December 14

Blog Challenge Week 10!!!

My posts

I have 32 posts and 17 of them are given to me by my teacher.7 by my own interest and 7 for the blog challenge.



I have 43 comments in all and 27 of them are from my classmates. One teacher comment and 4 from overseas.On the first Luke Parker of the Luke Parker series I have 7 comments which sets a record on my blog for most comments on one post. I think that that’s because it’s the first post in a series and people want to see if they should continue reading that series.


Blog theme

Yes I have changed my blog theme,because every time I would try and post a post it would only put it on the sidebar like a page.


I have nine widgets and 86 student on my blog roll! But I don’t think that that’s enough widgets for entertainment reasons.My web tools include Videos,Padlets and pictures.

Blog Challenge

I haven’t gotten to read the flip board magazine because our tech department has blocked it and won’t unblock it.I loved blog challenge week 5.I comment very often. If there’s one thing that I learned from doing the blog challenge it’s that you can always become a better writer no matter how good you might be.

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