How I Feel About Evan Getting A Snake!:(

On November 6th Evan will be getting snake, and I do not feel very good about that. Here’s why, first if you don’t put little hooks on the lid the snake can escape and go anywhere it wants to! (I will move out if that happens once) Second, I hate rodent and snake eats frozen dead mice. And once it is old enough it will have to start to eat live mice! I am not excited for this snake. And third, this snake is too big, the snake will actually never stop growing. It grows slowly but is never stops! I really do not want this snake to come into our family. (HELP)

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Washington DC

Have you ever been to Washington DC? Well I just went on Friday, and I loved it! My favorite part was the Natural  History Museum.  There was so much to see and do! First we went to the mammals and then we went to the ocean part.  You can go up stairs and look at gems from all kinds different places. They were so cool and pretty! One of the gems looked like a blue brain! I totally recommend going to that museum if you ever go to Washington DC. It’s a lot of walking but it’s way worth it! My family and I walked about 7 miles. We started at the Lincoln Memorial  and walked all  the way to the Natural History Museum! There are also some pretty cool souvenir shops down stairs! I didn’t get anything but I enjoyed looking! Hope you get the chance to go soon!

Alie’s should we or should we not recycle?

I think we should not recycle and here’s why. You may thinking there’s something wrong with me. But in a lot of cases you will probably agree. Recycling may sound good but sometimes when you recycle things they just end up going to the landfill with the trash. Most things you recycle is either fake or a scam. Once my uncle told my that only 1’s and 2’s can be recycled. But normally people recycle 1-7. all the 3’s, 4’s, 5’s ,6’s, and 7’s are thrown away. I went onto the computer and looked it up to see if what he told me was true, and sure enough he was right. My uncle who lives in Florida doesn’t recycle and for a long time I thought that was bad, but now I agree with him not recycling. Unfortunately many things are scams when it comes to recycling and I think that you might as well not recycle. 🙁

Alie’s 8 hours, days, months, and years

Here are some ways where you can help in 8 hours, 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months, and 8 years.

In 8 hours you can try to pick up as much trash as you can and try to make a goal for yourself. In 8 days you can try to use less and less trash every day, also try to make a goals for yourself. In 8 weeks you could try to buy things that don’t use or have a lot of packaging. try to lower in buy week 8. In 8 months try to use less and less trash, try not to fill your trash can but try to fill your recycling can. And lastly in 8 years try to make useful things out of your trash instead of throwing it away.

those are some ways you can help in 8 hours, 8 days, 8 months, and 8 years. I hope you give it a try!