“What does this mean!” Blog prompt 5/18/16

Is it hard for you to understand Poetry sometimes? One key thing when reading poetry is theme. Theme in the poem is the thing that the author wants you learn from the poem. Theme in the poem help you a lot so keep reading to see how it can help you.


There are many themes in poetry, but they all have one thing in common they help you gain deeper understanding. One reason why it helps you is when you are feeling down you can think about an encouraging theme and say it to make yourself happy.


Those are some things that can help you understand poetry, Theme, and just digging a little deeper to understand and discover more about the poem.    

“My Blog is…..” Week 10 Blog Challenge

This year I participated in the Blog Challenge, and I learned a lot of new things that you can do with the blog. If I had to give my blog a review I would say it’s pretty good. Now a lot of my blog post weren’t just me so I can’t take all the credit, but I think my blog prompts were really interesting, and involved the reader in some way.  Although some were good I do think some could’ve improved a little bit, with grammar, spelling, punctuation, those types of things  (gone over my post better).

As for the blog challenge I thought it was very cool. I learned so many new things that I didn’t know I could do with my blog before. The prompts were also interesting and I loved being able to interact with other people around the world, I even ran into a girl that lives in the same area as me, what do you know!


That’s my overall opinion about the blog challenge, and my blog. Hopefully I do this in middle school too!

“AND UH 5,6,7,8!” Week 9 Blog Challenge My Future

When I get older I would love to start off working at a cafe, examples, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Starbucks, etc. As for a career I wan’t to be a professional dancer. Not one of the background dancers either, on Broadway. I say this because I love to dance, and dance now. It would be a dream come true. A lot of people have doubts about big things like that happening for someone who dances at a local dance studio, but I have complete faith.


A back up plan would be owning my own cafe, guess I have a thing for cafes! You’ll always need a back up plan encase something doesn’t turn out the way planned, or if there is a bump in the road. The reason I would own a cafe is because I think cafes are the coolest,relaxing things, and have really good treats, and drinks. Not only would I get to drink/eat my own thinks but I would get to design my own little place, and organize it how I want to, pretty cool right?


That’s what I want to do when I get older, and hope will happen. Who knows what my future holds.

“As you can see….” Blog Prompt 5/2




Visual information (charts, graphs) helps the reader better understand what’s going on because for visual learners, can also help the reader learn more about the topic in the passage.  For example in  Geothermal Heating, and Cooling it shows the Primary Energy Consumption of 2010. It is easier for the reader to learn this because you can see it, by a graph.


Also little things can help you visual things, you can use your mind to paint a picture. That’s if the author has very good description, but for visual learners graphs help a lot. For example, if I were to say “The core is the last layer out of the Earth layers, and the mantle is the 2nd  outermost layer”. It’s pretty hard to image because you can’t see it. You get a better understanding of what everything looks like.  Also, if you weren’t to see what you’re reading about you probably wouldn’t understand it.


That is how visual information can help you better understand what everything looks like, and how it works. It is very beneficial to be able to understand/see what you’re reading about.

“Hide the Nazi soldiers are here!” Reading Blog Challenge


Michaela:: Italicised


Have you ever wondered what it was like for Jewish people in World War 2? In the book Number the Stars Annemarie, Kirsti, and Ellen go through some harsh things/problems. In the first chapter Annemarie, Ellen, and Kirsti have an encounter with some Nazi soldiers. They were scared, and really just wanted to get home. I think that’s why it affected her, she’s never has to talk to a soldier/s before and to have to do that is scary. When she got home she started to question why the king let the Nazi’s take over Denmark, and was asking her family a lot of questions ever since the Nazi’s have taken over.


How would it make you feel to get sent away from your family? This is just one of the hardships that Jewish people and their friends went through. In the book Annemarie’s family hid Ellen as Lise the sister that died because the Germans were looking for Jewish families. If I were  in Ellen shoes I would be super scared and probably would try not to talk at all. If I were in Ellen’s shoes, or just even any other Jewish person’s shoes I would be very scared and not want to see any of the soldiers, I also wouldn’t want to hide because if I did get caught I could get in lots of trouble. I would also miss my family very much. For me, it isn’t very hard to imagine because it happened, so it gives me a better understanding of what happened, which can better put me in the position
That’s what we think about how Jewish people were treated in World War 2. Also, How the encounter with the Nazi soldiers affected Annemarie, How would it make you feel to be apart from your family and your friends? Is it hard for you to imagine what they went through? We also recommend the book Number the Star by Lois Lowry.

