How To Take Care Of Our Earth

This week we celebrated Earth Day. It is important to take care of the Earth so that it continues to be a healthy environment for humans and animals. Since fewer people have been on the road because of COVID-19 air pollution has decreased by 30%. This is really good that we are helping the Earth by just staying at home but how can we continue to help the earth? You can help the Earth daily by picking up trash. It is a really easy task to help the Earth you can just go out with a bag and walk in your neighborhood looking for trash. You can help weekly by recycling. If we don’t recycle we harm the environment. Monthly we can decrease air pollution by driving less you can ride a bike, walk, or take public transport. Yearly you can plant trees. With trees present, there is up to a 60% reduction. Those are just some ways you can help our earth.

How You Can Help

Today is day 35 of quarantine, people are scared and nervous about this spreading virus. The shelves at the store are sparse and people need food and supplies. You can help by talking to them say encouraging things during this hard time to keep them happy or you could ask them what groceries they need and drop it off at their doorstep. You can do their lawn work for them like pick the weeds from their flower bed or mow the lawn. This easter my family helped spread some joy and we brought easter to them. We got a bunch of easter eggs filled with candy and put them all over their yard for an egg hunt. There are many other things you can do for your neighbors during this period to keep their spirits up.

Is It Fair To Raise The Price?

Is it fair to raise the price? Not at all, this is a hard time for everyone people are losing their jobs that means losing money to pay for things you need. So if grocery stores are raising the price of food when people are losing money that is not fair at all. The producer of the eggs is doing fine so why should they raise the price for consumers when the consumers are losing money due to COVID-19. With how bad this virus is people will not be working anytime soon and they need food so why raise the price on something people need to eat when the producer is not struggling. I think that it is not fair for producers to raise the price when people are struggling.

Super Moon

The super “pink” moon will rise on April 7. A supermoon occurs when a full moon happens on the same night the moon reaches perigee. Perigee is when the moon is closest in its orbit to the Earth. Even though it is called the super pink moon the moon will not change color. Supermoons are only about 15 percent brighter and 7 percent bigger. The change in size happens because of the eccentric orbit. The orbit is not perfectly circular. The moon gets closet to the earth in its orbit that is what creates the appearance that the moon is bigger than normal.

How I Feel About Online Learning

I think online learning is a little fun. You only get to work for about an hour and 30 minutes and as long as you check-in you do not have to do the work right in the morning. It is a little confusing but all you have to do is ask the teacher questions and then you are good. I don’t like online learning because you can’t really communicate with your friends as much as you used to but at least you are with your family at home. Online learning gives us a chance to do school work for a little bit. And then you have the rest of the day to spend with your family. Yes you are not with friends and you can’t really go anywhere but as long as you have your friend’s email you can chat with them or send emails to communicate. Online learning gives us the education and a little more you are able to PE or Music from your house.

And that is how I fell about online learning.