The Quote to Live by

β€œIt is much easier to be brave if you do not know everything.” What this quote means to me, is not knowing everything will get you further in life. I say this because if you know everything than you are always going to be correcting people and eventually people are going to tired of it […]

Poem Analysis, The Man Who Thinks he Can

If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think that you dare not, you don’t. If you’d like to win, but you think you can’t, it’s almost certain that you won’t.   If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost; For out in the world you’ll find Success begins with a fellow’s will – […]

Would You Like to Travel

If I were able to travel where ever I wanted, I would probably travel to Zion National Park. I would travel there because of all the canyons that are there. Also there are the villages from the people who lived there hundreds of years ago. It would be really cool to see the architecture from […]

My Dream Job

The dream job that I want to have is to be a mechanic. I have wanted to be a mechanic for years. I want to do this because I love working on things and fixing thing. I have a lot of knowledge about it already. My family and I have recently put a truck together […]

My Perfect Day

In my perfect day all my friendsΒ  are super nice to me and they all are giving me things that I want. At recess I am super good at basketball. I make every shot that I shoot. Then, we had a test the day before, and I got the results and I got an A […]

Five Years in The Future

Where I see myself in five years from now is being a smart intelligent eleventh grader. I plan to have a job, and when school is over I will go to my job. I will be driving my own vehicle which will be a 1977 ford F-250 with a 7.3 liter idi diesel. I plan […]

It’s Easy to Make a Buck

What does the quote mean to you? Do you think that it’s more important to make money or make a difference in the world? Who cares more about money, rich people or poor people? What are some easy ways to make money? Β What are some of the problems with easy ways to make money? “It’s […]

Sea Turtles Are AMAZING

Sea Turtles are really cool! Not only are they cool, but they can swim, and they also live in the ocean. So in this blog post, I will tell you some basic, but also awesome facts. To start you off, did you know that Sea Turtles are one of the most ancient creatures, they have […]