Alien Visitor Free Write 4/25/16

Hi,I’m Edna the Alien. I recently had to take a trip to planet Earth! I got to see many things, so sit back and relax while I tell you about my exquisite adventure. When I first arrived I realized that earth has a lot of blue liquid stuff, later I found out it is called, water. Humans which are so odd, they only have 2 eyes, and 5 fingers! anyways, these weird creatures swim in it, and drink it, odd, I know. Secondly, there is a place called New York, it’s extraordinary. It has very big/tall buildings. Even though my spacecraft got stuck in traffic, the city lights are beautiful, and would love to visit again. My personal favorite was going past a giant tower, it’s in the city of love. If you know what it ma be leave in the comments. I loved seeing the big tower because it was ginormous, and saw man creatures on it. While hovering over Earth in my 2016 spacecraft, I saw a giant sign that read: /((::_@((+ (Hollywood), it was awesome I’ve never seen such big letters on land like that before, and with that land with so much water around it. Which brings me to my next topic, water. I’ve heard of it before but never actually was able to touch nor see it. Apparently, it is something that those weird creatures use for many things. Example: Drinking, swimming in, getting clean, etc.  My mission was to go around the world to look for good spots to take over and so I went past this amazing, relaxing spot with many fish, and barriers. Located in Australia, The G.B.R, Great Barrier Reef, it’s gorgeous. I was also snooping into the Canada zone and found Niagara Falls, it has TONS and TONS of water/water falls. That’s a little bit about my adventure to Earth for the first time! Hope you enjoyed!

“Foods, and clothes, and songs, OH MY!” Week 6 Blog Challenge

I live in North America, and we have many interesting foods, clothes, and songs. Although I may live in a different place then you, but we have many similar foods, as well as many different foods.

Foods Miniature Chocolate Cupcakes Stéphanie Kilgast via Compfight

PizzaPizza Enokson via Compfight

Description: I’m sure other places have pizza, but pizza has a dough type of bottom, like a layer of soft bread. With sauce, cheese, and basically any toppings you’d like. For example, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, plus many more. You can also get Pizza without sauce, and cheese, it pretty much depends on the person, as for me I’m more of a Regular Pizza type of girl (cheese).

Tacotaco Yo Mostro via Compfight

Description: A taco is basically the best thing on earth, no lie. It has a soft or hard shell, spicy type meat, with any toppings you’d like. I put  tiny bit of sour cream on my taco, lettuce, and cheese. You can had many other things like salsa, tomatoes, etc.


Songs Musical NotesCreative Commons License Michael Coghlan via Compfight

We have many different singers/artist that have many different songs, here are some singers I recommend:

James Bay

Sam Smith

Sam Hunt

Bruno Mars

Taylor Swift


One Direction


“And there goes the boat…” Week 7 Blog Challenge

Diary Entry

Day 1: I’m currently writing a diary in sand with a stick, exciting, but why not. We’ve been stranded for about 5 hours on some island no ones ever heard of. With no food, water, or communication for help. So were basically going to die, great. We were on a cruise ship with about 10-15 other people. During the night the boat stopped working and gave up to work. With trying a storm came and wiped us all of onto different sections, and or get “stuck in the ocean” . Me and my family happened to end up all on this little island with nothing.  We’re all wet and hungry, what do we do?


Day 2: It’s been 2 days and were slowly becoming more weak. My family and I made a fire for the night, and were able to catch some fish to cook over the fire. To keep ourselves occupied we played sand tick-tack-toe with a stick, went for a swim, even found some coconuts to drink from, so it’s been ok.


Day 3; 3rd day, not a ship in site, nor’ a speck. Yesterday was a like a vacation and I actually enjoyed it. Today the weather is harsh, and the waves are so big. Today we couldn’t find anything to eat, drink, or play with, the wind is like a tornado and once and awhile it gets freezing. Right when I thought things couldn’t get worse I saw something in the distance, then a flash.


Sneak Peek of more of it!

Day 4: That flash got closer, as it did it got bigger and bigger, then a honk…….

“Drip Drop” Free Write 4/1/16


Q: Pretend that you are a rain drop. Describe what you do + see on your adventure through the water cycle.

A:It was an April cloudy afternoon an I had prepared all my life for this moment. The day I fell from the sky. Of course with my kind of training and overall skill in general I’m totally ready for it. I was just getting ready to leave and said goodbye to my sister Dewdrop, my dad Thunder, and my mom Sun. Pretty weird names I know, at least my name is somewhat normal, Sunshine. After saying goodbye, I then ventured off to my newest lifetime waiting adventure, going through the water cycle. I got my suitcase and “hit the sky”. All my friends were finally able to do it as well, so we were all excited. Because this only happens every 2-3 times a month. Because where I live doesn’t get much rain, and that’s why we were so thrilled. With the very windy winds because Mrs. Wind was mad at her Dew (coffee) maker and decided to blow!I drifted  all the way to Paris, France! An got to see something called the Eiffel Tower. Checked that off my bucket list. After that thrill, Mrs.Wind then spilled hot Dew all over herself and was so aggravated I blew over to the East Coast, to finally fine out I was in Pennsylvania. I saw horses pulling black boxes, and people riding bikes and scooters on the side of the road, and I thought my name was wacky. Before landing my last stop was Ocean City N.J. That’s where I am now, riding the waves in the Atlantic Ocean. Can’t wait till my sister lands! That’s my journey through the water cycle.