August 17

Busy Bloggers

Teacher Blogs

Mrs. Brier, Kindergarten

Mrs. Longacre, Kindergarten

Mrs. Gaffney, Grade 1

Miss McDonough, Grade 1

Mrs. Widders, Grade 1

Mrs. Henn, Grade 2

Mrs. Nelson, Grade 2

Mrs. Swavely, Grade 2

Mrs. Blankley, Grade 3

Mrs. C. Miller, Grade 3

Mrs. Muhr, Grade 3

Mrs. Clingan, Grade 4

Mr. Karcheski, Grade 4

Mrs. MacAdams, Grade 4

Mrs. Echternach, Grade 5

Mrs. Libell, Grade 5

Mrs. Woods, Grade 5

Ms. Dietrich, Grade 6

Mrs. Snyder, Grade 6


Learner Blogs

Check with your learner or your learner’s teacher to visit these blogs.

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