titanic 1912


Back in 1912.Titanic. It was a stormy night on the titanic i was in bed to i heard an anmancent on the ship about the ship where to find everything on the ship    me and my roommate Brycen were in bed that night brycen was asleep, but i was Awake and brycen woke up and ran to hunter. and we tried to get  everyone of because we want the captain Jake to survive and he was steering the ship as always then we went  back to bed and the band stop playing their songs and I fell asleep that night the next day i hear the band playing music and people eating their breakfast but I wasn’t hungry i wrote a messages to my mom i said hi mom i’m 18 year old i just wanted to say hi sincerely Hunter. after the note i heard the other room playing around with their Mom and dad then i went to the front deck and brycen went to the deck and jack was falling and we pulled him up to save him  the three of us heard a baby that were crying we helped the mom and dad and the baby. We put them in the boat and they survived and bie the time we got the on  the boat the titanic was under the water and jack  did not  make it he was dead and we survived but jack did not live his friend  Rose was under the water and we did not get to her in time she was dead just like jack.  Roses Boat flipped over and she sank  and then we got on the boat. To safety and then the boat the Titanic sank to the bottom to the ocean floor deep and more.

deeper that i can’t even go down to look A dog i jumped in and saved the the dog the boat had sunk but me and brycen escape with the dog and then we got the dog on the boat and then me and brycen got on the boat .and survived the titanic  then brycen and  hunter found the Titanic in 1985 then we got a submarine and we went to the titanic  and we found Roses necklace  and the chain was rusted but we did not take anything from the ship .and we found a lot of money$ over 2 MILLION$$ on the ship after it  sank to the bottom of the ocean and we are at home.  And we are at home What was learned to always have lifeboat on hand.                                                                                                                                                

The end

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