November 3

Book Adventure Contest

We are so proud of the many students who have been reading and participating in Book Adventure. Now, your child can participate in a contest through Book Adventure. It is the Walking with Dinosaurs Reading Contest. Here are more details!


NEW Walking with Dinosaurs Reading Contest

Motivating children to read is an important factor in student achievement and creating lifelong successful readers. Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend more time reading do better in school.

Help children discover that reading can be fun!

From November 1 – December 20, read  books offline and then quiz online to earn points and enter for a chance to win prizes!

3 Grand Prize Winners each win:
4 movie tickets and a set of all official movie companion books

5 First Prize Winners each win:4 movie tickets

5 Second Prize Winners each win:
Select official movie companion books

25 Third Prize Winners each win:
Official movie posters


Let’s see how many Brecknock students can be winners in this contest!

February 1

PSSA English Language Arts Field Test

During February, students in grades 3, 4, and 5 across Pennsylvania will be participating in a field test of items for a new version of the
Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA). In the past, the PSSA Writing test has only been given to students in grades 5, 8, and 11. In 2014, The PSSA test will reflect the Common Core Standards which will combine Reading and Writing into one English Language Arts (ELA) test. The purpose of this Writing Field Test is to validate new questions for next year’s ELA PSSA. We will not receive back individual or school score reports from this test. Our students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be taking the assessment on the morning of February 12th. Please help your child prepare for this day by getting plenty of rest and eating a healthy breakfast the morning of the test. We also request that you stress the importance of your child doing his or her best on this assessment. If you have any questions or would like to review the assessment, please contact the school.

September 6

The Morning Mile Club is coming to Brecknock!

Our physical education teacher, Mrs. Epler, will be coordinating a morning exercise program for Brecknock students during the 2012-13 school year: the Morning Mile Club! We will start the year offering the program to students in grades 3-6.

Breakfast students will be dismissed from the buses at 8:40 AM as usual. We will continue to encourage students who are in need of breakfast to attend breakfast each day. After breakfast students have cleared the buses, bus drivers will dismiss the Morning Milers. They will enter through the main lobby doors and walk through the center hallway to meet Mrs. Epler on the playground.

Starting Monday, September 10, the following groups of students will be invited to join in the “Morning Mile Club” according to the schedule below for the first week of the program:

Monday, September 10 – Grade 6

Tuesday, September 11 – Grade 5

Wednesday, September 12 – Grade 4

Thursday, September 13 – Grade 3

Friday, September 14- Since this is an EVEN day (14th), Grades 4 and 6 will participate in the Morning Mile club.

Monday, September 17 – Since this is an ODD day (15th), Grades 3 and 5 will participate in the Morning Mile club.
Students who join in the fun will be shown the Morning Mile track and be encouraged to walk, run, or jog laps until 8:55 AM, after which they will report directly to homerooms.

Continuing for the rest of the year after September 17, Grades 4 and 6 will report to MMC on even-days, and Grades 3 and 5 will report to MMC on odd-days. We may look to add grades 1 and 2 during the second semester. Stay tuned!

If your child is a car rider and wishes to attend Morning Mile club, please have your child walk to the car drop-off doors and inform Mrs. Hogan that they need entry to the building in order to walk to the playground to meet Mrs. Epler. They should follow the same even/odd days schedule as listed above.

Please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity to develop physical fitness and start the day off right!

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Hilt and/or Mrs. Epler with any questions or concerns!

April 16

Staff in the Spotlight – Meet Mrs. McCabe!

Mrs. Amber McCabe is a fourth grade teacher at Brecknock Elementary School. This is her fourth year of teaching. Prior to becoming a teacher at Brecknock, Mrs. McCabe was a student at Eastern University. During her senior year, she had the awesome opportunity to student teach right here at Brecknock! Her student teaching experience was actually in her current classroom!

Mrs. McCabe’s favorite hobbies are reading and singing. She says, “I could lump traveling in there, but is it a hobby if you cannot always afford to travel?! :)” Whenever Mrs. McCabe has free time, she loves to pick up a good book. She could get lost in a book store for hours & once she stops reading she can never put the book down! If you hear someone singing, it might be Mrs. McCabe. She will sing anywhere (when she is by herself or with close family),  and she even sings at the top of her lungs when she drives!

Mrs. McCabe enjoys spending time with her family. She is the oldest of four in her family. She has two sisters and one brother. Her extended family is very close and most of her life lived in the same development, right next door to one another. When they get together they love to play games, such as Apples to Apples, Farkle, Imaginiff, and other games that they created themselves. Mrs. McCabe and her husband have been married for almost 3 years and together for many more. He is from Scotland and currently in the process of becoming an American citizen. Mr. and Mrs. McCabe are going to be having a baby in September.  They are very excited to start a family!

Here are some fun facts you may not know about Mrs. McCabe. She is terribly afraid of roller coasters – the thought of them almost makes her ill! She is usually invited to an amusement park to hold everyone’s bags or watch the kids! It was Mrs. McCabe’s dream to become a famous singer, however when she was in a pageant as a teenager, she could barely open her mouth. She says, “I guess I was not cut out for the job!”

To Mrs. McCabe, the best thing about working at Brecknock “is of course our wonderful students. The children always bring a smile to my face and are the reason I am here!”

Mrs. McCabe and her husband enjoy traveling to Scotland to visit his family & friends. When they have the opportunity to travel we usually end up in Scotland! If she could choose any location to travel, it would be to any warm, tropical destination. In the past, her favorite place visited has been China. (She would go back to Asia in a flash!) Some of her top travel choices would be Italy (#1) and to visit countries in Africa and South America.

Mrs. McCabe loves learning about new information. So often she finds out something she never knew before and it causes her to question and search for a deeper understanding. However, if she could learn about ANYTHING it would be different cultures around the world. Parasailing is something that Mrs. McCabe has always wanted to do but never tried, due to her fear of heights, but she did get very close to trying it this past summer!

What is Mrs. McCabe’s favorite book? She replies, “This is the toughest question on here! I have read so many books and to be honest, picking one would be difficult. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult. One of my favorite books from the past year would have to be Heaven is for Real. I really enjoyed this book. In the near future, I hope to read the Hunger Games.”

It is a privilege having Mrs. McCabe as a teacher in our school! We hope you enjoyed learning more about her!