Washington D.C.

Last friday I went to Washington D.C. on a field trip with the whole sixth grade. There was so many cool things like memorials, museums, and monuments. But my favorite part of the field trip was seeing the Lincoln Memorial and where Martin Luther King gave his famous I have a dream speech on the steps. I thought the The Lincoln Memorial was one of my favorites because it was detailed.  On the outside there are 36 pillars for all the states that were around back then. Each one is 44 feet tall. Inside when you turn to the left and the right you see writings. Behind the Lincoln staue their are two or Lincoln’s famous speechs one the north and south chambers. on the south there is the gettysburg address that Lincoln gave. In the North chamber in the second Inaugural adress. On the steps there is a stop where Martin Luther King gave his speech. I thought this was cool because My teachers from 3, 4, 5 grade taught me all about Martin Luther King, and his speech so seeing this was cool. this is why  this was one of my favorite part of Washington D.C.