Reading Terminal Market

 After visiting Philadelphia and looking at all of the great things it has to offer my favorite thing that I visited was the Reading Terminal Market. I am happy to write a review of this amazing place.


 Reading Terminal Market is located on 51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is open all week from 8 am-6 pm. It is closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 


The Reading Terminal Market is free for admission you will have to pay for parking. For parking you can go to the Convention Center parking garage, Filbert Garage 12th St., Market St. lot, and many others. If you don’t mind walking then I prefer parking somewhere a little farther away. The closer to the market the bigger price for parking.


Since there are lots of places to eat and buy stuff I prefer that you bring money. You are tempted to buy everything that you see. The merchants there provide great things. You do not have to wear anything special to the market.


If you are wondering what merchant to go to because there are so many. If you’re more of a food person I prefer Bassetts Ice Cream, Beiler’s Bakery, Beiler’s Donuts and Salads, DiNic’s, Franks-A-Lot, Dutch Eating Place, and many other great food merchants. If you are more of a person that likes to buy other stuff like books and gifts or groceries then I prefer Jonathan Best Gourmet Grocer, Market Blooms, Amy’s Place, De’Village, Amazulu, Contessa’s French Linens, and City Kitchen at Reading Terminal Market. All of them are great merchants to visit and buy stuff from.


I hope you enjoy your visit to the Reading Terminal Market.


7 thoughts on “Reading Terminal Market

  1. I liked how many places you told about. I wish you would have told me your favorite place to eat. I wonder if you would go again.

    • Thank you, Cool, my favorite place to eat was probably Beiler’s Donuts. They have the best donuts I have ever eaten. I have been there twice and would love to go again.

  2. I like how you told me about the things you liked the most. i wish you told me more about things you can buy. i wonder if there is a place like this in Lancaster.

    • Thank you, Cara, you can buy many things in the market. It varies from food to house appliances. I am not sure if there is a place like this in Lancaster. But Philidelphia is not too far away.

  3. I liked that you named some of the different stores there. I wish you named some of the food. Where did you eat when you went there?

  4. That was great! I love the choice. I wish it was just that bit more descriptive, but that’s fine. I wonder how much you enjoyed your time?

  5. Thank you, Ethan. There are many different food vendors. You can foods from pastries to classic Philly cheesesteaks. I ate some donuts ate Beiler’s Donuts and I had a classic cheesesteak for lunch.

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