Tue, March 17, 2020

Arianah Brubaker


What is Pi?


Pi day is on March fourteenth. A pi is a mathematical number that practically goes on forever. Pi is irrational so no one knows the exact value of the number. Do you know that Pi actually never ends? The number starts with 3.14159. We have Pi because of William Jones     


I have a new edition too, my family. I have four brothers my one sister and my mom and dad. But now I have one more brother and his name is Asher Jace Fisher.

11/22/19 Ephrata hospital,   When Asher was born he had a severe breathing problem.  So when Asher was born he had to get rushed into the NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ). I didn’t get to see Asher for the first three days he was alive! But no one else could see him either other than my mom.

When I finally met Asher he was hooked up to a machine that kinda forced him to breathe. One of the things I had to do when I went into the NICU was to wash my hands for three minutes straight with this special kind of soap.

Asher was getting better and went onto a CPAP.

Until Asher got sicker…

Asher got a rash and his heart got worse and he couldn’t breathe. The doctors had to get a vaccine in him so he would get better. But the doctors couldn’t get it in. So one of the doctors came out and told us he was getting sicker and sicker. Asher was in the Ephrata hospital NICU for almost three weeks. They told us that their gonna call Hershey hospital and if one of the doctors there couldn’t get the vaccine in then they would have to take Asher to the Hershey hospital.

Finally, the doctors from Hershey came and tried there best to get the vaccine in Asher but they couldn’t. So Asher had to go to the Hershey hospital. When they got to Hershey the doctors got the vaccine in and Asher got better.

Asher was in Hershey for two days. He did the sixty-minute car seat check and pasted. He came home and the rest is history.


SONG # Panda

It’s a huggable lovable bear

That we all know and love 

Its a panda bear 

That we don’t get enough

If you are afraid 

There will be a raid 

So don’t be afraid of the panda parade


The New Mad Scientist

Mad scientist

By:Arianah Brubaker


Hi my name is Ansa Haywun I am a scientist.Live in Manhattan New York.I have a daughter named Holly and a sidekick named Milly cook.   


Ansa Haywun lead


Holly side character


Milly side character  


The story: SUNDAY

It was a nice and sunny day my daughter Holly was playing in the dirt.I was sitting down watching her I was also with milly.Milly and I were talking about our jobs.I am a Famous scientist Milly is the person who helps me.I was talking about how im going to be on the news for discovering Aliens tomorrow and of course milly would be there.Milly is my right hand woman.




So I wake up and I get holly to school.Holly has been having it hard in school lately.We got outside to walk to the bus stop and that’s when I told her not to worry and then she got on the bus.


When I was walking back to my house I was thinking to myself how the day would go.The only thing I had to do was go to channel 8 news.That’s when I realized i’m late to the news station.I ran the rest of the way to my house and got ready as fast as I could.Then I went on my way to channel 8.

By the time I got there I was rushed so much.Random people I didn’t know had to put makeup on me.I had to get in a costume because apparently I didn’t look good.But when they got me on camera i forgot everything.Its kinda like i froze.Now that’s where it got bad.


I couldn’t show her face anymore.So I got up and ran as fast as I could to get out.But when I did nothing that bad happened it was just a normal day after that.BUT THINK AGAIN.When I got home I had to fall asleep But i had to call someone to plan a sleepover for Holly.But when she left I feel asleep. 





New Years Traditions

In my family I don’t do that much for New Years but there are only some things that we things that we did.On New years eve I stay up to watch the ball drop.But me and my sister watched it in our room this year on YouTube live.Also this year my sister and I drank coffee right before the ball dropped and we were up for awhile after twelve.This is a tradition that I do but on New Years eve i stay in my pjs the whole day which for me is shorts and a T shirt.It was cold.Then on New Years day my family always make pork and sauerkraut.We never ever skipped a year.So thats all I do for the New Years.


I’ve been to harrisburg once in my life and that was my fourth grade.For our field trip.It is really interesting in my opinion. we went to a lot of places ìn that area.which was totally awesome just to be clear.I mean you don’t always get to go on a field trip to your capital.My grade got lucky.We got to see some places that not many people get to see.But i forgot what they were called.Anyway when we went there it was amazing so as you can see it was pretty cool

Mad scientist

“A few more hour and the world will be mine”.”Arianah quick pass me that beaker”. “on it boss”.


                                              Three Days Earlier


“Arianah! wake your late for school”.I go back to bed.”Are you awake”.said mom.Moms throws a pillow in head.”Ok i’ll get up no need to rush me”. “Arianah you were sleeping”.Said mom.I get dressed.The doorbell ringed.I say I will get it.I open the door to someone in a all white lab coat on.Then that person just said “is there someone named  Arianah here at the moment”.Well I said yes.you just got offered a lifetime opportunity you will get to see the famous Ansa Hayewun .my mom said “who is at the door” I replied with I don’t…That person said to say I see my ride so I did and my mom said bye then that person took me somewhere unexpected…



                             ONE DAY LATER


“Are we there yet”.I say out loud.”We are almost there”.The scientist says.Ok open your eyes!”where am I?”Good question Arianah you are at a abandon beach in california.”Wait so I just traveled across America”?Yes you can now see who I am.”okay”.I am the one and only Ansa Hayewun .”What”!”Yes and I brought you to be my trusty side kid”.”What about school and my friends and all my teachers and my mom”?!?”Oh just forget about them you don’t need them you got me now”.”Can see what I can do first¨.¨Sure First you can help me with this one thing if you want to help me with it but I can’t tell you if you don’t join me¨. OK OK I will join you now tell me what your plan is ok¨.¨First you have to go to school¨.Said Ansa.¨Before I could even say no with a snap of his fingers he made me get to school on time it was kinda weird.


                       ONE MORE DAY LATER


So I did school that was fun we were making a poster.Then I went on a bus ride it was longer than usual.Then someone came and wacked me on the head with a pan the ride was much more faster now. I went underground and I could hear the sea.Then I heard something or someone.¨HELLO¨! Said Ansa.I screamed.



I love ELA ( English Language Arts ) it is probably my favorite subject.I love the point of reading in my opinion reading is great! Also I like my ELA teacher mrs.Woods I really want to be like her when I grow up.My favorite book is Ghosts it is a graphic novel.As you can see,I love reading.


My favorite fruit would have to be kiwi.Hi i’m Arianah and i’m gonna tell you about all my favorite fruits.So my favorite fruits are the sweet kind like watermelon or maybe honeydew.There is star fruit I love it taste kinda like an apple or something like that.It is really good my mom got me a couple at giants.There are other fruits that I like.Dragon fruit is something good.I also like apples there great in my opinion.Pineapples are nice to my family gets a lot of them.Those are mostly the fascinating fruit I like love to eat.Thank You sincerely, Arianah


Why I put walnuts down is because I was In the mood for then and here is why.I know walnut aren’t the best kind of food by there self  but I was thinking what kind of stuff could you have with them.like a walnut cake or something spicy with it like peppers also a kind of spice like oregano would be great as a spice.That is why I put walnuts as my picture.