April 11

#STUBC17 (Blog Challenge Week 5) My Family

Firstly,my brother is very nerdy,he loves doctor who,harry potter,percy jackson, the giver,lord of the rings and the hobbit. I also enjoy these things.He has also started a martial art called: Capaweta. (Here is a link to Wikipedia so you can learn more about capaweta.) My mom is a nurse and likes to hike in the woods. My stepdad is a philosopher and college professor. He loves to read poems. My sister likes gymnastics. She also likes to ride bikes. My stepmom is a teacher in Lititz. My stepmoms son,Paxton (brother in law) is about 7months old. My dad and stepmom have recently divorced. So my dad doesn’t have a job.


My Grandpa is a accountant I think and so is my uncle.They both love to hunt and I actually don’t know what my grandma’s and aunt’s job is.My cousin Emily is 3 and my cousin Everett is 6 months.My step dad’s aunt and uncle have 10 kids. Mika being one of them, is my brother’s capaweta teacher.  
And that’s my family.

March 23

Should kids have a limited time of TV time?

!Yes, kids should have limited TV times!


  I saw that kids should have at the most 1 ½ hours of TV time a day. Here are 4 reasons why I think this.


My first reason is that kids are kids for a certain amount of time. Play outside and enjoy freedom when you have it because when your a adult you have to pay bills and work. And then come home after a long day of work and you guessed it, go on a phone,TV or computer. So when you’re a kid enjoy the outdoor times. You have lot’s of energy and there is no point wasting it on TV. But I’m not saying no TV I’m say a limited time. For example in my family we get TV time for doing chores. The only time we don’t do work for time is weekends. Folding laundry is 1 hour, 1 ½ for dishes and 2 hours for mowing the lawn.


My second reason is that kids usually eat popcorn,ice cream or chips while watching TV. I don’t know why but eating lots of unhealthy,junk food is provoked by TV. It wouldn’t be a problem if the majority of people ate healthy in front of the TV but people don’t. They eat junk food. Eating too much unhealthy food is,well, very unhealthy and bad for your body. For example on a average basis,(based off of the abundant amount of electronics.) you probably play a video game or watch a movie/TV show every day.


My second to last reason is when you are watching TV you learn no life skills. You don’t practice hobbies or make friends. If you meet someone online you don’t know them, and how are you supposed to know that they are telling the truth plus you could learning how to do something useful that could help the community that you live in.


And my final reason is it makes you grumpy and very easily irritated. I’m sure that there is a scientific explanation for this but for some reason if you are on TV for too long you get grumpy. It’s like walking into a room of monkeys with bananas strapped to you. You walked in fine but came out traumatized.  


Those are my 4 reasons why I think kids should have a limited time on the TV.

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!TV’s are everywhere!



March 21

Trout: Week Four

The trout are now fingerlings. They are a lot bigger and they still are bubble riders. The trout count is 150 and all have three fins. Today it is especially hot so the tank is covered with a cardboard piece. The class has also named on of the trout Zippy. And Abraham Fishy. They still have their parr marks and are about 1 ½ inches long. They had to drop the temperature to 50 degrees because they have 150 trout living where only 50 trout should be. They dropped the temperature to give the trout more oxygen and they are getting more aggressive.  

March 17


We had no school Tuesday or Wednesday and a half day today. I played lots of video games but my favorite part of all was watching what is now my new favorite movie. Hacksaw Ridge. The movie is about a on the battle field medic. He is determined to save lives. And stays over night to find wounded soldiers that he can help. He saved 75 men by lowering them down a cliff by rope. It was a true story about a man named Dennis.


Have you seen Hacksaw Ridge? Comment.

March 9

The Unlucky Fortune Part 3

The Unlucky Fortune Part 3

If you haven’t read part 1 and 2 then you will be very confused about anything that is going on. So read part 1 and 2 before this one.


We were all relieved, no more Izabella. She was put behind bars just like she deserved. In my book, kidnapping someone is like a ten on the insanity scale. Suddenly the sirens started blaring and the loudspeaker was shouting as well. The loudspeaker said “Prisoner 10726 has escaped her cell, I repeat prisoner 10726 has escaped her cell!” Izabella was flying down the hallway, but what she didn’t know was that the doors all around her were locked and she was trapped in jail. The only time she could get out of jail was when the employees switched shifts.


