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World Record Basketball Shot


For my basketball players, and everyone else… this is pretty phenomenal!

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A Message for You!


Click here for a message and press play.

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Lake Maracaibo, in the Catatumbo River Valley of northern Venezuela, boasts the world record label for lightning frequency.  In this area, lightning storms occur almost daily; making it a reliable maritime navigational tool.  This natural phenomena uniquely displays its power at the same location night after night.  Wow!

Although the following video is not lightning from Catatumbo, it’s pretty cool to watch in slow motion.  How does it do that?

Slow Motion Lightning

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We conquered the curl!


My family’s vacation this summer was to Williamsburg, Virginia.  One of our days was spent having fun, getting wet at Water Country, USA.  A favorite of my three boys was the newest ride in the park, the Colossal Curl.  This slide hurtles you high above the park after swishing and swirling you in a funnel shaped feature.  My three boys agreed, it was phenomenal!

Colossal Curl

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Tree with 40 Fruits


Watch this video about this tree that, after grafting, can produce up to 40 different types of fruits.  When it blooms, it is beautiful… different colors, different varieties.  I like to think of this fruit producing tree as our classroom — lots of different shapes and flavors, and together we are phenomenal!

Phenomenal Tree!

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Phenomenal Things!


This summer I enjoyed reading several books.  One of them was a memoir of a young mother who traveled the world in search of natural phenomena.  The author wanted to actually experience them, not just observe from a computer far away.  Over the course of several years, she observed things like the phosphorescent lagoons in Puerto Rico, the migration of the butterflies in Mexico,  incredible lightning storms in Venzuela, and animal migrations in Tanzania, just to name a few. Throughout her travels, the author discovered the wonder in seeing and learning and experiencing new things.

My next several posts will share some phenomenal things I learned or experienced this summer.  I’m looking forward to exploring all sorts of phenomenal things this school year with you!  When we have opportunity to wonder and ask questions and be amazed at possibilities true learning can take place.  What phenomenal things did you experience this summer?

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Gifted Five Leaf Clovers


The following is a link to an article on a blog that I like to follow called, “Crushing Tall Poppies”.  This is a great article, with an accurate description of what it may mean to be “gifted”.  Enjoy!

Gifted Children – Our Five Leaf Clovers

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A Job Well Done!


On the evening of May 27, we had 27 students come out to present their independent research investigation projects at our First Annual Elementary Gifted Expo.  We had a variety of topics selected — the French Revolution, Chemical Reactions, Abraham Lincoln, Greek Mythology, just to name a few.  What a great turn out from parents and caregivers!  Many came out to support these gifted and talented students.  Mrs. Lenahan is so proud of her students — a job well done gang!  Check out the gallery for a few pictures from the evening.

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We Can’t Wait!


While the school year is winding down, your students have still been winding up for our Elementary Gifted Expo. Less than a week away, I am glad to say that they are ready for next Wednesday, May 27!  All of your students have done such a great job throughout this process — learning about research, note-taking, rewriting things in our own words, and properly citing sources. For some of them, this was also the first time they created a multimedia presentation and learned about using text boxes, inserting images and video, and copying URLs.  So much new learning has taken place.  Come out and join us as we share what we’ve learned: Wednesday, May 27 at 6pm at the (students should arrive at 5:30pm).  We can’t wait!


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Gifted Expo is Coming!


May 27, 2015 6pm

First Annual Elementary Gifted Expo

Join us for an evening of sharing!  Your students will present and share their self-selected spring research projects with parents, friends, and the other gifted students from our three elementary schools.

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