it has a cap. If your school doesn’t have a donation bin start one so you can help with the global goals. Start or join a club that picks up trash. Also think of ways to help and get in contact with someone who can make it all happen.