PSSA Family Information Night

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Third grade families gathered on January 22nd to learn about the PSSA and how to help their students be prepared.  Over the next ten weeks students will bring home a packet each Friday to work on at home that will be due the following Friday.  These packets will expose students to some types of questions and tasks they will encounter in April on the real PSSA. Students can work with someone at home to read the passages, write responses, and solve math problems.  As a reward for all this hard work and preparation, students who return 8 out of 10 packets will be treated to a special pizza luncheon the Friday before testing begins. Thanks to all the families who came to our informational night!








Christmas Family

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Third grade will be sponsoring a family for Christmas.  You may wish to purchase something for one of the children. We have a wish list of some items they need and would like for Christmas. You can view a sign up by clicking here to see what items have already been sent in and sign up for something. If you would like to purchase a specific item off the list, please sign up or feel free to send me a quick note and I will reserve that item for you. Please send all items into school unwrapped by Dec. 5th.

Any money that is collected will be compiled to purchase remaining items off their wish lists.  Thank you for helping to make this a merry Christmas for this family and and for allowing our third graders to learn how good it feels to help someone in need