December 16

Students Shine!

This is a place where student projects/ideas/work will be shared with our readers. Enjoy!

2012-2013 School Year

Mrs. Twaddell’s Class – The Methods of Science Rap


2011-2012 School Year

March 2012

Isaac Newton


February 2012

A project exploring key ideas in literature from 5K

Some 2nd grade students in Miss Dupas’s class wished to share their creative Storybird tales with us! Enjoy!

Barry the Bear by Justin2ndgrade on Storybird

The Lonely Elephant. by Eric2ndgrade on Storybird

Friends by Hope2ndgrade on Storybird

The Evil scientist! by Emma2ndgrade on Storybird

Students in Ms. Kuipers’s math class have been researching mathematicians of interest. Colton created this presentation on Albert Einstein!

January 2012

Our sixth graders enjoyed learning about our US government and Constitution this semester. Watch the video below to enjoy Mrs. Twaddell’s class performing We the People!

Please enjoy these science and social studies projects created by a few of our fab fifth graders!

December 2011

Students in grade 5 created PowerPoint presentations to summarize their learning of a topic of their choice from science or social studies units.  Kyla wished to share her project with us!

Links to previously posted student projects:

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The Most Important Thing – Grade 5 writing projects

Learning about life cycles – Grade 2 embryology unit

Building knowledge– Grade 6 math project work

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  2. Diane Good

    Great projects….viewing Matthew’s…I think you should be looking at all the places he has sat in Brecknock…sounds like Isaac and Matthew have a lot of similiarities! Thanks for sharing.


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