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the lost key


Hi i am a key. my owner lost me. I am in the forest, what happened that made me be in this forest? This is what happened: my owner was chasing this dog because the dog’s leash broke. Then he tripped over a piece of wood, and then I fell out of his pocket. Now I am here and my owner is looking for me because i am the key to his house. I hopes he finds me because if he does not he will not be able to get in his house.               


Hi Here


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Cats are a big job to take care of. You need to water and feed them every day. If you have fish,birds or dogs you should not get a cat to learn more about dogs   click here


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It’s a big job to take care of dogs. You need to give them food and water.

You should walk them every three days. You should play fetch with them. Dogs can grow to be big dogs some can be I think 3-7  feet tall . some can be 2-5 feet long.



my life

HI my name is tanner i am going to tell you all about my life. I am ten I have one dog,two cats and two sisters. My sisters are not nice at all my dog is very nice he is a bostin dog my cats are nice too but they are scaredy cats if you get one of them they will try to run.But that is ok but if you hold them they will get out the claws and they hurt .My dog is a good dog but DO NOT pick him up! He will bite you. But he is nice.

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I am on the titanic i am enjoy myself.but when the titanic is sinking i am making people freak out like crazy.But the titanic is not sinking.so i am in the pool swimming around.Then i got out and got dressed and i went to the kitchen for food.Then i walked around the titanic because i had nothing to do.After i was done my friends came to me my friends names were:Ben M,Andrew,Evan bowman,Evan Brace ,Kaden , Toby, that is it all my friends so we had a party. After the party we felt a little hungry so we went to the kitchen for food.After we ate we got tired and it was a little late  so we went to bed.In the morning we got up and checked the time the time was 9:37 so we asked the chef to make us birefist.After we had food we walk around the titanic.Then the next day we felt the bout hit something.It was a ice that hit the bout then i realised it is sinking i was so scared i found my friends and we stand to getherand we did not move and we all lived The End



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My Job Story

would like to be a mechanic. I would like to go a little far from my home.  I hope my job pays 20$ erey day. I hope my job has me stay out  but not to late.I hope my boss is a good guy and nice. And I  want nice co-workers and nice work mates.

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