Sea Turtles Are AMAZING

Sea Turtles are really cool! Not only are they cool, but they can swim, and they also live in the ocean. So in this blog post, I will tell you some basic, but also awesome facts. To start you off, did you know that Sea Turtles are one of the most ancient creatures, they have been around since dinosaurs were alive. There are actually seven different kinds of Sea Turtles still living today. Did you also know that a Sea Turtles shell is also called a “carapace.” It is not able to retract it’s legs and head into it’s shell. Their colors vary between yellow, green, and black.

A Sea Turtles Diet

What a sea turtle eats depends on what kind of Sea Turtle it is. Some popular foods for Sea Turtles are Jellyfish, seaweed, crabs, shrimp, sponges, snails, algae, and Mollusks. There are also other things that they eat, but they are not as popular for the turtles.

The Population of the Sea Turtles

Sometimes it is hard to find the population of where the Sea Turtles live, because the young female turtles that have hatched eggs do not return. Also the baby Sea Turtles do not come back to the same beach that they were hatched on. This all makes it hard to find the population of Sea Turtles.

The Range of Sea Turtles

All Sea Turtles like warm water, so obviously, they are in the warm waters. They also migrate. So when the waters start to get cold where they are currently, they then move down closer to the equator and begin to live in the warm waters there. Lots of the Sea Turtles are in the warmer waters for winter longer then they actually should be. Some Sea Turtles Migrate 1,400 miles.

The Sea Turtles’ Behavior

As you know, Sea Turtles spend just about all of their time in the water. The only time that they come out of the water is pretty much just to lay their eggs.  A Sea Turtle will usually come back to the same nesting spot that they were at the time before to lay their eggs. When the Sea Turtle is on the beach to lay their eggs, it will dig a hole with their back flippers. Once they have laid their eggs, they go right back into the ocean. After the turtles have hatched out of the egg, they may stay in the hole for a week trying to dig themselves out. Once they are out, they travel straight to the ocean

I hope you like all of these facts about the AMAZING SEA TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Fun Poem

Do you know what you will do this summer,

You don’t want it to be a bummer,

Go to the beach,

or let out a screech,

Have some fun,

While you lay in the sun,

or, just be cool,

when you’re sitting in the pool,

Just watch a movie,

It might be groovy,

Go to the park,

and set a spark,

You’ll have fireworks,

and everyone will perk,

Go around the country,

you might find the biggest tree,

And finally,

You might just meet ME!

A Journey to Bellevue Washington

This summer on June 26th I will be going to Bellevue Washington. Bellevue Washington is near Seattle Washington.  Bellevue is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The reason that I am going there is because on February 3rd I went to Scranton Pennsylvania. That is also a nice city. But I went to Scranton and competed in a jeopardy with a team of three other people. It was a jeopardy  that all about dairy and agriculture. There was twenty eight teams. We finished first which means that we would move on and go to the national competition, which is in Bellevue Washington.

I am so excited to go there that I just can not stop talking about it. When we leave to go to Washington we are going to take a plane, that I am a little nervous about because I’ve never been in a plane. But if you would drive it would take a week to get there. We will be there for a whole week. There will be different activities that you can sign up for. The one I am going to do is go to the Seattle Space Needle and go in it and see all of Seattle. Then There will be dinners and breakfasts that we will have award nights and things will be done during the dinners. Then there will be a thing called a Dairy Bar, it has all dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and the biggest attraction is Ice Cream.

There is not that much more to talk about, but I do know that Bellevue Washington is a beautiful city.

Bellevue Washington

Bellevue Washington

Something I’m Passionate About – Hunting

Hunting is something that I have always thought was fun and cool. There is a lot of thing that you can hunt. Like deer, squirrel, bear, doves, moose, hogs too. That’s only six of the animals that you could hunt. There is a ton more. In this time period small game season is in. Small game is like rabbits, squirrels, and stuff small like that. My whole family wants to go squirrel hunting sometime soon. Then we can make things from the meat. Sometimes we make squirrel pot pie. It’s pretty much the same thing as chicken pot pie, but with squirrel meat.

If you like deer meat, then you like deer venousin too. It a certain kind of deer meat, but its really good with some really good cheese. (It depends on the cheese too.) Sometimes you can put it on a really good sandwich.

Then you can hunt moose and bear. They both provide a lot of meat that you can eat. I have never actually tried either, but I have heard that it’s good. My brother and my mom have been bear hunting before. They Never saw a bear to get a shot at it, but uncle and my pop have shot bears before. My brother has also shot two deer before. We have also shot squirrel before. We have not been hunting in a little while, but deer season will be in soon.

