March 9

The Unlucky Fortune Part 3

The Unlucky Fortune Part 3

If you haven’t read part 1 and 2 then you will be very confused about anything that is going on. So read part 1 and 2 before this one.


We were all relieved, no more Izabella. She was put behind bars just like she deserved. In my book, kidnapping someone is like a ten on the insanity scale. Suddenly the sirens started blaring and the loudspeaker was shouting as well. The loudspeaker said “Prisoner 10726 has escaped her cell, I repeat prisoner 10726 has escaped her cell!” Izabella was flying down the hallway, but what she didn’t know was that the doors all around her were locked and she was trapped in jail. The only time she could get out of jail was when the employees switched shifts.


While Izabella was in prison she made a friend named Olivia that was in the same cell as her. Olivia has been trying to get out of jail ever since she got outsmarted by Connor and Owen. She has never been able to escape the prison though. Izabella asked when the employees change shifts. Olivia said “At 10:30am, 2:30pm, 9:00pm and 3:00am.” Izabella replied “That’s when we’ll escape outa here. Also didn’t you mention that Connor and Owen got you in here?” She questioned. “Ya.” said Olivia. “Well I was put in here by one of their close friends, Jackson.” said Izabella.


The loudspeaker started to blare “All cells are released to eat lunch at this time,from 1:30-2:30pm. Oh and try anything funny and you won’t get lunch for 3 days.”.As a guard walked by Izabella and Olivia, saw a small shiny object fall from his belt. They crept closer to inspect it and they saw that it was a key to the uniform room. Izabella quickly grasped the key and stuffed it into her pocket. They quickly wandered away from the line of prisoners. Down the hallway they went right into the uniform room. They quietly shut the door behind them before anyone could notice.


They quickly slipped on the uniforms and they came out looking all professional. It was 2:15pm and they rushed down the hallway just in time to change shifts. But out of the blue came a deep voice. “Hey I’ve worked here for 12 years and have never seen you or you.” he said pointing at the two of them. “First day.” replied Olivia. Izabella added and said “We’re new employees and we just got the job.” Luckily the worker fell for it and not one second too late. There was 3 minutes until they changed shifts. They got there right at 2:30.


They finally got out of jail. Izabella’s first words after they were out of prison were to Jackson through a call, and she said “ I told you I would break out of jail. I am coming for you and your friends. Tell Owen and Connor that Olivia is out of jail too. See you later Jackson.”


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