While Izabella was in prison she made a friend named Olivia that was in the same cell as her. Olivia has been trying to get out of jail ever since she got outsmarted by Connor and Owen. She has never been able to escape the prison though. Izabella asked when the employees change shifts. Olivia said “At 10:30am, 2:30pm, 9:00pm and 3:00am.” Izabella replied “That’s when we’ll escape outa here. Also didn’t you mention that Connor and Owen got you in here?” She questioned. “Ya.” said Olivia. “Well I was put in here by one of their close friends, Jackson.” said Izabella.


The loudspeaker started to blare “All cells are released to eat lunch at this time,from 1:30-2:30pm. Oh and try anything funny and you won’t get lunch for 3 days.”.As a guard walked by Izabella and Olivia, saw a small shiny object fall from his belt. They crept closer to inspect it and they saw that it was a key to the uniform room. Izabella quickly grasped the key and stuffed it into her pocket. They quickly wandered away from the line of prisoners. Down the hallway they went right into the uniform room. They quietly shut the door behind them before anyone could notice.


They quickly slipped on the uniforms and they came out looking all professional. It was 2:15pm and they rushed down the hallway just in time to change shifts. But out of the blue came a deep voice. “Hey I’ve worked here for 12 years and have never seen you or you.” he said pointing at the two of them. “First day.” replied Olivia. Izabella added and said “We’re new employees and we just got the job.” Luckily the worker fell for it and not one second too late. There was 3 minutes until they changed shifts. They got there right at 2:30.


They finally got out of jail. Izabella’s first words after they were out of prison were to Jackson through a call, and she said “ I told you I would break out of jail. I am coming for you and your friends. Tell Owen and Connor that Olivia is out of jail too. See you later Jackson.”


March 9

Luke Parker School Adventures Part 5

If you haven’t read any of the Luke Parker stories go back and read them now or you will be very confused.  If you have then move on and Enjoy.  Don’t forget to comment!


“Guys which one of you did it I didn’t.  Why would I.  I don’t want to get in trouble.”, Emma said in a panic.  “I didn’t do it I swear. I just got out of trouble why would I get in trouble again!”, Luke said looking at Jack because he knew he did it.  “Don’t be looking at me when was the last time I did a prank?”, Jack asked.  “Obviously NOW!”, Luke and Emma said at the same time. “Well where was everyone yesterday. Because I was at a amusement park with Monnie after he paid all the money.” said Luke. Jack replied “ I was shopping with my mom. Where were you Emma?” questioned Jack. “Why do you need to know.” she snapped. “Well if you can’t tell us than we will have to hold you guilty.” said the principal. “But I swear I didn’t do it. I-I-I was a-a-a-a at a cl-cl-cl club meeting. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that because it’s supposed to be a secret.” she mumbled. “What club! I want to know now that you said that you can’t do that to us.”, said Jack. “I already told you I said too much!”


Luke’s investigating skills kicked in. “What was he stuck onto the chair with?” he questioned.” “Some sort of paste,” said the principal. “Wally uses paste all the time,” said Luke. The principal trotted off to find Wally and Luke began to tell his story. “ Monnie and I were at fun land and we were on a roller coaster when out of the blue we heard someone call us over. So we walked over. Sir you are in debt? Said the man to Monnie. Monnie said how much money are we talking? 15,000 dollars he said. Oh, said Monnie. Let me go get the money then. He pulled me aside and said run for it. So we ran and got chased. Monnie jumped into the ball pit followed by me. Then the stranger. Monnie was caught but I snuck up behind the man under the balls. I tapped him on the shoulder and then threw a ball at his face. Monnie was released. And we escaped.” said Luke. “ After words Monnie said proudly, aren’t you glad I saved ya buddy.” we all laughed hysterically. “Wait isn’t Monnie in debt still?”, asked Jack. “Turns out it was a scam. Faker.” said Luke. “I hate those people they’re SO annoying.”, said Emma Annoyed.  


The principal came back and let them go. They hurried back down the hallway and grabbed frank from behind. “So about that war. How can we help?” questioned Jack. “What war? We backed out.” said Frank

To Be Continued………

March 1

Fear The Sky

Fear The Sky

Crime swept New York every week but they never had something this tragic happen. Scott James was that guy. He lived in a blimp. Every day he would drop packages from his blimp. Glass bottles that were filled with chemical gasses. They would poison people and make them very ill. The gas was unusual though. It seemed to have a mind of it’s own, it could go anywhere. It usually had 10 targets a day. They are never the same people though. He wants to infect the whole town so he can take over New York. The gas circles New York so that no one can enter or leave.


