Abraham Lincoln Biography


Abraham Lincoln Biography


By: Joey

Lincoln was born in 1806 .  When lincoln was nine his mom died from milk poisoning. Before he was 10 he had already lost two family members.

He would always reading about information.  Lincoln’s accomplishments early .  He was elected in 1834 for the illinois general assembly.  Then he was reelected in 1836 for the same thing.  In 1838 lincoln became the


Here  are most of Lincoln’s Accomplishments later .   Lincoln Became the U.S president in 1861 and got assassinated in 1865 President Ended safety patrol Lincoln  died in  April 1865.


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  1. Hi Joe my name is Moses ????
    I liked how you gave three fun facts about Abraham Lincoln, I actually learned something about him I didn’t know! I wondered if this was a blog thing you had to do for Mr. Geiman, (Mr. Geiman did that a lot with our class last year!)
    Happy Blogging!

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