May 28

The New Perspective

The New Perspective

Haze was currently out and about in a forest like space listening to the sounds of the forest, she had just moved dens. Her new den was under one of the largest species of tree in this large, alien-like biome, The tree was called a “Magislar” tree. Its roots glowed dimly in the dark, making it perfect for a den. Haze began rolling around’ till she heard a noise, possibly from prey. Her large ears flicked up causing a strange sound, like an echo.-her ears have special ridges and indents creating noise when they move quickly.) Haze crouched down on her six-clawed toes. Her teal head feathers smoothed out as she saw the prey. Her white feathers matched the surroundings, as the moon glowed brightly, reflecting a bright white-blue color onto the silver rocks. Her prey was a small creature called an “Acari” They were small four-legged mammals who enjoyed grooming large mammals or dragons. Haze decided to tackle the creature which she did with her strong upper arms. The Acari squealed and a few others came to investigate from the tree, but they also squealed an alert and ran up the tree. Haze ripped through the flesh of the creature’s abdomen and spine making sure it was dead before eating the Acari since they have a certain toxin while still alive. Her snouts feathers and scales had a slight red and green tint before she trotted to a river to wash her feathers, scales, and all six of her feathery legs. Her gunmetal-blue claws raked against the rocks of the river as she jumped across the river and back to her den. She made fixes to the dens nest and laid down, she’d let a species of alien-like birds, called Quani’s groom her feathers. They normally had four or six eyes and gradients in their smooth feathers. Which shifted in the light. They normally came to this tree to sing at night, but they also groomed any other creatures who were taking a break. Soon, Haze fell asleep. Her large snow white-feathered wings covered the entrance of the den.

Thank you for reading.
This is just for fun ^-^

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