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the trout are getting release on april 14 2018.ther now on the top of the tank because all of the snow is
gone and it is getting warmer outside.



they predict weather by lowpresher and you can tell the difference by there paw marks and the fins are red.



the trout are now figerlines they have per merks and they are getting release in march.


google vreality/expeditions

i like that you could see the different stuff very clear from the selfie stick.the vr was also clear to see stuff but i wish the vr and the selfie stick things you could move around.



In 79 AD I woke up one morning It seemed like normal day, then i looked at the beautiful mountain.Then I went downstairs to eat breakfast “and by the way my name is grant and i am 16 years old”. After I ate breakfast my brother came down.I asked him what he was doing because he was dressed up. He told me that he was going to a date. What is the girl`s names?” I said” lilly” ok ,bye”.After that mom came down and she said”, what is jacob doing going to a date with lily? ok”.Then my mom left to get Jacob to come back to the house. So I just sat around, then Dad came down. Where is mom and Jacob” Jacob is going to date if a girl named lily and mom went to chase after Jacob” “ok” got it”.Did you eat breakfast yet? yay “ok just making share”.after dad left to do work outside I heard a big rumble I thought it was just me, then my dad came running in and shout the door really hard “did you hear that big rumble yay what was it? I don’t know” .The next day later I was sleeping in my bed then a min later there was a big rumble that woke me and my brother up.Jacob asked me what was that noise and I said I don’t know.After that I looked out the window there was big dark clouds coming in, i was running down stairs to go outside to see what was happening.My brother came down stairs with me ,but, he can’t go out because he got in trouble for going on a date. if Lily so I would have to go outside by myself.I did i opened the door.It was so dark it looked like it was night time,but it was only noon.After I looked outside, my mom came down stairs.My dad I asked my mom,” why it was so dark outside? I don’t know” she said. Then, there was huge rumble. It shocked the whole house.After the big rumble I was working to fix the house. Then there was another big rumble, but this one shook the whole town.Then I looked out the window.There was lava and ash coming out of the mountain, so I went up stairs and told them that there was lava and ash coming out of the mountain. We ran out the door to go to the water and hopp on boat.While I was running to the water, I sawa little baby lying on the ground so I picked the baby up and ran to the boat.I got the boat with the baby and my brother and my mom and my dad, then we padded away from our home. This was probably the hardest thing we ever faced before.Now I can say that I survived the Pompeii volcano.

The end



the trout just came yesterday we had to separate them from dead to non dead.Non trout dead overnight.


My Goals for Writing

My goals for writing this year are to get better at spelling and to get better at blogging and to get  better at responders.


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