Blog Challenge week 9 My future

In my future I want to be a professional photographer. I love photography and taking pictures. In my future I plan to own my own photography shop with my cousin. We even made our own logo. We plan to take pictures of prom, weddings, birthday parties, and more. Also in my future I plan to live, maybe, in Paris or anywhere in France. I think my cousin and I could get good business there. The photography business would not be full time. It would only be part time. The other job I would want to do is become an animal rescuer. I love animals and I want to save them. By the way I mostly want to spend my life with photography. I cant live without it.

How do the themes in poetry help you gain a deeper understanding of life in general? By Julia and Janae

How do the themes in poetry help you gain a deeper understanding of life in general?   

Bold – Julia

Italics – Janae


The themes in poetry help you gain a deeper understanding of life in general when you think about it and when you think out of the box!! If the poetry was talking about war you can relate that to your own life and how your life seems difficult. Another example is when you are on a boat and your boat is swaying back and forth. You might feel as if your life seems good the switches to bad.  We’ll be talking about when you can think out of the box and how you understand life in general.


There are lots of poetry in life. There are lots of examples of how we can understand it if it has lots to think about. An example could be if you were on a rollercoaster your life could act as if you were a rollercoaster cart going up and down. Life could be good and bad. Another example is if you were in a car crash you would feel very badly. You would feel as if you had a bad scratch or some other bad feelings. Those are some example of how we can understand life in general!!

Like can be tough but life can also be good and fun. So far we have only been talking about bad situations. A good situation is when you are at a carnival. Your life can be good at that time. Some example are when your mom asks you to do your chores and you do them very good. She would have been very proud of you. Your mom might even let you do something special. That is how we gain deeper understandings of life in general by the themes in poetry.

Blog challenge week 8

I visited I choose to visit Noah’s blog because he is from Mexico. I also choose to to visit his blog because his blog sounded interesting. I choose to comment on his post called Top 5 Songs. I thought that would be interesting because he is from Mexico and that would be interesting to learn about Mexican songs. I wrote: HI Noah, my name is Janae. I live in the United States, U.S.A. I like your post! I never heard of CandyLand. Why do you like that song? I wish you would have told us.  Happy Writing! You can come to my blog anytime,   

I also visited I choose to visit Daniel’s blog because he is from Australia. I choose to comment on a post called My avatar. This is what I wrote: HI Daniel! My name is Janae. I am from the U.S.A. I thought it was interesting that you like rainbows. I wish you would have wrote more then what you did. I wonder if you would dress as a star wars character for Halloween. Would you? Come visit my blog,                    Happy Writing! 

I then visited I choose to visit Maia’s blog because I never heard that name before and it sound interesting. Maia is also from England. I commented on a post called My World. I wrote, Hi Maia! My name is Janae. I live in the U.S.A. I like how you used it as a soccer game. I wish you would have described it more like a soccer game. I got confused. Do you play soccer? If you had to rate NZ and England what would you rate them? I have lived in the U.S.A for 11 years. ( that’s my whole life. ) Come visit my blog anytime, . Happy writing!

Blog week 7


I researched ball games in England. I found that they also play baseball and basketball. I have played both before. They both turned out to be pretty fun. I figured out that I am better at basketball then baseball. I also found a game called fits ball. Fist ball is just like volleyball but named differently. I love volleyball and it actually isn’t that hard. I thought this one also sounded interesting. It is called Australian handball. The derections are, that you must have the ball hit the wall before it comes back to you. You must also not let the ball hit the ground, if it does it can only hit it twice. I also tried this one. I am very bad at this. These are some of the games I tried. You should try them too.

Blog Prompt 5/6/16

Joel: Italics        Janae: Bold


How does visual information help the reader to understand scientific and technical texts?


