1st and 3erd person

Story #1 (1st Person):I went to the resternaunt. first,I ordered my food. then, the girl ordered our drinks. next,she gave us our drinks. Fourth,she ordered our food. 5th,we ate our food. 6th,we left.


Story #2 (3rd Person):Karlee is going to the resternaut.Karlee ordered food.The server ordered karlee’s drinks.The server gave Karlee her drink.The server ordered karlee’s food.karlee ate her food.  

Homework is boring.

Homework is boring.I so do not like homework.Homework makes me frustrated.When I have to do homework I can’t consintrate.I sometimes forget to do homwork.


Fist Homework makes me frustrated.Beacause I am always busy.And when I am busy I can not do it.It always waste my time.


Next When I do homework I can not consintrate.My sister is all around me.There is no quite spot in my house.If I do it on te bus it is not quite.


Last Sometimes I forget to do it.When I do not do it I can not have funfriday.When I forget I do not learn about it.And when I have homework I have things to do.


Homework is so boring.Homework makes me frustrated.When I have homework I can not conrintrate.I sometimes forget to do my homework.As you can see homework is boring.    

Random acts of kindness

This week was national Random Acts of Kindness Week.During this week,I smiled at someone that past by.Doing this made the person smile back.It made made me happy.I am not only going to be kind this week i am going to be kind always.Always be kind.

What is a better way to spend your sunday.

What is a better way to spend your sunday.You can do so much more.You can watch so much more.You can play with someone.


First you can do so much more.You can bake.You can play outside.You can go on a walk.


Then you can watch so much more.You can watch something on hulo.You can waich smething on netflix.You can waich somthing on youtube.


Finally you can play with someone.You can play with your sister or brother.You can play with one of your cousins.You can play with one of your friends.


Do not spend your sunday on football.You can do so much more. You can waich so much more.You can play with someone.NEVER SPEND YOUR SUNDAY ON FOOTBALL.


best day ever


Qahh Qahh yay it is my vacation.This Is my vacation.first I wake up.then I eat breakfast.finally I go to the beach.


First I wake up with my pjs.then I wake up with my slippers.finally I wake up with seagals.


Then I eat breakfast.First I cook. Then I eat my eggs.finally I eat my sausage and bakan.


Next I go to the beach.first I step on the soft sand.then I find the soft seashells that are covered with soft sand.finally I swim in the nice cold and warm salty water.


Then I go to the boardwalk.first I go on the ferris wheel.then I get some food.finally I get a yummy snack.


Next I get some delicious yummy food.first I get some chicken.then I get some rice.finally I get some chicken gravy.YUM YUM.


Finally I go to bed.first I put my pjs on.then I put on my slippers.finally I get snug in my comfy bed.


I can not wait till tomorrow.first I wake up.then I eat yummy breakfast.then I go to the beach.next I go to the boardwalk.then I get  some yummy dinner.finally I go to bed.





holiday break

On my winter break.I went to my mom moms.And opened christmas present.And went to my nanas.


I went to my mom moms.I played with my cousins.I ate good food.i got to see family.


I opened christmas presents.I got a scarf.I got new board games.I got new puzzles 300 and 100.


I went to my nana’s.I watched the grinch.I played with my board game.I played with my sister.


My winter break was awesome.I went to my mom moms.I opened christmas  presents.I went to my nana’s.i can not wait to my next holiday break.

dream job story

Dream Job

By Karlee Case


Ee! Ee! My alarm woke me up.yea it is my first day of a vet. First  I brush my teeth so it is not stinky. Then I do my hair and put it in a ponytail.   Finally, I get dressed in my uniform and eat breakfast and dash out of the door and drive to the vet.

First, My patient comes in my office.  first I check the puppies leg. Then I check if the puppy can walk. finally I put a cast on the tiny puppy.


Then, I check my check board. First, I get a cat then I see what happened to the cat it  broke its arm is broken quik I need to put a cast on the cat fast then I take it to its owner.


Finally, Lunchtime.  first I eat my sandwich then I eat my apple finally, I drink my juice.


I could not believe my day was over.  It was good taking care of pets. It was happy that I made pets feel better.  The people were very nice. I can not wait till tomorrow.




if you could travel anywhere

If you could go anywhere where  would you go and why.


If i could go anywhere where in the word i would go to pittsburg


My mommom lives there my uncle lives there my cousin lives there


My mommom lives there.i can go there and see her, i can go there and eat dinner there, i can hang out with her


My uncle lives there. I can come and see him, I can take a walk to the park with him, i can hug him.


My cousin  lives there.I can hug her, I can play with her, I can hold her.


I want to go to pittsburg.my mommom lives there,my uncle lives there, and my cousin lives there.my cousin lives there my mommom lives there my uncle lives there.