May 31

Can Fame Make You Happy?

I think that be famous would be awesome!! I could play in movies, or TV shows. That would be awesome right, you could have so many followers on Instagram. Isn’t the best feeling when you know that you inspired someone to do something that they couldn’t to before.

However, I do know that sometimes the paparazzi can be annoying, mostly when their all up in your face trying to take a picture of you. Take Justin Bieber, for example. By age 16, he was famous for his hit songs and sold out shows. But by 22, he was just as famous for his bad behavior. He also stormed off the stage in middle of concerts. He was even charged with hitting a photographer and arrested for drunk driving. Do you want to know what caused his behavior. Being famous caused him to do that stuff.

Yes but, sometimes you want people to do that, because it feels good to know that everyone’s attention is on you. Yes I know that being famous is hard to maintain all that preesure on you. But all you need is friends, sometimes they dont even need to be famous, they could be a old friend or a family member, and when you get a friend they will help you with your probelms. This is why I think being famous will be AWESOME!!!!!!

May 23

Wearing Uniforms Yes Or No?

I think that wearing uniforms is ok. But kids should wear what they want to wear. The school shouldn’t force kids to wear clothes that they feel uncomfortable in. Kids would be losing their freedom of expression. What would happen if a kid gets in trouble because they didn’t wear their uniform. That’s not right, we shouldn’t get in trouble because of what we wear. The book states, “The solution is for us to learn to respect and celebrate our differences.” However wearing school uniforms could be cool because there would be less bullying in schools. Also you can still wear what shoes you want to wear. But people will start bullying people because of their hair or shoes. Do you see what I mean, it’s not fair though. Kids should be able to wear whatever they want.

May 22

What You Need To Know About North Korea!

Where is North Korea located? North Korea is located in Asia.

When did North Korea experience a famine?-In the 1900’s.

How must North Koreans treat their leaders?-They have to treat them with a lot of respect and make them seem like they have a lot of power.

Who has turned North Korea into an isolated nation?-The Kims.

What has Kim Jong Un threatened to use on South Korea?- Kim Jong Un has threatened to use a nuclear bomb on them.

May 11

The Earth’s Seasons

         What I learned about the seasons was that the seasons depends on where the sun is in the solar system. There are two different types of solstices and two different types of equinoxes.The solstices are the summer and winter solstices. The two different equinoxes are the vernal and the autumnal equinoxes. This is what I learned about the Earth’s seasons.

April 24

Call It Courage

My favorite part is how the boy goes on a adventure, to show everyone that he is brave and isn’t scared of the water. I also like how he brings his dog with him so he isn’t lonely during his adventure. I like the book but there isn’t really any funny parts in the book, it’s mostly about him going on a adventure, which is good but when I read a book I want there to be a little bit of everything not just action.

April 6

Which is better the movie or the book of “The Watsons Go to Birmingham?!?!?!?

                    To me personally I think the book is much better than the movie. My favorite part is the bird scene, because it was one of the many parts that expressed Byron’s emotional feelings. Like when he started to throw up and when he started to cry, or when he made a little grave for the bird. But in the movie there was no bird scene, they just combined the match and the gel in his hair part. Also, the movie completely took out Rufus, which was a good character. At last, this is why I think the book is better.  

April 6

Which Is Better, The Book Or The Movie Of The Watsons Go To Birmingham.

Personaly I think that the book is much better then the movie because the book has a whole lot more details than the movie.  The movie completely took out the part when they go to the store and the bird scence, and they also take out Rufus. Also Kenny mom doesn’t have a gap between her teeth, and Kenny doesn’t have a lazy eye either. But the movie still is good it just doesn’t have enough details like it should have. That is why I think the book is better than the movie.

March 23

Death By Chilli Pepper?!?!?!?!??!?!

Did you know that you can die from eating a pepper! YES, YOU CAN! Their are some peppers in this world that can kill you. Their so spicy that if you eat a lot of peppers  it could kill you. But don’t just stop eating peppers in general, because some peppers are just sweet. So if you don’t like spicy things just eat the sweet ones or you can just eat a red pepper which is a little spicy but not as spicy as the hottest pepper in the world:Carolina Reaper.