December 14

!I! N!O!M!I!N!A!T!E! L!O!U!I!S!A!

I Nominate Louisa

I nominate Louisa because her blog is cool. She keeps it updated and has things like a flag counter and a widget that says the day.

One reason why I nominate Louisa is she is updated with her blog. It’s not a four month difference between her stories. And if you keep going back to someone’s blog and they barley post a thing every month, then you will have big gaps between reading and commenting on their blog. For example when you are reading a new book series and you finish the first book and loved but the second one won’t be released till next year. You really want to read it. It’s annoying when that happens which is why it’s good that Louisa stays updated with her blog.

Another reason why I nominate Louisa is if your at home and don’t feel like reading you can take some of her surveys and play with her class pit. A little kitten closer to the bottom of her blog. It’s jet black sits in a bucket and swings a your mouse. But only play with the class pet at home. I took a survey  on school that she created. Questions like how do you get to school and what’s you favorite subject. You can make one yourself because she puts a link to the website to create one. But again only do this stuff at home. Learn at school unless your teacher says other wise.

My final reason why I’m nominating Louisa’s blog is because she has many posts. And like I said not a four month difference.She has two pages of posts. You can see other posts by click on the “Older Posts” button at the bottom of all her posts. And the bigger variety of posts the more people you attract to come and read your the more comments you get.

Please go to her blog at least comment on one post.

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1 thoughts on “!I! N!O!M!I!N!A!T!E! L!O!U!I!S!A!

  1. Louisa

    Hi Connor,
    Thank you so much for nominating my blog. I think your blog is pretty cool too! I agree that it is annoying when people don’t post for ages at a time.
    Thank you again,


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