If you have visual information it will help the reader to understand the text. For example if you don’t understand the layers of the crust then you can look at the diagram in the book and that should help you understand. That is called visual learning by the way. If you use a diagram then you need arrows to point to the crust, mantle, and core. When you do that then you know where everything goes and maybe learn more about the inside layers.


Visual information can also help the reader understand more when the diagram gives examples of what goes there and why. Like we said in the first paragraph you will know more about the inside layers. In the book it shows what looks like a pizza, but it isn’t. The pizza looking shape is a diagram. The diagram shows the crust, mantle, and the core. The diagram also gives information of what the crust is and what it is made up of. The mantle is made up of silicon, iron, magnesium, aluminum, oxygen and other materials. The inner core is made up of iron. Then the outer core is nickel-iron. Then the crust is what we are on and is the outermost layer.


Did you know that the mantle has an inner mantle and an outer mantle? The outer mantle is just below the crust and the inner is floating on the outer core. You can tell from the diagram that there is two cores because it uses captions that tell us which section is which. You need the captions because you wouldn’t know what you are learning about. For example, if you were just learning about the earth and it’s different sections and the book had a diagram of the layers of the earth. What if the diagram had no captions. How would you know which is which? So with visual information you need to have something to tell what is what.


Visual information helps the reader understand what they are reading is because they just give a little more detail and more information. Visual information also helps if you don’t know where things are. Just like what we said  in the second paragraph, you may not know where the different places are like the earth’s layers. Visual learning also helps to understand what you are learning in a different perspective and in a more descriptive way. So visual learning is helpful and useful.    

Blog prompt 5/4/16

How does the encounter with the Nazi soldiers on the way home from school affect Annemarie? How would it make you feel to be in a similar situation? Is it hard to even imagine?


The encounter with the Nazi soldiers on the way home from school affected Annemarie because she kept thinking of how Ellen reacted. Another way that it affected Annemarie is she had a hard time thinking about it. Also, Annemarie had a hard time telling her mother what happened at the corner. The last thing that affected Annemarie was she couldn’t walk that way to school anymore. These are some ways that the encounter with the Nazi soldiers on the way home from school affected Annemarie.


If I was in a similar situation I would be terrified because I am very scared of soldiers and I am VERY scared of people with weapons. If I was in a similar situation I would be terrified because I wouldn’t know what to do. It would be hard for me to imagine because we have a great protective system for our Nation and I believe that our protective system would protect us as much as they could. It would be hard for me to imagine because the police or soldiers or whatever would protect us no matter what comes our way! That is how we would feel if we were in a similar situation.


Thank you very much for reading our post. We hope you enjoyed it!  I hope that you learned some things about “Number the Stars.” Cam and I worked very hard on this post! Thank you for reading it!


Free write

Alien Visitor


Q: You are the commander of a space ship from a far away planet. This is your first visot to planet Earth and you must report back to your homeland about what you see. You are able to zoom in on all the areas of Earth and see all the unique and wonderful chactristics of the third planet from the sun.


“Commander here. I am about to land on Earth. You copy?” “Copy!” Says Oh. Oh is the guy that answers all of our space calls. As I land on Earth I say, “Oh do I have to do this? There are these monsters that are barking at me! HELP!” Oh responds,”Well did you try scaring them away? Did you land the space ship properly?” As I jump out of my seat I say, ” Oh you wont believe this! You should have come with me! It’s so beautiful!” “Get back on track Commander! Your mission is to search for features of Earth, the third planet from the sun, that we don’t know or have. Got it?” “Got it!” I say.

“I am back!” I say reporting back to Oh. ” Go ahead, I copy.” Oh says. ” I am here at a big hut ( a house ) and there is this big shiny thing with humans inside!” “That’s so weird!” Says Oh.