Video Games

I like to play Wii. I like racing games and monster truck games too. I have two racing games. I have Need for Speed Pro street. I also have Need for Speed the run. On Need for Speed Pro Street it pretty much the strait up races. You can buy cars and then customize them however you want and then to can use that car to race. I have really fast cars. The cars that I have don’t even have nitrous because they are so fast. They can go about 205 miles an hour. That pretty fast.

The other game I have is Need for Speed the run. On Need for Speed the run you can also customize you cars also. there are a lot of races, but there are also things like you are the cop and you try to get other people in cars that are racing on the highway and you try to get them to crash. There is also some thing that is called survival, that is when there are cops that come after you and you try not to crash. One time while I was playing the survival I was hit really hard by the cop and I went up over a bridge and then I was able to keep going.

The one Monster Truck game that I have is called Monster Truck Mayhem. It is where you do races and then you do a competition after the race. The competition is always a lot harder than the race is. In the competition you see who can do something the fastest but yet the best.

The other monster truck game that I have Is Monster Jam. It’s a game where they assign you something to do. Once you do that, if you do it good enough you get to another level. Eventually you could have a lot of things that you could do in different places in the U.S. There is ones that you can race, you can race on a team, you can do stunts, and you can do challenges too.

This ends my story so I hope you like what I have wrote for you to comment on. You can also comment on other posts that I have too.

Something I am Passionate About – Football

I am very passionate about is football. I like football because it’s fun to play. I love the offense and I am good at offense and defense. I would rather be on offense, but it really doesn’t matter what I’m on. If I’m on offense I hope to be running back.  If I’m on defense I would want to be right in the center so I can blits the quarter back.

What offense does is try to run it so that they can get a touchdown. A touchdown gets then 6 points. Then the try to kick a field goal. A field goal is worth one point, which gives them seven points in total. I would like to be on offense because I am good at running and getting out of the way of defense.

What defense does is try to block people from catching the ball that way they can intercept the ball or get a turnover. A turnover is when the other team gets a chance to score a touchdown. If the other team does not get the ball than they tackle the other team.

Mine Craft Story #2


Minecraft Story #2


Superminer: Color:Green. Minecraft Name: SuperMiner Blog Link:    

Dane: Color Brown Blog link.   Minecraft name: Steve.

Dimitriy: Color:Red. Blog Link:      Dim Dim.

Jacob : Color: Blue. Blog Link:      Jake.

Tate: Color: black. Blog link.  Minecraft name: Tate


While the group was still trapped in the cave, they had no food or water. Then they started walking and they met some guys that were mining. They blew up something and they found a big hole there. They climbed out of the hole and started searching for land to build a house. They had walked for hours until they finally found a place to build their house. They planned what their house should look like and started to build. It turned dark and a bunch of zombies came out of nowhere and started to attack them. Then they  all the zombies. (Wham) (Kazam) The zombies were no more. Then an army of creepers came out of nowhere and  KABOOM!!! They blew up their land. Everybody landed in a village with no home no land and no nothing.   

        Then they found perfect land! It was flat beautiful, and had tons of scenery! But then all of a sudden RAIDERS took over the land and quickly built a castle over it. And then Super Miner gave the raiders of piece of his mind (not literally). But the raiders got angry and captured the group. And took away all their items and put them in a trap chest. Then they got put in minecraft cells, and were weak and had no weapons, and they were all in separate cells. But then Steve broke the bars with his bare fists but that made his hands weak, and then he pulled the lever that opened all the cells and Superminer, Dim Dim, Tate, and Jake were all free including Steve. And they opened up that chest and got their items back. But there was one problem that chest they opened activated a redstone signal, and TNT blew up around them but didn’t it even damage them. And they could finally get out. And they made it away. They had to get away far because they knew that the raiders would eventually find them. Then they began construction of their new house. 5 MC years later. They finally were done with their house. Then while they were asleep they heard weird noises and none of them could sleep because there was a mob nearby. Then they heard the noises from underground. So they dug up all the dirt and stone. And found a mob spawner. The mob spawner was for creepers. So they quickly had to break it. Then a creeper spawned and BOOM!!! The creeper blew up the mob spawner but did not hurt anyone. So they put all the dirt and stone back and went to sleep.

The story will continue.

Mine craft Story #1



  Minecraft Story #1


Superminer: Color:Green. Minecraft Name: SuperMiner Blog Link:    

Dane: Color Brown Blog link.   Minecraft name: Steve.

Dimitriy: Color:Red. Blog Link:      Dim Dim.

Jacob : Color: Blue. Blog Link:      Jake.

Tate: Color: black. Blog link.  Minecraft name: Tate

         Once there were 5 minecrafters one named Steve the other named Super Miner the other named Jake and one named Dim Dim. And the last was Tate.