He wants to take over the world someday but he said that he will make New York pay for what they have done. He said that when he was growing-up, he lost his parents and he got put in an orphanage. His parents were kidnapped by the worst villain in New York. Ever since then he wanted to get revenge on New York. Scott James wanted to use New York as robots so he could take over the world.   


So Scott concerned New York and took the State captive in his blimp. He took 7 people and mutated them into monsters. He dropped 1 monster on each Continent. The monsters cleared everything in their sight. They inhaled whole buildings. And after a while down went North America. Then Africa,and Asia. Then South America and Antarctica. It wasn’t that hard for the monster to take down 12 boring scientists that lived in a freezing temperature. Scott wasn’t pleased to hear that Europe was standing up to his creatures. So he mutated 4 more citizens into monsters and dropped them on Europe.
Europe went down as Scott James was victorious on ruling the world. He was then put in the newspaper for most wanted villain. The cops finally put Scott in Jail after 5 years of him ruling the world. Scott later attempted to break out of jail as he epicly failed.  

February 28

The Unlucky Fortune Part 2

The Unlucky Fortune Part 2

If you haven’t read The Unlucky Fortune please read that before you read this story or you will be very confused. Thanks!!! Please Leave a comment.


As the three of them faded into the darkness, I didn’t know what to do. So doing what I knew I shouldn’t have done, I chased after the worst villain in town. But when I did, Izzabella ran  out of the dark alley and freely walked away with my friends. She left a note that read “Here’s my address 8308 Locus Road, come and get them.” So I called a taxi and off I went. It came to an abrupt stop. I quickly hopped out as the taxi sped off and the driver yelled “ You are at great risk entering that property. Bye!!” He said in great fright. I entered the rickety house with caution.


The floor above creaked so I assumed that they were up there. There was a note on her door. It said “Go to Haywire Avenue if you want to see your friends again.” “Her and the notes.” I mumbled. So I went to Haywire Avenue and I told her,straight to her face “If you want my fortune come to the park at noon tomorrow,” She said,“ I’ll be there. But give me one good reason why you can’t give it to me now.” “I have things to do. See you at noon tomorrow. It has to be a swap for my friends though, ok Izabella?” She had to say yes to my huge fortune. So I left with certainty.


But with my time I called the cops and told them where she would be. They said they’d be there waiting. So at noon I was standing there waiting for the best moment of my life. And hiding in the bushes and trees all around me were members of the police. She arrived and was finally put into jail by Mr.Rodgers. I grabbed my friends and ran off to the hotel I was staying at. We decided that we couldn’t just live in a hotel, so we were gonna stay there for two more months until we could go to my dad. He hadn’t seen us in like a week and he was probably worried sick.


I got a text from Izabella that said “Don’t be too confident, you got away from me. I am coming for you as soon as I break out of jail. See you again Jackson.”


To Be Continued…


February 24

The Unlucky Fortune

The Unlucky Fortune


Saturday night Ben, Ashton and I were riding bike around the neighborhood. We decided to go down to my house. Apparently I was grounded.  I totally didn’t know that. At least that’s what I told my Dad. I had to go up to my room for the rest of the night for lying to my Dad. I had to sit there bored, disgusted and lifeless with nothing to do. I looked out the window and saw my friends playing. They went over to the park.


The next day I went to school. Ben and Ashton were absent. I had no idea where they were, until I opened my locker and a note from Ashton and Ben was laying right there. It said “Hey Jackson, we hopped on a train to New Jersey. We don’t  what we are going to do. Life will take us where we need to go. Sincerely, Ben and Ashton.” I had to go after them so, I had to find a way to get out of school. We were presenting our volcanoes today so I made mine over-smoke so that the fire alarm would go off and the water would start pouring out of the sprinklers. That is when I jumped out the window and got on the next train to New Jersey.


Ashton and Ben were already at New Jersey. Ashton texted me and said Ben and I heard a ghost train and now we are making a living of being paranormal hunters. I texted back and said where are you? Ashton responded and said Why do you need to know. I searched up paranormal hunters and their names popped up. It also had more information that included where they worked. So I rushed there right away. Their phone started ringing and there was a recent call on the phone. It said “There is a whole army of ghosts under the Manhattan Museum of Art. HELP!!!”


I got there, but not in time. Ben and Ashton were hypnotized and fell right into the arms of the most wanted kidnapper in town. Her name was Isabella. She said “I’ve got your freinds and I won’t give them back until I get your fortune.”


                                  To Be Continued…