A little later the commander took a tent from a hut and decided to go camping. “I think I will make what ever the humans are doing!” Commander says to himself. Commander makes a fire, which he does not know what that means. ” Cool! ” says commander. Since commander is an alien he walks into the fire! “Hot, Hot, Hot!” “Oh here how are you doing?” Commander responds saying, “Hot, Hot, Hot!” “Are you ok?” Says Oh. “Not really because this aliens on fire!” Says commander laughing. “You better be joking!” Yells Oh. “I am. Well I walked throw fire not knowing what was going to happen.” “Oh ok.” Says Oh.

Commander kept going and saw these places, the Great Wall of China, the Golden Gate Bridge, tons of attractions, the Grand Canyon and Disney Land. Some of the attractions include camping, Knobels, the White House and so much more. Commander walked back to his spaceship. On his way back he saw large sections of water. (I think that is what it is called.)

“Commander here I am on my way back from Earth. Do you copy?” “Copy”, says Oh. “I had an amazing trip. I saw so many pretty sights. I went cs,ping, saw the Grsnd Canyon, Disneyland, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Wall of China. I saw monsters that bark and try to hurt me and big shiny things that have humans inside. You have got to go!” “Wow, sounds amazingly!” replies Oh. “See you next time on planet Earth!”



Blog challenge week 6 Top 5 food favorites in America

In America there are many food favorites.

The top food favorite in America is a ham or cheeseburger. A cheeseburger is like a sandwich but in stead of ham or bologna it has meat inside. You could include cheese, that is why it is called a cheeseburger. You could also include tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, or even pickles. On top and bottom you add a bun/roll.

The second top food favorite in America is a hot dog. A hot dog is not made out of a dog. A hot dog is meat and is usually in a bun or bread to most. A hot dog could have many toppings. Some of the toppings include, Ketchup, mustered, and relish. Ketchup is made out of tomatoes. Mustered is a yellow substance that is delicious. Relish is a sweet delight. Inside the bottle you will find cooked pickles or chopped up vegetables and/or fruit.

The third top food favorite in America are french fries. Did you know that American eat about 2 million pounds of french fries each year? I know it is incredible! French Fries are potatoes sliced into strips.You could dip the french fries into Ketchup, mustered, and even mayonnaise. Every person is different.

The fourth top food favorite in america are Oreo cookies. Oreo’s are cookies that have cream inside. The outside is chocolate. So it is almost like a sandwich. They are amazing! Oreo’s are the top selling cookie in America.

The last but not least top food favorite in America is of course pizza. 94% of American eat pizza regularly. Americans rather have meat toppings then vegetables. Pizza has a bread base and has sauce, meat, cheese, pepperoni, vegetables, onions, mushrooms, technically anything you want. Pizza is absolutely the best.

There are plenty of favorite foods. What are your favorite foods? Where do you live? What is popular in you country?  I found this information at Top 10 American Favorite Foods


Cheeseburger    –       Image result for cheeseburger

Blog challenge week 5 My discription of the beach

Girl On Old Boat In Vietnam Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

B: Bright and Beautiful

E: Everlasting Waves

A: Amazing views

C: Chanting Volleyball players

H: High Sand Dumes

Week 5 How many endings can this story get?

sunrise monument valley Joe Jiang via Compfight

My favorite place to take pictures is my back yard. Yeah this is my back yard, I know. The best part is that I get to go there anytime. Yes I am a photographer. My friends,Julia, Lauren and I, love these wonderful views. One day at school I was on my way to photography class and this one girl Cameron bumped into me. I was mad with her because she did it another time too. She said sorry but still. I kept on walking to reach my destination. My teacher, Miss Hecker, is talking when I walk in. She says, “Class this week we are going to be doing a project. The project is to take a landscape picture around your house.” That was perfect for me because my back yard is amazing! (This is when the picture comes in) The next week I got this wonderful picture, that is above. Monday morning is when we present. Tuesday Miss Hecker gave us a new project. “This week I am going to give you an idea of a picture to take for me,” Miss Hecker says.

This is when you guys finish the ending in the comments. I will then choose the best ending. Tell me what the project is and if I get it done. Have fun!