They had built a beautiful house. But then they walked up to their watchtower and saw an abandoned village. They looked at it and    

Super Miner said,”It maybe has diamond in it we should go check.” So they went to it they checked in the chest and it had 1 diamond. They walked away from the house but all of a sudden a creeper came up to them, and they ran and fell into a hole. “Ouch!” Yelled Steve when they hit the bottom.

    It was dark,but they had torches. They only had 128 though. They added some to the  smooth stone walls.  As they ventured farther into the cave they needed to use more and more torches. Then Dim Dim yelled,

“creeper!”.“Hisssssssss!”.BOOM!  The creeper exploded. Nobody was injured. Very lucky.Then they started going in farther.  They saw an Endermen.  He kept hitting them over and over. Then they destroyed it. Whew. They came to a pit of fiery lava. They made a bridge across with cobblestone. They kept going.  Then gravel fell from the ceiling when Tate tried to mine some for flint and steel. They ran away. They only had 63 torches left.

But they kept on venturing on further and further, until they finally ran out of torches. They just stood there, in the dark, until they saw a shadowy creature come out of the darkness. SPIDER JOCKEY!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! “Run for your lives!” Dim Dim screamed.They just kept running and running until they found their old torches and started sprinting back to the hole. Finally, they found it, and climbed out. But right when they climbed out they stumbled into a creeper. It exploded, knocked them back into the hole, and, worst of all, they only had half a heart left.

Then everybody started walking back and picking up their torches. Once they had them all they started putting them down to go further. They had gone about 30 meters and they saw some random animals there. They destroyed them and started eating the meat from them. Once they were finished they started walking again. Then they saw a shadowy creature. It came around the corner. Standing there were 3 little kid zombies that are super fast. They started running, but they couldn’t run fast enough. Then the zombies caught them and then they only had three and a half  hearts left.

         They had to get away. Luckily Steve had a bucket of lava on him and he set it down on the midget zombie. The zombie was gone but they were still stuck in the cave. The had to get out of the cave so they went exploring down different cave systems. And they all looked pretty dangerous so they got out their swords and bows. Dim Dim went far down in the cave and found a mob spawner. The mob spawner was for a bunch of creepers. Then 2 creepers spawned and chased Dim Dim. And everybody experienced a mob spawner and they were all different. Each of them ran out of the caves and met. Then they got their swords out.

Then they all kept on walking then found a skeleton they destroyed it  and luckily the skeleton dropped a bow and arrows. And luckily they found the world’s best ravine! And amazingly when they mine one block into the ravine they found diamonds! One for everybody to have an extra in case they run out eventually. And they walked out of the ravine and bumped into obsidian luckily they had diamonds to get out of there. And when they guessed that obsidian they found a midget zombie riding on a chicken! And they tried to capture the zombie not destroy it, but failed. `   

Then they kept on walking. Then out of nowhere 5 cave spiders attacked them. Then they started to attack. They each had their own cave spider. Tate got bit by a cave spider and was poisoned. He lived,but  he still had poison in his body. Jake gave him some food and milk and he was healed and had 4 hearts left.  Then they ate food until they had full hunger and health8 bars.  

Then they started to walk some more until they ran out breath and finally needed a break.Dim Dim was so tired he fell asleep. Soon enough, everyone else did, too. They left all their food, torches, and water on the floor next to the place that they were sleeping. But while they were sleeping, someone in a dark cloak came and sto all their stuff and ran away.

Too be continued….     Attribution: Bago Games via Flickr

My Amazing Future

When I grow up I plan to play football, Maybe even play for the NFL. If I get to the NFL I hope to play for the Broncos or the Cowboys. I hope to be quarter back or running back. I hope to be the best player in the NFL. Then when I get a little older I will be an NFL coach. Then when I get older I will retire an then my son will play football and hopefully he will have the same plans as I have and will be just as good at football as I was when I would have played football. I hope for him to win as many games as possible. Then when he gets older I want him to be an NFL coach just like I was. I think that the future that I want to have will be a great future.

Larry Fitzgerald Brook Ward via Compfight I got my video from big play highlights

The BIG Read

The BIG Read

By Jacob Bramm


This year my school, Blue Ball Elementary, is having a thing called the big read. The way you do this is every night you are supposed to read one chapter of a book. This year the book that we are reading is called The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies. Every student in our school does this. If you can’t read chapter books than you can go onto the Blue Ball blog. Some of the teachers read the chapters for you and you just listen. We did this last year too. The book we read was called Frindle. It’s a book about a boy that names a pen frindle and then the whole school starts calling this pen a frindle.

The two main characters in The Lemonade War are a brother and sister named Evan and Jessie. In the book the brother tries selling lemonade. They lose business and he wonders why.He walks up the street and sees his sister selling lemonade with her friend and they both get into a fight. That is all that we have read so far in the book.